Paragon Hard Disk Manager Review

Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers advanced users an impressive software suite with comprehensive backup, recovery, partition management and data wiping tools. Perfect for managing hard disk drives of all sizes securely. Featuring advanced backup/migration technologies as well as secure data wiping options.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is exclusively available on Windows platforms; therefore Mac users will have to find another program for disk management. That being said, Paragon HDM is user-friendly with rave customer reviews and is easily understood.

Backup and recovery

Paragon Hard Disk Manager provides various backup and recovery tools to protect the security of your data, such as bootable image creation/restoration as well as wiping data from partitions/disks. Furthermore, Paragon also features encryption as well as password hint features to help safeguard information against prying eyes and prevent unauthorised access.

This software can back up both your entire system as well as individual files and folders, as well as cloning disks to another physical or virtual drive. Furthermore, it provides restoration from previous backups; furthermore it also backups directly onto USB drives for laptop users who want their data available wherever they go.

Backups can be set to run automatically regardless of whether you’re present, making it easy to keep your data secure. Furthermore, this software features a “Backup Capsule” that stores backups in an invisible partition so they’re only accessible by programs installed specifically on your computer.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager’s incremental sector-based archive backup feature is one of its standout benefits, significantly reducing both file sizes and network traffic when restoring to original or new locations. Furthermore, compression can further decrease file sizes.

Additionally, this program can perform disaster recovery and restore backups on an alternate system in case of hardware failure – an invaluable feature for enterprise users with multiple servers and who need reliable protection in case of major catastrophe.

Another great feature of the program is its partition management engine, which offers numerous tools for optimizing and managing hard drives. You can use it to create, delete, format, hide, resize or rename partitions on hard disks as well as change label or drive letters – not forgetting merging or splitting partitions to defragment disks further and check for errors!

Disk cloning

Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers more than just backup capabilities; it also allows users to clone drives or partitions on another disk for use as replacement if their original disk becomes damaged or inaccessible. Furthermore, this feature saves users both time and effort when migrating an OS to a different disk or computer.

The software’s disk cloning functionality supports any file system and operating system (OS), complete with drivers and programs installed, including any upgrades such as an HDD to SSD switchover or vice versa. Furthermore, users can create bootable drives so they can restore their OS in case of disaster or hardware failure.

Not only can this program clone files and folders, it can also restore them quickly with just a few clicks – making it especially helpful for businesses that rely on IT staff being unable to access their original computer in time due to unexpected circumstances. Furthermore, data backup via an external drive or cloud storage service helps protect sensitive documents against unwanted access or loss.

Users have the ability to back up their entire computer or select disks and partitions, file types or individual files and folders directly onto an external hard drive or virtual machine for restoration onto either similar hardware, different hardware or virtual environments. In addition, it offers features to resize partitions and improve performance such as SSD alignment.

Paragon’s backup software offers comprehensive data recovery scenarios, from recovering from ransomware attacks or malware infections to automatically synchronizing backup images across multiple locations – perfect for businesses that must meet stringent regulatory compliance standards. Furthermore, incremental updates can be combined automatically for faster recoveries as well as saving space by eliminating obsolete time stamps.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager stands out among its rivals with its robust backup and recovery functions, but may not be user-friendly enough for experienced users who require greater control of partitioning and disk management tasks. Furthermore, EaseUS Partition Master offers more sophisticated partitioning and disk management features for both personal and commercial use than Paragon does.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers partitioning functions that enable users to divide a disk into multiple segments, making it possible to divide up files such as photo albums or music files into separate partitions for use by different applications, or even install two operating systems and work with both simultaneously on their computers.

Paragon’s program also allows users to schedule backup jobs that run automatically and even when no user is present, notifying them when one has completed or failed, enabling effective management. Furthermore, compression techniques help minimize backup file sizes for reduced storage requirements and costs as well as various file transfer options including restoration and migration – Paragon even supports data restoration from partitions that have been resized!

Paragon’s software also includes the capability of creating bootable recovery media, which is extremely beneficial in cases when your computer becomes inoperable due to malware or hardware failure, or for recovering lost or deleted files. It can even help when an entire system or application environment needs restoring.

Apart from its basic partitioning features, this software also features advanced operations such as merge, redistribute free space, convert partitions to logical and primary, edit sectors with its built-in hex editor, change cluster sizes and serial numbers, connect VD drives (virtual disks), perform surface check operations and more. Thanks to its versatile tool set and compatibility with different Windows versions, this partitioning solution makes an excellent choice for both home and professional use alike.

Though Paragon Partition Manager offers an impressive set of features, it does have its own set of restrictions. The free version may not meet all your needs if you require sophisticated functionality; advanced users would benefit more from upgrading to premium. Nonetheless, Paragon Partition Manager remains an excellent solution for partitioning needs thanks to its powerful yet user-friendly features and simple learning curve.

Bootable drives

Paragon Hard Disk Manager can assist in creating a bootable drive to boot your computer. Its intuitive software interface lets you choose from an assortment of operating systems and utility programs for inclusion on the bootable media, modify partition parameters and access invisible partitions as well as perform other important disk management tasks. Furthermore, Paragon offers numerous other features that make it a useful disk management tool.

Paragon’s hard disk utility program stands out as being particularly capable in backing up data, including offering a scheduler to automatically back up at set intervals and an image restore wizard to retrieve files from recent backups. Furthermore, unlike some competitors’ software that require installation of full Windows programs for restore operations.

This software features a migration feature to move your system to another hard drive or machine, without interrupting work on the existing one. This feature can copy either an entire disk partition, or just selected areas, so that work can continue uninterrupted while moving it over. This is an invaluable asset when upgrading their disk or switching from traditional to solid state drives.

Drive Copy provides an innovative drive copy feature, which creates an exact, uncompressed replica of your current physical disk on another physical or virtual drive. Furthermore, this software can transfer running Windows systems as bootable images for ease of transfer when facing hard drive failure or boot problems caused by malware infections. This functionality could come in particularly useful in recovering from hard drive problems caused by defective drives.

Paragon’s latest disk management software offers powerful tools backed by strong support staff and an active online community, while its simple wizard-based processes may help novice users who do not require advanced features. Unfortunately, its lack of graphical user interface (GUI) may displease some customers; competitors that do feature GUIs include Acronis BitDefender and Norton Partition Master.

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