Partition Magic Review

Partition Magic was initially developed by PowerQuest to allow you to resize, copy, move, label and convert disk partitions without losing data.

Traditionally, changing partitions on a hard drive involved reformatting it and then reinstalling its operating system – an often lengthy and risky process. But with recent advances, this procedure no longer needs to take place – simplifying partitioning procedures drastically.


Partition Magic allows you to divide, move, copy, extend and merge hard drive partitions without reformatting or losing data from them. This feature is particularly helpful when running multiple operating systems on one machine simultaneously or for keeping critical files organized within separate partitions – making backups simpler!

PartitionMagic provides a Windows-like tree and multiple disk view of available hard drives, making it easy for you to quickly locate and modify partitions that you wish to modify. Furthermore, drag-and-drop partitions between drives is possible. Furthermore, password protection or hiding can prevent unauthorised access to important data.

One great aspect of DriveMapper is that all changes made to your hard drive are automatically recorded and can be restored if you change your mind, making saving work a wise practice. Another feature we appreciate about it is DriveMapper’s auto analysis of system registry files to change shortcuts pointing towards fixed hard drives based on new partition configuration – so your applications continue working correctly even after partitioning a drive anew!

This software can handle many popular file systems such as FAT, NTFS and Ext2 as well as many disk types including SCSI, IDE and Serial ATA. Furthermore, it can convert from one file system to another (for instance FAT to NTFS) as well as create bootable floppy disks.

At PowerQuest, the software was frequently upgraded with new and useful features. After it was acquired by Symantec and rebranded as Norton PartitionMagic, however.

Partition Magic’s intuitive user interface makes partition management a simple, no-reboot task, perfect for corporations needing identical machines with identical partition configurations. Plus, its bootable floppy disk functionality means emergency restore operations can be completed swiftly!


Partition Magic provides an intuitive solution for partitioning hard disks of all sizes – 4K disk drives, IDE, SATA and SCSI disks alike. Compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8, Partition Magic supports external USB drives too and handles FAT32/NTFS file systems and can handle FAT/FAT32/FAT3 file systems seamlessly.

This software’s primary functions are partition splitting, moving, resizing and merging without loss of data, as well as conversion between file systems. Additionally, it offers features designed to make computer use faster and more efficient such as defragmentation capability and creating snapshots so you can undo changes later.

An important feature is its ability to move or copy partitions, which is useful when upgrading your PC with additional drives. Furthermore, this software clones entire disks or partitions if necessary when migrating your operating system to a different drive for example.

Furthermore, this program allows you to expand a partition even if there is not enough free space nearby; this feature is especially helpful if your system partition is low on disk space.

PowerQuest’s PartitionMagic made waves when it first hit the market in 1997, revolutionizing how hard disks are utilized by allowing you to divide a physical disc drive into multiple partitions that can then be treated independently from each other. Prior to PartitionMagic’s introduction, partition modification required backing up your data before deleting and creating new partitions as well as installing an operating system; an arduous process that often took an entire day of work! Now with PartitionMagic you can divide one physical drive into multiple partitions while using each as though they were separate drives! This revolutionary program makes creating partition changes effortless while simultaneously helping protect against accidental data loss during backup procedures as well as installing an operating system – something many find intimidating!

Partition Magic was first developed and improved upon in 1997 by various companies, and has undergone further changes and modifications over time by different entities. Symantec bought out Partition Magic later on and have stated they will no longer produce or support it, although alternative programs like AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard may fill its void.


Partition Magic can help make multi-boot setups or just using your hard drive more efficiently easier, no matter if it’s for multi-boot setups or simply optimizing wasted space more effectively. With it you can perform many complex tasks not available through Windows’ built-in Disk Management tool such as merging partitions with unallocated space and moving partitions without losing data – as well as fixing bad blocks on disk, optimizing wasted space, checking errors and even convert from NTFS to FAT32 without formatting drives!

Partition Magic is an innovative partitioning software created by PowerQuest and then sold to Symantec, originally for use on pre-Vista Microsoft Windows operating systems. The program enables various disk partitioning operations including resizing, merging, moving and creating disk partitions. Its intuitive graphical user interface shows hard drives with partitions on one view while another view provides their contents.

Although Partition Magic can do incredible things, its price can be prohibitively expensive for some users. Luckily, there are other free partition tools which offer similar functionality; an example would be AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard which provides all the features of Partition Magic plus more and allows safe disk partition management under 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 Vista & XP operating systems.

Although both Partition Magic and AOMEI Partition Assistant are excellent programs, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, AOMEI Partition Assistant excels at supporting Linux file systems than Partition Magic; it can identify what kind of Linux file system exists on a drive before creating partitions in accordance with that type. Furthermore, AOMEI supports UEFI booting which is more efficient than BIOS booting.

AOMEI Partition Assistant features an intuitive graphical user interface designed for all levels of experience to use, making the software user-friendly. In addition to these features, it has many additional functionalities including copying partitions and disks between drives, creating/deleting partitions, converting between MBR/GPT format conversion, copy/move disk partitioning etc – making it suitable for individual and enterprise use alike.


Partition Magic is a partition manager software program that enables you to resize, copy and move volumes without losing data. Compatible with NTFS, FAT32 and Linux (ext) file systems, Partition Magic helps with hard drive management in Windows by cloning or migrating one disk to another without losing any of its content or formatted partition. Furthermore, Partition Magic helps convert an NTFS disk to FAT32 without any data loss occurring during conversion process.

Partition Magic is an ideal solution for Windows users who require data-safe resizing of existing partitions without data loss, yet its compatibility issues have prevented updates by Symantec in recent years. Therefore, selecting reliable and trustworthy Partition Magic alternative software should be prioritised as much as possible.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is one of the premier Windows partition managers, available to download and use free of charge. Offering features similar to older versions of Partition Magic but more user-friendly and stable. Furthermore, it supports both UEFI and GPT partitions while being capable of managing hard drives in VMware or Hyper-V virtualization environments.

Partition Magic is a fantastic tool for resizing partitions and optimizing hard drive space usage. With an easy-to-use interface and excellent functionality, Partition Magic makes this an ideal solution for both technically savvy users and non-techies alike. Plus, its bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive creation feature makes this indispensable software indispensable to anyone needing to resize partitions or create backup copies of their computer system.

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