Partition Magic Review

Partition Magic

Partition Magic is a disk utility program used for managing partitions on hard drives. Its functions include creating, resizing, moving, copying and formatting partitions without losing data; plus disk checkers/cleaners, layout tools and compression utilities.

Partition Magic was an award-winning hard disk partitioning software created by PowerQuest and later acquired by Symantec. Compatible with prior-to-Vista Windows operating systems and bootable CDs, Partition Magic provided a reliable partitioning solution.

Creating a partition

When it comes to partitioning a hard drive, various tools exist that can assist. Some tools may be easier than others but all offer one thing in common – creating multiple partitions on a disk. Many free downloads exist and make partitioning simple for home users.

Create a partition is an effective way to maximize computer performance and manage storage space efficiently, but keep in mind that any new use should first require formatting the partition – as this process may permanently delete data stored therein, it’s wise to keep backup copies of files before performing this action.

Partition Magic is a program that makes creating and managing disk partitions simple. Additionally, it can resize existing partitions as well as restore disk images without restarting the system – all for free download with user-friendly interface. Plus, MBR and GPT disk support is supported!

Create a partition using either the wizard or command line. To begin, select an unallocated node and click Create New Partition from either the toolbar or menu to initiate creation process. At this time you may choose either Primary or Extended partition type; with Extended partitions not holding an operating system but instead hosting various logical drives.

This program supports multiple languages and offers advanced users a full suite of commands for changing partitions from FAT to NTFS, as well as resizing, copying and moving partitions as well as changing file type conversion.

Partition Magic is a popular computer software program used for managing disk partitions on Windows systems. Specifically designed to create and resize partitions on these operating systems, Partition Magic has become a favorite among Windows users due to its easy installation process and simplicity of use; however, Symantec no longer provides support for it as there are other options such as GParted Linux distribution available to manage partitions effectively.

Resize/Move a partition

Partition Magic is a software application that allows you to easily create, move and modify partitions on your hard drive. It supports numerous file system formats including EXT 2/3/4, NTFS and FAT 16/32 and features an easy graphical user interface making it accessible even to novices with little computer background. Furthermore, Partition Magic supports partition sizes greater than 2TB.

Windows Disk Management does not support advanced operations that cannot be carried out using Partition Magic, such as merging partitions and changing cluster sizes on an NTFS partition. Furthermore, Partition Magic can shrink a partition and free up more unallocated space on hard drives; making this tool an indispensable aid for anyone having trouble managing hard disk partitions in Windows.

To extend a system partition, unallocated space surrounding it must exist; otherwise it isn’t possible to use Disk Management’s Extend Volume feature to do it. Luckily, another partition magic software does provide this function: AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is free download that may work when Windows’ own Disk Management utility does not.

Resizing partitions allows you to choose among three options for how the disk space from a large partition should be divided up: “Create New Partition”, “Keep Unallocated”, and “Merge to Local Disk”. Select one according to your needs before the program begins resizing the partition based on these settings and waits until completion.

Or you could use another partition magic software to reduce partition size and restore lost space. To do so, right-click any partition with too much free space and select Resize/Move Partition; drag either end of the partition to increase or decrease its size – as an indicator, look at Free Space Before and Free Space After text boxes for how much space has been released back onto your disk drive.

PowerQuest’s partition management tool allowed users to easily and quickly create, merge and convert workstation hard disk partitions. Later it was acquired by Symantec and named Norton Partition Magic; an industry standard partitioning software which continues to serve users worldwide up until 2011.

Copy a partition

Partition Magic is a program for managing hard disk drive partitions on Microsoft Windows operating systems prior to Vista or from a bootable CD-ROM and allows creation and modification of partitions. The program supports creating new partitions while simultaneously editing existing ones – including resizing FAT16/32 partitions without losing data, copying/moving partitions as well as changing cluster sizes or merging adjacent NTFS and FAT partitions.

As soon as you install and run this software, the first step should be choosing a partition you would like to copy. You may select an existing partition or unallocated space. Next, once you’ve selected your destination disk and partition copying destination, the software will check whether enough space exists on that target disk for accommodating copied partitions; if they cannot, a link entitled “Why can’t this partition be copied?” will be displayed and users must click it to get more details as to why their partition cannot be copied.

Cloned partitions may be either primary or extended types; if an extended partition was previously created, you must extend its size appropriately when creating a primary one. When assigning drive letters for these new partitions, either they will automatically receive one from OS or you can choose any available one as they appear if desired.

Partition Magic is an extremely useful partition management software designed to perform various actions on disks such as resizing, moving, deleting, creating, formatting and wiping volumes. In addition, Partition Magic supports switching between NTFS and FAT16/32 file systems as well as MBR and GPT bootable partitions and can backup disks or partitions; even changing volume labels while changing labels between physical drives logical drives making this tool an indispensable choice for computer professionals.

Convert a partition

This application offers an intuitive user interface where users can perform partition management tasks such as creating, moving and resizing partitions; copying disks/partitions without losing data; performing backups/restoring files from partitions; bootable USB devices installation as well as multiple file system formats support are supported; it comes in free as well as pro versions.

Partition Magic goes beyond basic partitioning by also offering the capability of converting primary partitions to logical ones, which is especially helpful when installing Windows on new hard drives. Please keep in mind that primary partitions are bootable while logical ones aren’t; for this reason it is recommended that any files found on a logical partition be moved off before formatting this partition.

Partition Magic was an immensely useful hard disk partitioning application developed initially by PowerQuest and later acquired by Symantec. Prior to being discontinued in late 2009, Partition Magic was one of the most widely-used partition recovery solutions on the market; designed for Windows platforms it enabled partition creation/resizing functions as well as conversion from NTFS/FAT formats back and forth; MBR to GPT conversion could also be accomplished quickly and effortlessly.

IT professionals typically used it to quickly and efficiently create partitions on workstation hard-disks for storing important corporate data. Partitions help prevent data loss by physically separating files so they are easier to back up; thus increasing hard disks’ working rates while increasing safety and convenience for their users.

There are various partition magic alternatives on the Internet that offer similar functionality to Partition Magic, including IM Magic Partition Resizer as an excellent example. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and allows users to queue tasks that must be performed according to priority; additionally it includes all essential partitioning functions most people require.

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