Passware Kit Review

Passware Kit can recognize over 110 file types and recover passwords for Microsoft Office files, Windows accounts, archives, PDF documents and more. With NVIDIA and AMD GPU acceleration available as well as instant results and advanced batch processing features available this software offers exceptional password retrieval solutions.

Other features include an onboard dictionary manager for compiling customized dictionaries, support for Rainbow Tables attacks and decryption of BitLocker, Dell, APFS, LUKS VeraCrypt and Steganos Data Safe encrypted disk images.


Passware Kit provides many tools that can help users recover passwords and decrypt files, including the ability to recognize over 340 file types, an easy and intuitive user interface, accelerated recovery using NVIDIA or AMD GPUs and saving results for later use. In addition, Passware Kit makes it easier than ever for users to find all their recovered passwords by organizing them into a list view.

This program’s user interface is similar to Windows, making it user-friendly for most. Furthermore, it can copy a user’s desktop for easier accessing files and applications on their computer. Furthermore, it can provide detailed information regarding password recovery such as time taken and attack types used.

Recovery software such as this can also extract passwords from image files and automatically identify their file types for faster and more efficient recovery. Furthermore, its detection of encryption levels enables it to select an effective recovery attack strategy quickly – an essential feature for law enforcement agencies and government organizations which need quick password retrieval solutions. This makes Recovery Suite an excellent solution.

Passware Kit is one of the premier tools available for recovering passwords for various file types, from images and audio files to videos and PDF documents. Furthermore, this tool can recover passwords for encrypted files protected by BitLocker, FileVault2, LUKS McAfee TrueCrypt VeraCrypt containers/disk images.

Memory analysis and registry analysis can also be performed in order to discover all passwords stored on a computer. Furthermore, they can extract logins for Windows and Mac accounts as well as passwords stored for websites; furthermore they can decrypt iOS Keychain files as well as 1Password/Dashlane password managers in order to reveal hidden passwords stored therein.


Passware Kit costs anywhere from $49 to $1,095 depending on the type of password recovery needed. For example, unlocking regular PDF and Microsoft Outlook files require only the standard version for $79. For website password recovery or PGP archives that support more devices and decryption methods (forensic version), more expensive forensic edition is recommended as it supports more analyzed devices and offers advanced decryption methods.

Law enforcement agencies can use the forensic edition of Passware Kit to break into encrypted evidence. It allows law enforcement officials to unlock FDE disks on seized computers and decrypt their contents allowing access to any stored information on them – this makes the software especially helpful when investigating terrorist activities or crimes committed against children that require encryption keys for proof.

Passware Kit’s forensic version includes features to recover Windows administrator passwords, unlock SAM databases and decrypt RSA/AES encryptions, crack passwords via dictionary attack or brute force methods as well as increase recovery speeds by 400x when used with one GPU card or distributed among multiple Windows or Linux computers for linear scalability.

Passware Kit’s forensic version not only recovers passwords but can also extract and analyze user data from mobile devices, supporting over 200 different Android and Apple products like Samsung, LG and Huawei products. Furthermore, this software decrypts Dashlane master passwords on iOS devices without using Touch ID, decrypts Dashlane master passwords in Dashlane Mobile for Android, unlocks an iCloud account of a suspect to extract its data, decrypts Dashlane master passwords on iOS devices to bypass Touch ID decrypts Dashlane master passwords decrypts decrypted via Touch ID on iOS devices allowing decrypted and decrypted Dashlane master passwords to bypass Touch ID as well. Furthermore, Passware Kit provides user data extraction from over 200 different Android and Apple devices including Samsung LG and Huawei products among many more.

Passware Kit Ultimate is an all-in-one forensic solution that enables users to decrypt data from computers, disks and mobile devices using just a single license. It includes password recovery for all supported file types and USB device driver support as well as Guidance EnCase E01 disk image files – it even decrypts previously thought unbreakable BitLocker disks!

Recovering File Passwords

Passware Kit can help if you need help recovering lost or forgotten file passwords or decrypt encrypted files to gain access to confidential data. The software recognizes more than 280 file types and works in batch mode to recover passwords for them all. Many types of files can be decrypted instantly while others can be unlocked using dictionary and brute-force attacks. Furthermore, GPU acceleration and distributed computing increase password recovery speeds significantly. This software comes in five versions: Basic, Standard Plus, Business and Forensic. These variations vary in terms of how quickly passwords can be recovered as well as features like database management and password reset capabilities.

Passware Kit’s interface was specifically created to resemble Windows so you don’t have to spend much time learning how to use the program before beginning to recover passwords. A user can select which attack they wish to run against a document and drag it directly into their work zone to begin recovery; after initiating recovery they can easily change or modify attack settings as necessary using various modifiers; Passware Kit even allows users to set targets passwords which increases efficiency during cracking processes.

Additionally to its ability to recover file passwords, this software can analyze hibernation files and live memory images to extract encryption keys for APFS, BitLocker, Dell FileVault2, TrueCrypt VeraCrypt LUKS McAfee disks as well as decrypt Windows and Mac logins from these images. In addition it can acquire backups from Apple iCloud Drive Dropbox MS OneDrive as well as decrypt images from Android devices as well as extract passwords from keychains of iPhones/iPads/iOS platforms.

Passware Kit’s user-friendly GUI allows the user to track password recovery process in real-time. Additionally, it provides an estimate for how long each type of attack may take to recover passwords; and should it fail, will provide alternatives if one cannot be recovered – all backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee!


Passware Kit is an app designed to quickly extract passwords from locked files, WPA/WPA2 wifi networks, Windows admin accounts and more. Perfect for both personal and forensic/professional use alike, Passware Kit comes in five versions to meet all your password-extracting needs.

Your choice of version will determine what file formats and other features this software can unlock, with options ranging from Basic, Standard, Standard Plus and Forensics versions all offering their own set of abilities – such as GPU acceleration and multiple decryption methods.

While this software can decrypt various file formats – from Microsoft Word documents and PDFs, to archived formats like ZIPs and JARs as well as email passwords and login info for popular online services such as Gmail – it does have certain limitations. For instance, decrypting complex encryption systems like BitLocker or Full Disk Encryption with FileVault 2 may take longer than recovering regular Word document passwords.

Complex passwords require more time for recovery using any of the program’s pre-defined attacks, though many different attack methods are available and customizable depending on what file type is being recovered passwords for. You can tailor how many combinations to try, whether the words should be lowercase or uppercase and whether substitution of letters for numbers or symbols should occur. The company does offer various attack methods which can be tailored specifically to each file you are recovering passwords for, with customizable attack methods tailored towards resetting passwords more effectively than ever.

As well as these attack methods, brute force attacks may also help decrypt passwords – with its exhaustive search through each possible combination of letters, numbers and symbols taking hours or days even with GPU acceleration in Premium versions.

As far as support goes, the company provides an online library of FAQs and how-to articles on its website. Furthermore, Premium and Forensics versions of Passware Kit will feature a quick start guide that walks users through the process of finding and decrypting secure files and passwords; while its Business edition only provides links to its website and a contact form.

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