Password Depot Review

Password Depot

As with other password managers, Password Depot uses an encrypted database secured with a master password that only you know. Your computer does not store this password so no other people know it either!

Password Depot features an expansive set of customization features. While these may be helpful, they may also cause unnecessary complexity for users seeking simplicity.


Password Depot is an intelligent password manager designed to keep all of your login credentials safe from prying eyes and provide users with peace of mind. Renowned for its secure design, this software also features numerous customization features to safeguard all of your sensitive data.

Password Depot provides multiple means for saving information, including local storage and the cloud. Unlike its competitors, however, Password Depot doesn’t force users into choosing only one storage medium; you can even use a USB drive as the program storage for effortless password access across devices.

Password Depot stands out from other password managers with its ability to save custom icons for individual password entries, making it easier to quickly identify the one you need without reading it all out. Furthermore, Password Depot allows users to encrypt external files so they are inaccessible by third parties.

The program’s password generator is among the more secure available, using pseudo-random data collected from mouse movements to generate keys based on criteria you set. Furthermore, an optional entropy value allows for further strength increase of password.

Other security features include the top bar mode, which enables you to truncate the program to a small bar that you can move around as necessary on your screen. Furthermore, this mode prevents sensitive information from being copied onto clipboard and locks down your computer automatically when sleeping or switching user accounts.

Password Depot’s database can be encrypted using various algorithms to help ensure that the passwords you select do not get stored as plaintext where they could easily be intercepted or stolen. Furthermore, two-factor authentication and synching with password management servers are supported features of Password Depot.

Password Depot may appear daunting at first, yet its interface can be highly customized to the finest detail. A variety of settings allows for the ultimate user experience: how the top bar appears, whether or not it appears, and how long it takes to load on screen. You can even configure it so that it starts automatically upon startup and provides tutorial videos for newcomers.


Password Depot is a premium password manager offering numerous ways to save money. Current owners of an older version are eligible for a one-time discount on future purchases; family licenses allow up to five users. Businesses often choose Password Depot due to special pricing for multiple users.

Password Depot stands out from other password managers by not relying on cloud storage; thus providing local, USB, and network support options. Furthermore, it runs on any Windows computer, giving employees peace of mind knowing their data won’t be exposed accidentally during work or personal devices usage.

Password Depot provides companies and individuals alike with a safe way to store passwords as well as credit card details, identities, software licenses and documents – including credit card details, identities and documents that help maintain compliance with security standards while decreasing risks associated with data loss. Furthermore, Password Depot alerts users if they use dangerous passwords which could be cracked by hackers.

Password Depot stands out from other password managers by its unique ability to fill web forms for websites and applications. This can be accomplished in multiple ways, including via the password manager’s interface which integrates seamlessly with most web browsers; additionally, the application itself allows direct login into websites and apps.

Password Depot stands out from other password managers by going beyond traditional master-password encryption to generate pseudo-randomized passwords based on precise movements of your mouse cursor to generate sequences of numbers that become passwords – making it virtually impossible for hackers to crack.

This software was also created to safeguard against keyloggers and spyware by only accepting password entries through its user interface. Furthermore, its auto-complete logins feature makes website log-in faster while saving time and increasing productivity. Finally, its search function helps locate any password in its database quickly.


Password Depot provides an impressive variety of functions that ensure the highest security standard, from safeguarding passwords and sensitive data, to the safe operation of its application itself – this includes protection from unauthorised access, irrevocable deletion of data, and mitigating risks associated with US cloud services.

Password Depot comes in multiple versions with various features and pricing options. For instance, the Desktop version offers free use for three users on any operating system – but requires a subscription if synchronizing between desktop devices is desired. Meanwhile, Enterprise Server versions support up to five users at any one time and come in various configurations for purchase.

The program’s database can be stored locally, on a USB drive or in the cloud. Furthermore, its desktop software allows you to import information from several other password managers such as Dashlane, LastPass and RoboForm.

To protect passwords and sensitive data, the program uses a master password to encrypt its databases. Furthermore, during installation a key file is generated that can be used to unlock it using a pseudo-random process based on precise cursor movements on screen – an anti-threat measure against keyloggers and screen recording software.

Furthermore, this program features an automatic login feature for websites which can be utilized via its top bar mode or browser extensions. However, to utilize this function effectively the password manager must be open, database unlocked and autofill activated in browser – compatible browser extensions include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera for use.

This program supports keyboard shortcuts and Windows hotkeys to make using it quickly and efficiently possible. The format of its top bar can also be altered on a whim, and even brought back into view after being minimized into the system tray.


Password Depot is an impressive password manager with all the essential features. Its primary security measure, AES-256 encryption, should protect your data from hackers and other malware. In addition to that, Password Depot supports cloud backups so even if your computer fails completely you still have access to all your passwords!

The program’s interface is well-organized and straightforward for newcomers to the program, however some features may be confusing as they’re displayed through icons rather than text labels – especially for people used to simpler password managers with simpler interfaces.

Other than password management, this program also offers secure file storage and document scanning features. Secure file storage can be invaluable if you need to store passwords or sensitive data remotely; while password scanner can help create complex passwords for online accounts and websites.

Password Depot stands out with its virtual keyboard feature. This enables you to enter passwords using an on-screen keypad, eliminating the possibility that someone could install software or hardware keyloggers and monitor your activities remotely. It is an invaluable security measure.

This program also features advanced settings and configuration options, enabling you to tailor its appearance and layout, set automatic backups, create password policies to restrict access to certain files or folders, select where your passwords should be stored (hard drive or cloud), generate strong passwords that are harder for others to crack, as well as generate unique ones yourself.

Password Depot Enterprise Server offers businesses and teams a central, secure solution for password and access data management, improving workplace security while improving productivity through administrative control of access to resources and data. Furthermore, this software enables administrators to securely administer password changes among employees for maximum protection and upkeep of secure passwords that stay up-to-date with staff needs.

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