Password Depot Review

Password Depot

Password Depot provides reliable protection of passwords and data against external access through AES (Rijndael 256) double encryption technology.

At the forefront of these services is Password Analysis, which analyzes password databases and shows how long it would take using common bruteforcing techniques to crack them.


Password Depot is a secure password software program designed to give users a place where they can keep all their usernames and passwords safely stored, including an anti-keylogger feature.

The password database is protected against external access by double encryption using AES (Rijndael 256), providing maximum protection of your information even if it falls into the wrong hands. In addition, this program features anti-virus protection to make sure that malware or viruses will never compromise it while working with it.

One of the more distinctive features included with this password manager is “Password Analysis.” You can access it through the Tools menu of the main window and use it to quickly assess all passwords stored in your database and assess their level of protection and how long it would take someone else to crack them – an effective way of seeing if any are vulnerable and need improving.

One unique feature of Password Depot is its ability to automatically fill your password data into websites you visit in various browsers, through both internal settings and browser add-ons. Furthermore, Password Depot features a virtual keyboard which makes entering passwords and sensitive data without touching a physical keyboard easier – thus eliminating keystroke simulation and interception that occurs both software- and hardware-wise.

You can set the program to display multiple fake mouse cursors when typing on a virtual keyboard, making it more difficult for someone else to detect your keyboard activity. Furthermore, regular backups for your password database can be created so if any lost or deleted password data needs to be restored it can easily be reinstated.

This program is extremely user-friendly, featuring an interface similar to that of Windows Explorer for easy navigation of its password list. There are also plenty of customization options and the ability to import passwords from other programs.


Password Depot is an innovative password manager that makes managing passwords and other forms of user data simple and secure. Equipped with advanced encryption algorithms for maximum protection and multiple platform compatibility with synchronization features to guarantee its availability at all times, Password Depot enables users to efficiently organize passwords, identities, and other sensitive pieces of information.

Password Depot also provides protection from keyloggers and spyware that could steal your passwords while you use the computer. It helps users create long, strong passwords that will be difficult for hackers to crack, while it automatically fills in login details when visiting websites or applications.

Save password entries with icons, detect and warn of expired passwords, set whether individual entries should display warnings or just the whole database and use this tool to analyze current password files to estimate strength, quality and crack time as well as synchronize and backup/restore data.

Not only can this software store passwords, but also other types of sensitive data like credit card details, identification documents and software licenses. Furthermore, import/export options between databases allow users to exchange data. Backup encryption helps protect sensitive information.

This program is very simple to use and works on all Windows operating systems, from PC to laptops and USB flash drives. Furthermore, it is portable enough to run from USB flash drives while being network compatible so it can also be used across a workgroup. In addition to storing passwords securely, it also creates shell links and prints data out. Password Depot supports various languages and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Synchronizing password files and backups across devices is also possible, while sharing passwords between computers using local or FTP servers is also supported. You can save and load passwords directly from clipboard, add notes to entries or search specific entries, set reminders for specific entries as well as set an expiration and lock time so your passwords do not get deleted accidentally.


Password Depot is an advanced password management program with numerous features. This user-friendly program features highly customizable settings and is highly user-friendly; additionally it boasts several unique security functions in the industry that store large volumes of information easily accessible through any web browser – automatically filling usernames and passwords on web pages automatically! Plus it is compatible with different browsers!

This program allows users to encrypt external files to render them inaccessible to third parties, as well as synchronizing password files between multiple computers and devices for easy data access wherever users may go. Furthermore, it can even run directly from a USB stick for easy accessibility of software at all times.

Password Depot provides added protection from password theft by preventing hackers from guessing passwords and guessing them themselves. AES-256 encryption keeps information safe while automatic logout after too many failed login attempts is an invaluable feature that protects against system compromise.

One feature included in this program is its password database search capabilities, allowing you to quickly locate passwords more efficiently and quickly. Furthermore, you can set it to notify you before any expired passwords expire, giving plenty of time for you to change them before they lapse.

Password analyzer is also included and helps detect weak or outdated passwords, providing suggestions to strengthen them. External files can also be encrypted directly within the program to make them inaccessible to third parties and make your passwords unreachable by others.

Launched from the system tray, this program operates without interfering with your work. Customizable features include hotkeys for restoring and minimizing main windows; altering auto-complete delay; closing password file and more – plus configuring theme/language of interface! With so much to offer PC users of any skill level this tool has quickly become indispensable!


Password Depot is an effective password manager offering numerous safeguards to ensure your passwords remain safe. AES-256 encryption secures its databases, while locking you out after multiple incorrect attempts prevent brute force hacking attempts. Plus, with cloud backup you won’t lose access to your passwords even if your program or computer becomes infected with malware!

This program features numerous additional features for password management, such as a Favourites list to quickly access frequently used passwords and a password generator to generate complex ones. Furthermore, an internal password analyzer identifies weak passwords and offers suggestions on improving them. Furthermore, external files can be encrypted within the program directly before being stored as password entries – providing another layer of protection against third-party accessing your confidential documents.

Another feature is the ability to save icons for each password entry, making it easier to locate an entry in a large password file. Furthermore, password database can be searched using any character string such as description or URL and warnings can be configured so they will display when password entries reach or exceed an expiry date.

Your password databases can be stored anywhere: on a local hard drive, external device, network server or server – making them more flexible than cloud-based password managers which often limit themselves by the data storage capacity of their own servers.

Password Depot makes migrating passwords from other programs or files simple. Plus, its automatic backup feature ensures all data remains protected at all times – CSV, XLS, TXT and ODBC formats are supported for import/export of passwords as well as locking them using master password or key files to provide extra layer of protection. Furthermore, its software offers random password generation or setting expiry dates to encourage frequent password changes.

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