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Patch My PC

Updating software regularly is one of the best ways to protect yourself online. Outdated programs can contain vulnerabilities and holes which hackers and viruses exploit to gain entry to your system.

Patch My PC can assist in this effort by automating the process of developing and deploying third-party updates within Microsoft Configuration Manager or Intune environments.

Easy to use

Software patches have never been more important in our modern world of security; not only can they fix bugs on current versions of Windows, but they also protect devices against malware attacks and other forms of fraud. But keeping all your software up-to-date can be challenging; that’s where Patch My PC comes in.

Patch My PC allows you to easily keep all of your programs up-to-date with just a single click, giving you more time and freedom to focus on tasks without worrying about if their programs are up-to-date or not. Perfect for anyone needing to stay secure online while getting more done online!

This program scans your system, identifies any outdated software and provides updates for it. It works with all popular programs – web browsers, media players, productivity suites and graphics editors among them – as well as providing assistance in updating computer drivers to ensure the smooth functioning of software programs.

Patch My PC not only offers automatic software updates, but can also assist organizations with the deployment of 3rd-party applications and their management – this feature can prove particularly helpful if using Microsoft Configuration Manager (CMC) or Intune for keeping third-party apps up-to-date.

This tool is easy to set up and features an intuitive user interface. Furthermore, its comprehensive knowledge base is there for any questions that arise during use – making this essential software for IT professionals looking to streamline the process of updating company computers.

Patch My PC offers another useful feature with its ability to automatically deploy updates with an available deadline, using a custom GPO that can be set up using Group Policy Editor. To set it up, navigate to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components and then Windows Update before setting Allow signed updates from an intranet Microsoft update service location as a policy and setting it to Enabled value.

Patch My PC is easy to configure, and its company regularly engages users and implements feedback from its community. There is also a demo version available so that you can test before purchasing it. Overall, Patch My PC provides an ideal way of managing and deploying third-party applications in Microsoft ConfigMgr environments.

Comprehensive software support

Patch My PC is an effortless tool designed to keep your software updated. It scans for outdated programs on your computer and updates them without hassle or effort; its intuitive approach frees you up so you can focus on other important tasks. With over 1,000 popular programs such as web browsers, media players, productivity suites and graphics editors supported it can even support over 1000 popular titles such as internet browsers media players productivity suites graphics editors etc it has an abundance of applications it supports allowing it to keep current.

Hackers frequently target outdated software because it can contain security flaws that give them access to your system. By keeping it updated and patched regularly, keeping hackers at bay and your computer running smoothly are prevented – not to mention preventing problems like crashes and freezes caused by outdated programs.

PatchMyPC is an efficient application designed to update software on Windows computers. The application detects and installs missing patches or updates as well as repair corrupted files; remove unused software and fix other problems; as well as perform diagnostic analysis on system performance to identify potential issues.

Software such as Patch Manager is essential to IT professionals. Not only is it highly customizable for any organization’s specific needs, it can also assist in application lifecycle management by alerting when an upgrade is due; Microsoft Office updates can also be installed along with Internet Explorer updates; protecting from spyware and viruses are among its many functions – this software makes an excellent addition for those wanting to improve their patch management strategy and meet industry standards – but is an especially good fit if organizations utilize Microsoft Configuration Manager or Intune features as well.

Real-time alerts

Patch My PC is an intelligent patch management solution, capable of scanning for outdated software on your computer and installing updates automatically – helping keep it running at its optimal performance. Easy to setup and supporting an extensive catalog of third party software including browsers, media players and productivity suites; its team also actively contributes to Microsoft ConfigMgr (SCCM/MECM) community while providing tutorial videos about its product use.

One of the key aspects of successful patch management is having a plan to quickly remediate vulnerabilities, which means establishing a vulnerability management process and prioritizing vulnerabilities. Furthermore, communication must take place among teams and stakeholders so everyone understands why security risk reduction should be prioritized; having a shared language such as using “risk” instead of “vulnerability” makes communication simpler.

Identification of Vulnerable Assetsuiesc another critical step in remediation is identifying your most vulnerable assets, which can be done by comparing reported vulnerabilities against your asset inventory. By prioritizing remediation efforts on these vulnerable assets, it will reduce their impact while saving both time and money in terms of potential attacks.


Patch My PC offers an excellent, user-friendly product and service, making setup effortless – it truly becomes “launch and forget”. They support a comprehensive catalog of 3rd-party apps (auto packaging them for deployments in ConfigMgr/SCCM) while actively engaging the community by following up on and implementing suggestions made. Their solution helps organizations using Microsoft Configuration Manager or Intune keep third-party software up-to-date and allows IT teams to focus on what really matters – keeping businesses secure and productive – while their pricing remains very competitive.

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