PCDJ DEX is an all-in-one DJ software solution that combines music, video and karaoke mixing in one application. Featuring all of the essential features needed by DJs without unnecessary screen clutter or screen waste, it works with keyboard & mouse or 100+ supported controllers for seamless DJ performances.

DEX’s user interface emulates that of CD Decks and contains mixer controls similar to physical DJ mixers, providing BPM beat-sync, looping, keylocks, hot cue points and filters which all work flawlessly.

Advanced Media Browser

PCDJ DEX is an extremely useful program designed to give disc jockeys the power to mix music and videos effortlessly while hosting karaoke. With its user-friendly graphical user interface that mimics CD Decks and mixing controls that replicate those found on physical DJ mixers, this powerful program also offers a host of effects which may prove helpful depending on a DJ’s level of experience.

This DJ software features an advanced media file browser to easily import all your music, video and karaoke files as well as iTunes playlists for easy importation and instant mixing. Library filters let you view only those type of files you wish to work with while the quick search feature displays results as you type. Furthermore, this DJ software lets you create custom playlists from directories on your hard drive; album art and color coding facilitate easy identification of songs and videos; as well as built-in playback automation with one-click beat sync; “mix now” button for quick crossfade and instant mixing!

PCDJ DEX is compatible with over 65 popular DJ controllers for tactile control that enables greater creativity when mixing. Furthermore, its industry-leading sound engine ensures your mixes sound incredible!

PCDJ has partnered with two professional DJ record pool services that give DJs access to high-quality tracks at 320kbps MP3. The iDJPool music pool features recent releases as well as two years worth of back catalog in all popular genres; The Video Pool provides high-quality video content.

Beat-Grid based Automatic Beat Mixing

DEX makes mixing music simple and quick whether or not incorporating Karaoke sets. The advanced Media File Browser imports your library or iTunes playlists effortlessly; its compatibility even extends to today’s popular DJ controllers. Furthermore, DEX’s Beat-Grid Based Automatic Beat Mixing feature provides powerful tools for seamlessly blending songs while keeping audiences engaged with music sets.

DEX stands out from its competition by providing DJs with an indispensable Karaoke functionality. Through Singer List and History features, DJs can use DEX to cue and manage karaoke songs directly within the app itself – an absolute necessity if hosting Karaoke cabaret or simply adding Karaoke into regular club gigs is desired.

DEX’s audio “Effects Grid” is also an invaluable asset, enabling you to apply Echo, Delay, Reverb, Phaser and Flanger effects either individually or simultaneously with multiple layers applied simultaneously. These effects come equipped with all of the standard DJ controls as well as being BPM synced for seamless drops and transitions.

Utilizing DEX’s advanced media library filters, quickly search and import all your MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, and unprotected iTunes files quickly and efficiently. Create custom playlists or use DEX’s history list feature to go back and re-use a previous set. Plus no-latency playback supports many popular DJ controllers with loops, hot cues, and all playback controls that are ultra responsive – perfect for DJing!

Audio “Effects Grid”

PCDJ DEX is an all-inclusive DJ and Karaoke software solution tailored to both experienced professionals as well as novice users. Its intuitive design makes it user friendly for both experienced DJs as well as beginners, while featuring all the industry standard features you’d expect in a program – like 4 deck mixing, automatic beat mixing and multi-layered text overlays – as well as optional access to music videos via The Video Pool as well as Pulselocker streaming subscription service with access to 44 million tracks in app.

DEX’s advanced media file browser is an incredible resource that makes importing, searching and filtering music playlists effortless. Not only that but you can create custom playlists based on date or use album art color-coding to quickly identify files while the instant search function returns results as you type!

DEX is known for its Audio Effects Grid which makes adding Echo, Delay, Reverb, Flanger and Autopan effects easily. You can layer in effects like Echo Delay Reverb Flanger Autopan to create new sounds or use sample player to load up to 8 sound clips that can be triggered and played over top of any mix. All controls for controlling these effects can be found easily – wet/dry controls, BPM sync controls as well as parameters per effect are just a few to name.

PCDJ DEX features a comprehensive suite of tools specifically tailored for professional karaoke hosts and venues, such as advanced automatic singer rotation lists that follow singer name rather than track order, news tickers, next singer screens, plus much more. In addition, Party Time Karaoke, a high-quality streaming karaoke service targeted specifically towards businesses is supported by PCDJ DEX software.

Sample Player

PCDJ DEX features an advanced media file browser with iTunes playlist support for searching and importing music, music videos and karaoke files. Additionally, its powerful library management system enables access to two excellent professional DJ pool services for downloading high quality 320kbps MP3 tracks (DJ LINK and iDJPool).

BPM grid-based automatic beat mixing, keylock, smart looping, hot cue points filters and effects all work seamlessly whether mixing only music or adding video clips. Furthermore, Karaoke section of software lets users send out full screen visual mixes so singers can queue their song without using laminated track listing sheets and paper requests.

The audio “effects grid” allows you to utilize echo, delay, reverb, phaser and flanger as individual or combined effects for creating unique effect sounds. All effects can also be BPM synced to seamlessly drop drops.

Another unique feature is the ability to assign a keyboard shortcut for raising and lowering each channel fader – this allows you to mix more like traditional controllers while making this software extremely valuable for mobile DJs. Finally, this software features zero latency playback so your loops and hot-cues always play back seamlessly whether using mouse and keyboard or external DJ MIDI controllers – plus over 100 controllers compatible with it for full MIDI mapping! Cross-platform use enables DJ software like this one to impress both beginners and experienced pros alike, and make for one of the top contenders for being considered one of the best on the market today.

Multi-layered Custom Overlays

At a time when modern DJs must excel at both hosting karaoke cabarets and performing core DJ sets, PCDJ DEX stands out as an indispensable solution. Its comprehensive feature set and seamless ability to transition seamlessly between karaoke and DJ ensure that gig opportunities never slip by unnoticed.

DEX 3 now gives DJs access to a multi-layered, custom overlay feature which enables them to display full screen visual mixes containing video on a second display for their audience and singers to enjoy. Save as many overlays as desired while using standard DJ control parameters like dry/wet effects, BPM sync etc.

DEX 3’s advanced media file browser enables DJs to effortlessly manage music, music videos, and karaoke files. It features an organized multipurpose library with fast search capability that shows results as you type. Plus it comes equipped with customizable 2-Deck and 4-Deck interface skins tailored specifically for DJs’ styles and preferences.

DEX 3 offers DJs a special feature in its Karaoke Queuing System that enables them to easily create singer and song lists for their night of karaoke, eliminating laminated track listing sheets and paper request slips as part of mobile karaoke setups. Additionally, it automatically follows song order rather than singer list order so singers can be added/subtracted from rotation without interrupting its flow on any given night.

DEX 3’s recording capabilities give DJs the power to capture a complete mix session in stunning 1920×1080 HD quality and broadcast it live via Icecast to fans worldwide. Furthermore, two record pool services provide professional DJs access to high-quality 320kbps MP3 audio tracks, HD video content and other features to make gigs go smoothly.

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