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PCDJ DEX is an exceptional performance software, perfect for both amateur DJs and experienced professionals alike. Its intuitive user interface enables beginner users to get up and running quickly while its powerful feature set provides professional gurus with everything they need for performance DJ gigs such as Karaoke Cabaret performances or core legit DJ gigs seamlessly transition. What sets PCDJ DEX apart is its seamless transitioning between Karaoke Cabaret performances and core legit DJ gigs, setting it apart from its contemporaries.

DEX’s latest version now makes Spotify music (including playlists) usable with our new decryption technology and improved internal effects engine for more precise and higher quality results.

Powerful Mixing Tools

DJ mixing software is a specialized computer application used by professional DJs to play, mix and present audio (and sometimes music video) to live audiences. Additionally, it can also be used to create and edit playlists; certain versions even offer automatic beat matching tracks as well as mixing, scratching or juggling (adding effects and changing pitch) functions that help ensure a seamless set.

DEX is a comprehensive DJ software solution for macOS and Windows that supports audio, music video and karaoke mix performances. It includes industry standard FX, EQ, auto beat sync, smart looping and 4 deck support alongside unique features such as hosting abilities for Karaoke performances as well as compatibility with rack mounted DJ controllers.

DEX offers an intuitive user experience, and works much like a traditional DJ mixer, familiar to anyone who has used turntables or CD players. DEX features shortcut mapping so that faders can be controlled using keyboard instead of mouse – this gives more responsive mixing experience!

Other useful features of the software include a comprehensive library with format filters, fast search that displays results as you type, skins to customize the interface’s appearance and an impressive video section that handles scratching, breaking and reverse video effects as well as numerous advanced video effects.

DEX also comes equipped with the ability to record video mix performances in stunning 1920 x 1080 HD with no loss in quality, making the finished product available to clients or fellow DJs for viewing. Furthermore, the Image and Text Overlay feature allows you to display messages, drink specials or your DJ logo right on screen for all attendees to see.

The latest version of the software also boasts several improvements to its audio engine and time-stretching mechanisms, resulting in higher quality output as well as increased performance and stability for users.

Stream Music from Spotify

Streaming services like Spotify give DJs access to an incredible library of tracks in a legal and cost-effective manner. This enables DJs to broaden their musical knowledge while expanding performance capabilities by mixing songs they wouldn’t otherwise be able to or would take longer to acquire on their own. This can be especially helpful at smaller events such as at-home parties or BBQs where DJs might otherwise have limited music at their fingertips.

However, you will encounter certain hurdles when using Spotify in this way. Since streaming songs don’t directly download to your device, DJ software or controllers that normally recognize physically downloaded files won’t recognize them either. To work around this limitation, a third-party application that enables downloading Spotify tracks directly onto your computer so they can be utilized just like any other file within your DJ setup will need to be employed.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter stands out as an exceptional app to assist with this task, being recognized as the #1 Spotify Music Converter several years in a row and being easy to use – being rated as #1 Spotify Music Converter has provided users with access to unlocking format protection on Spotify tracks so they can be converted to MP3, FLAC or WAV for use with their DJ systems. Once complete, these local audio files can then be imported directly into PCDJ DEX using active lists and automix folder.

Spotify can enhance your DJing abilities thanks to its built-in karaoke functionality, but often falls off DJs’ radar screens when planning music sets. But this functionality can prove very handy in certain circumstances, like events that require light entertainment such as singing. Linking DEX with PartyTyme Karaoke lets you queue songs intuitively according to name order rather than track order, saving time and making management simpler than having to distribute laminated song listings or use traditional paper request slips for every singer in line.

Stream Karaoke

PCDJ DEX’s innovative streaming karaoke solution offers KJs and Karaoke venues an intuitive karaoke streaming service directly integrated within PCDJ DEX is the modern solution for KJs and venues alike. Party Tyme Karaoke (a subscription service priced for KJs and venues) songs can be directly streamed without having to switch apps or tabs; tight integration between both services means lightening fast track buffering speeds with trouble-free streaming; song requests handled via an intuitive singer rotation list means goodbye laminated song lists or paper request slips!

PCDJ DEX is the ultimate all-in-one DJ software. From mixing music, videos and hosting karaoke sessions to DJing your wedding or hosting a fundraiser karaoke night – DEX offers everything a professional DJ needs for seamless performances.

DEX 3 provides professional-grade controllers that enable you to unleash your creativity. While other DJ software only provides access to two Decks, DEX has four Decks of functionality at your disposal – perfect for traditional keyboard/mouse or MIDI controller users looking for full DJ features like BPM grid-based beat sync, smart looping, key lock/hot cue points/filter/effects capabilities!

An advanced media file browser supports all popular formats, making it simple and quick to find what you want quickly and efficiently. Album art, color coding and search as you type make creating playlists or directories on your hard drive easy – with no latency playback loops and hot cue points respond instantly to your touch!

Find and download new music with the website’s discovery tools, then use it offline without an internet connection for seamless DJing without interruption. When back online, your tracks synchronize instantly for seamless DJing without interruption – TIDAL support includes access to its library of over 80 million+ songs across genres in superior quality; SoundCloud Go+ gives access to their 200+ million premium and underground tracks; so now you can effortlessly stream and mix all your favorite songs, music videos, karaoke tracks, podcasts etc all from one app!

Stream Video

Video mixing has never been more popular and can give DJs an edge in attracting clients and referrals. Recording your video mix is effortless with DEX 3.2; simply capture the entire performance without losing quality in 1920×1080 HD!

DEX 3.2 allows you to record audio from any mp3, ogg, wav, flac or iTunes (unprotected) file on your computer and mix that into the video stream. The software automatically adjusts volume levels between audio and video clips for an easy way to achieve an ideal mix.

Are You a TIDAL HiFi or HiFi Plus Subscriber? Now it is easier than ever to import TIDAL music directly into PCDJ DEX browser! Simply follow these instructions, and soon enough you’ll be playing your favourite tracks from TIDAL!

PCDJ DEX stands as one of the premier DJ performance software packages on the market, featuring up to four independent players, auto-play and shuffle functionality, support for most DJ controllers, BPM beat matching capabilities, effects and sampler capabilities, waveforms that enable easy looping/cue point setting as well as automatic gain control – it’s hard to beat PCDJ DEX for performance!

We’re thrilled to partner with Beatsource, the world’s premier service for professional DJs. Now you can access their library of millions of high-quality 320kbps MP3 tracks right inside PCDJ DEX! Read all about it here. PCDJ DEX users may also add Beatport or iDJPool pool services – two excellent pool services offering professional DJs additional tracks and playlists; with the former featuring new releases at 320kbps while Beatport boasts thousands of expertly curated playlists – to their software to access additional tracks or playlists; more about that here.

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