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PCDJ Karaoki

PCDJ Karaoki is an advanced karaoke software program created specifically for show hosts and venues, featuring an automatic singer rotation list, news ticker, library printer and jukebox background music player – among others.

SongBookDB is an integrated subscription service within Karaoki that allows singers to request songs remotely from their iOS or Android devices – eliminating the need for KJs to carry around large printed song books.

Easy to use

PCDJ Karaoki is an advanced karaoke hosting software solution, featuring all of the capabilities required to host professional karaoke shows. It comes equipped with features such as drag-and-drop songbooks, news tickers, an integrated music store with multiple background music player options and search options, plus its Select-A-Track Karaoke store which supports multiple simultaneous singers – plus its Drunk Lock to prevent guests from accidentally controlling its player!

PCDJ Karaoki is one of the easiest solutions available, providing powerful karaoke playback with minimal setup and configuration hassles. A wizard-style interface makes setting up and customizing PCDJ Karaoki to your liking simple; after installing on your computer you can begin using it right away and customize its look according to the theme of your event.

PCDJ Karaoki software stands out as an indispensable asset to KJs thanks to its ability to manage singer rotation lists – one of their greatest aides! The program will automatically stack songs for each singer while keeping an eye on their performance history. Furthermore, you can pre-adjust keys of tracks or alter their order for custom rotation lists for individual singers.

One feature that sets this software apart from others karaoke software packages is its transport control area, similar to what would be found on CDG players. This makes it easier for DJs to navigate the software and put on professional-quality shows. Furthermore, it is compatible with over 100 controllers from Pioneer and Denon.

SongBookDB can be integrated with Karaoki software to automatically load requests into singer folders, where you can then accept requests either manually or automatically and send them out as part of a singer rotation list – an invaluable feature for bars and venues that want to ditch paper song books for good! In addition, MP3 files can also be imported directly into Karaoki via scanning while using various file naming conventions to manage their library efficiently.

Intuitive user interface

PCDJ Karaoki features an intuitive user interface that makes navigating and using its software straightforward. Inspired by traditional DJ setup, its design features a transport control area similar to hardware-based CDG players – with play, pause, fade-to-stop controls similar to hardware CDG players; playback speed control; advanced key control with 1/4, 1/2 and full semitone steps; screen 2 output; mute button. In addition, you can choose among various styles for custom overlays to display text or images on screen – adjust position size font size or opacity as needed!

PCDJ Karaoki stands out by showing videos of karaoke performances on a second monitor, making it ideal for KJs who wish to add an engaging aspect to events. Furthermore, it supports JPEG and BMP files, making it suitable for creating multimedia karaoke shows. Furthermore, performance data tracking capabilities make the PCDJ Karaoki an indispensable program. This allows KJs and organizers alike to see exactly how many songs were played on average time per song, how long each performance took and more!

It offers powerful features tailored for karaoke hosting, such as an automatic singer rotation list, news ticker and next singer screen. In addition, there is an integrated music store and drag and drop songbook functionality. And finally, its easy-to-use jukebox background music player lets you select different playlists of both karaoke music and non-karaoke tracks to play back simultaneously.

PCDJ DEX 3’s main selling point is its ability to synchronize visual mixes to separate displays – something other DJ programs don’t offer. You can even assign effects as shortcuts on its FX grid so they’re easily accessible at a click. This makes DJing feel more like controller music for mobile DJs and masters of ceremonies alike!

The new MIDI keyboard support is another welcomed addition. Specifically designed to work with DEX 3’s built-in hardware recognition for plug-and-play compatibility with over 65 controllers, as well as working MIDI-to-MIDI allowing control from other devices, this addition offers flexibility.

Easy to set up

PCDJ Karaoki is professional karaoke software designed to work as either a standalone solution or complement other PCDJ products. This Windows-based program features intuitive and feature-rich operation for professional KJs (karaoke DJs), venue owners, DJs and DJs alike. Support for MP3+G files (MP3, WAV+G files as well as most compressed zipped MP3+G/WAV+G formats and various video files) is included as is an on-deck singer list with singer history, automatic rotation key control news ticker library printer – plus built-in song store functionality lets KJs purchase songs instantly while overzealous participants cannot gain access to its controls! Lastly there’s even Drunk-Lock functionality which prevents participants from abusing or misusing this program’s controls – keeping these individuals at bay!

Setup for PCDJ Karaoki is simple. The transport controls mimic those found on hardware karaoke CDG players, making navigation simpler during shows. Furthermore, PCDJ Karaoki supports an array of file formats and its database can easily organize them into folders and sub-folders for easy organization. Furthermore, multiple screens with different inputs/outputs can also be created within PCDJ Karaoki.

This karaoke software offers an extensive selection of sound effects. For instance, you can adjust bass levels, tempos and equalization settings on each track individually to achieve desired effects. Furthermore, you can create custom karaoke tracks by selecting lyrics, titles and artists of original songs to use when creating custom tracks; import karaoke music from other apps easily into this program for playing back!

PCDJ Karaoki also includes support for SongBookDB Karaoke Request Platform to make taking requests easier than ever. Simply receive requests over the internet, manually or automatically load them into singer folders within PCDJ Karaoki for playing back! SongBookDB allows you to connect to your existing karaoke library to automatically accept or deny requests – saving you from printing out hundreds of pages every time your collection needs updating! PCDJ Karaoki Karaoke software also allows KJs who wish to eliminate printed song books completely to do just that, and features such as slow or normal speed playback are great features for novice KJs or those with limited computer resources.

Free trial version

PCDJ Karaoki is an innovative software solution that makes hosting karaoke nights with your friends and family much simpler than ever. Setup is quick, with a comprehensive user manual describing all features. In addition, PCDJ offers tutorial videos to make learning how to use its features easier.

Built for professional KJs or Karaoke enthusiasts alike, this professional karaoke player features an on deck singer list, key control, news ticker, next singers screen, library printer and much more to meet all their needs.

Your computer’s hard drive serves as the repository of karaoke files, eliminating the need to carry around heavy CDGs or other physical equipment. Installation and usage is straightforward on Windows PCs with its intuitive main interface featuring play, pause, fade-to-stop and other standard audio effects controls for playback; two songs may also be played simultaneously by using independent sound cards and different output options.

PCDJ Karaoki software supports more than just karaoke; its user-friendly interface enables easy switching between formats and playlist creation for each. Furthermore, this program is compatible with multiple sound cards and up to three Windows computers at the same time!

PCDJ Karaoki software features a feature to sync playlists on all computers connected to a network, so everyone can enjoy playing the same songs. In addition, its player window displays song lyrics and thumbnail images for every karaoke file. Party hosts will find this feature invaluable as it saves them the hassle of searching for the same songs on every computer, while also creating custom backgrounds and fonts for their player windows. Furthermore, this software supports SongBookDB so singers can request songs remotely.

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