PDF XChange Viewer

PDF XChange Viewer is an alternative to Adobe Reader that effectively manages PDF documents. It comes equipped with all of the usual viewing features such as zoom and measurement features as well as support for commenting and markup.

Optimize document viewing and work flow by making use of multiple editing and navigation panes to optimize document viewing and work flow. Add dynamic stamps, audio comments and more!

Easy to use

PDF-XChange Viewer is an intuitive, customizable program with an impressive range of functions not available through Adobe Reader and is lightweight enough to run even on older hardware, making it a good alternative choice. Furthermore, users have the option of exporting pages of documents separately as separate files – perfect for anyone searching for alternatives to Adobe’s original software!

The program can OCR image-based or scanned PDF’s to make them fully searchable, add comments and annotations using dynamic commenting tools such as geometric shapes, arrows, freehand lines and stamps, typewriter mode allows users to overlay text directly onto any page of their PDF rather than only those created using AcroForms; additionally measurement tools are provided and links between documents and external applications can be created.

Document Searcher features full PDF document navigation and search features, a broad array of printing options (including collating pages or specifying page ranges), as well as saving pages as JPEG or PNG images. Furthermore, this software offers document and form field settings which allow for customizations including field appearance size format color appearance etc. Additionally it has advanced document index features including bookmarks/notes creation as well as creating bookmarks/notes management features to maximize productivity when using PDF documents.

Another feature of PDF-XChange is its thumbnail previews, which enable users to quickly locate a specific page. Users can reposition or move thumbnails as needed and dock them anywhere within PDF-XChange – for instance on the left, right or top side – using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T to toggle display or concealment of this panel of thumbnails.

PDF-XChange Viewer makes it easy to select content within a document and perform various actions on it, such as copying or cutting text, rotating or resizing the selected area, changing font size or style, copying or pasting text into another application, copying, pasting or cutting and pasting images into word processor documents, highlighting texts within documents to make reading them simpler, automatically detecting and highlighting the relevant texts so they are easily readable.

If you want to customize PDF-XChange Viewer to meet your own specific needs, the Preferences menu item allows you to set your personal preferences. You can select different colors for toolbars and dialogs as well as custom colors for main workspace and page backgrounds; font sizes used for dialogs and menus can also be changed easily; these customizations may make using PDF-XChange easier for people with visual or colorblindness as well as setting shortcuts for certain actions such as opening documents or changing page orientation.

Easy to customize

PDF is one of the most commonly used file formats for sharing text files, as its text remains undisturbed while being transferred between platforms and ensures content security as it’s non-editable. Businesses and organizations rely heavily on PDF file sharing; there are various programs that enable editing or creation of PDFs; however, not all provide equal levels of functionality – for optimal results choose one that’s user friendly with plenty of features available to it.

PDF XChange Viewer is an ideal option for users who require file editing without Adobe Acrobat. The software contains many helpful tools, is user-friendly and offers a familiar layout similar to Adobe Acrobat’s user interface – yet fully customizable with multiple language versions of its user interface.

Some of its notable features include a snapshot tool that enables users to capture current document screens in bitmap format, and multiple zoom levels that let users see pages at various levels – this is particularly useful for dual monitor users. Furthermore, this program supports multiple operating systems and includes tools for editing documents like shapes, lines and arrows as well as highly customizable user interface options and color palette selection.

Users can add comments and annotations to a document using various formatting options, including highlighting, underlining and strikethrough text. In addition to these capabilities, this program also has stamp creation tools as well as measurements features so users can take measurements, create stamps and measure dimensions as well as create fillable forms. Lastly, its search tool makes finding text easy across open documents and folders on their computer, convert document URLs into weblinks for weblink management purposes, as well as remove weblinks at a click.

This software offers both a free version for basic editing needs, as well as a Pro version with additional features, available to download from its official website and compatible with Windows. Furthermore, its support team regularly releases updates to improve their application.

My tests found the PDF XChange viewer to be far faster than Adobe Reader DC, with easier customization features like changing font, colors for menus and dialogs, keyboard shortcuts modification. Furthermore, this software supports Latin Extended characters – helpful for multilingual users.

Easy to install

PDF XChange Viewer offers many advantages over Adobe Reader and is easy to install and activate. Its powerful editing tools let you add text, resize graphics and move objects, save documents to different formats or convert to others, support multiple languages as well as its advanced search function enabling faster information retrieval. Plus its free version makes editing an existing document simple!

PDF-XChange Editor from Tracker Software Products (Canada) Ltd provides an advanced alternative to any free PDF viewer available, featuring faster performance and advanced feature sets than its rivals. Compatible with all versions of Windows from XP through 64-bit operating systems and fully supporting Adobe AcroForms forms import/export functionality as well as powerful OCR conversion, PDF-XChange Editor allows you to convert scanned documents to editable text for editing before searching is used to index documents fully searchable documents.

Software to create PDF documents also features an integrated Java-Script engine, stamps, annotations and page markup tools, enabling the editing of text and graphics as well as creating one PDF from scratch and merging multiple files together into a single document. Furthermore, its paid version offers additional features, including making PDF forms fillable and converting Word documents to PDF.

PDF viewer with all the essential tools such as zoom and measurement capabilities. Furthermore, it also supports creation of links and commenting capabilities; plus you can even use this app window to send documents via email if compatible software exists on your computer.

Another useful feature is the capability of permanently removing content from PDF documents using redaction tools. You can select and delete text, graphics, images and other elements, as well as highlight, underline or strikeout text elements. Furthermore, these applications can also be configured to save changes automatically as you go and even feature portable versions for convenient use when working away from home PCs.

WPS Office offers an all-in-one software suite, ideal for managing documents and PDFs with 47 file formats across various platforms. Offering both a free trial period and affordable subscription plans, this comprehensive and reliable suite makes an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader that’s simple to install on Windows as well as Linux computers.

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