PDF XChange Viewer

PDF XChange Viewer is a comprehensive PDF viewer offering many tools. In addition, its advanced functions will prove extremely valuable for many users.

It comes equipped with various dynamic form creation options, features an easy user interface, and supports multiple languages.

Though highly acclaimed, this software does have some limitations. Some of its more advanced tools such as PDF page organization and content extraction are only available with its paid version.


This PDF software offers all of the tools expected in a high-standard viewer, such as zoom tools, measuring functions and link functions – not to mention comment and annotation capabilities! Furthermore, it supports numerous file formats as well as emailing them directly through its interface.

Sticky notes provide another great feature, making it simple for you to jot down important information quickly and efficiently. Highlighted text can also help when sending out documents to colleagues; in addition, font and size settings allow for legible text display. Furthermore, this software enables the transformation of non-searchable PDFs into searchable ones!

The latest version of this program comes equipped with several significant upgrades, with its most notable feature being its ability to convert PDFs to PowerPoint documents, fillable forms and support multiple languages. Furthermore, digital signing can be done using this software – making it an invaluable alternative to Adobe Acrobat for anyone searching for an alternative PDF reader solution.

PDF XChange Viewer is an extremely lightweight application, and doesn’t demand many system resources to run smoothly on older computers. Furthermore, its speed makes it ideal for users working with many PDF files simultaneously; however, some tools required by you may be locked behind a paywall.

If you’re searching for an economical alternative to Adobe Acrobat, this software could be worth taking a closer look. With all the basic tools that are essential, and compatibility across platforms – as well as offering a free trial period to test its suitability for yourself – this may be worth investigating as a free alternative. However, please keep in mind that for business needs this might not be optimal; more robust solutions such as Wondershare PDFelement may provide greater value.

The new PDF XChange Viewer is more powerful and affordable than its predecessors, available in Spanish, French and German translations and featuring an intuitive user interface which is simple and user-friendly – perfect for customized setup.


Pricing of PDF-XChange Viewer depends on the size and scope of your organization and the extent of its needs for software like this. For a tailored quote, request a callback; alternatively contact customer care directly for further support. Your purchase price also includes one year of maintenance that provides access to both major and minor updates as soon as they become available.

This program offers an impressive set of tools for viewing, editing and creating PDF documents as well as organizing and analyzing them, supporting a broad variety of document types and outperforming more expensive PDF software such as Adobe Reader – which offers limited capabilities at no cost.

Users have given high praise to PDF XChange Viewer’s features. For instance, one user on Capterra said they found an alternative PDF editor costly and unstable compared with PDF XChange Viewer which “allows more customization” without taking up too many system resources.


PDF XChange Viewer’s installation process is straightforward and does not require any specialized technical expertise to operate. Once downloaded and installed, users can open PDF files stored locally to their computer as well as directly downloaded from websites using its tabbed interface to browse multiple documents at the same time, making PDF navigation simple. Furthermore, its sleek look will be familiar to anyone familiar with web browsing software.

Users have access to numerous secondary features, including zooming in and out, rotating images and saving snapshots. The Edit menu provides standard operations like redo/undo, copy/paste and search. Furthermore, advanced options exist which allow for customizing viewing experiences by saving settings to a data file; this way you can access them across sessions without being asked for them each time you launch the program.

This program offers an assortment of annotation and comment tools that allow you to provide feedback on documents. These tools include sticky notes, arrows, free form pencil sketches and comment boxes – not forgetting its other aids for more complex markups such as line and shape tools as well as callout boxes that highlight specific parts of a document.

As well as offering basic annotation and organization features, this program also supports fillable PDF forms with various security options and allows users to export PDF pages or entire files as JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF formats – and even import data directly from scanners allowing easy import of information from printed or written documents.

PDF XChange Viewer is one of the most comprehensive PDF viewers available, making it perfect for anyone needing to alter or add information to a PDF document, but may be overkill if all they require is basic viewing capabilities.

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