PDFCreator Review

PDFCreator from pdfforge is an intuitive software for quickly and effortlessly converting files to PDF format, with many useful features that set it apart from similar tools. Users have found it extremely user-friendly.

PDFCreator may use up system resources and lead to performance issues; as with any software, PDFCreator could consume resources and cause performance issues if used frequently or it cannot meet your requirements. As with other software applications, PDFCreator could potentially consume too many system resources. Therefore, if it is no longer a necessary part of your daily routine it may be best to either remove PDFCreator altogether or find alternative software which fulfills those requirements.

Easy to use

PDFCreator is a free program that makes converting files to PDF documents simple and user-friendly, offering many features including merging multiple documents into one PDF document and digitally signing them if desired. Plus, PDFCreator will even automatically print your output files!

When printing files, this program uses tokens to replace real-world values like today’s date or your username with tokens instead. This helps automate tasks and reduce time spent typing while eliminating errors and improving productivity. You could save both money and space with automatic steps taken out by eliminating manual printing paper ink and toner uses; and increase security and compliance through password protection features which provide various levels of security levels and access restriction options to protect documents that require password protection such as blocking access to certain pages or files.

PDFCreator Pro and Terminal Server provide more complete solutions, providing features such as ad-free printing, priority email support, group policies, Images2PDF creation of special folders on any computer and automatic conversion of files into PDF or image formats.

Administrators can use the included GUI application to set up queues and assign them to users. PDFCreator Server uses multiple threads for processing conversions, making the service faster than regular PDFCreator software. Admins may also define default settings for their service in HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTSoftwarepdfforgePDFCreator.

Converts files to PDF format

PDFCreator is an application that enables you to generate PDF documents from any application that prints using Windows printers, as well as convert and merge different file formats into one PDF document. Available in multiple languages and running as a Windows service makes PDFCreator convenient for use from anywhere around the world.

Users can drag and drop files directly into the application or begin conversion via the Choose a File to Print window, with conversion taking just seconds before they download a ZIP file of their result. The software detects predominating text orientation and rotates pages accordingly; additionally it can detect CMYK, RGB and ICC colour models and detect them; unfortunately it cannot rotate pages that contain text contained within images.

PDFCreator goes beyond simple file conversion to produce PDF/A documents, which adhere to strict standards for document preservation over time. PDF/A documents ensure archived documents remain readable as time goes on. PDFCreator can also add digital signatures for protection against unapproved access and modification; restrict printing; and enable encryption – among many other features.

PDFCreator is an excellent solution for small businesses that need to create and manage PDF documents, with its range of features making it an appealing alternative to other programs. However, users should keep in mind that PDFCreator uses system resources and could potentially cause performance issues on older machines; accordingly, only install it if its functions are needed – otherwise uninstalling will free up system resources for other uses. Furthermore, users must be mindful that PDFCreator may install other software during its installation process which could cause conflicts with other apps or slow down computers further.

Encryption and security

PDFCreator also offers various security features to safeguard sensitive data. Its encryption feature protects documents against unwary readers who might copy them, while password protection can prevent others from opening or editing them. Furthermore, digitally signing documents allows you to verify who sent them as well as ensures they remain intact after being signed off on.

Encryption and security features are integral parts of document creation software, especially when dealing with sensitive information. Unfortunately, certain tools could pose potential danger to your computer if used unknowingly – some have even been known to include adware toolbars which can hijack browsers or install other unwanted software onto computers.

PDFCreator uses the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm for document encryption. This is a widely-used and secure means of protecting confidential documents such as contracts and invoices; in addition, personal information such as names and phone numbers can also be protected using this approach.

QPDF uses a password-based security handler by default; however, you have the ability to configure different security handlers instead. For example, certificate-based protection employs public and private keys for data encryption – making this method of protection far more secure than password-based options.

With a password-based security handler, passwords are encrypted before being saved to the Registry to reduce risk of plain text passwords being seen there. A PIN number must also be entered to unlock files; duplicate passwords can easily be cracked by crackers.

Integration with other applications

PDFCreator can be used as a standalone solution, but its heavy automation makes it ideal for integration into complex workflow environments. PDFCreator works seamlessly with virtually all applications that print to Windows printers and converts those print jobs to PDF documents.

Additionally, using the “Choose File to Convert” button and dragging and dropping multiple files onto it to convert into PDF documents is also possible. This is ideal for archiving invoices alongside their source documents or creating one PDF from multiple docx files, for instance.

PDFCreator business edition provides a CS-Script action which automatically integrates custom C# scripts prior and post conversion of print jobs, offering powerful automation of complex tasks that save both time and resources in large organizations.

For you to use the CS-Script action, your programming language must initialize the PDFCreatorPilot run-time library as follows.

User-friendly interface

PDFCreator features an intuitive user-interface which makes converting files to PDF documents effortless, as well as merging multiple documents into a single PDF document, adding watermarks and password protection. Furthermore, its support of various file formats makes it an ideal solution for businesses dealing with various document types – it even creates PDF/A and PDF/X files which are excellent formats for archiving and printing!

PDFCreator’s latest update brings improved functionality and is more user-friendly. Profile settings have been reorganized so you can easily select those essential to your workflow, while options have been organized based on meaning instead of location – helping save you both time and effort!

Accounts is another great new feature, providing an easily managed hub to store all of your accounts (SMTP, Dropbox, FTP) before applying them across workflows – saving you from repeatedly typing account information for conversions.

PDFCreator is available as free software download with an easy user interface that’s suitable for both personal and professional needs. However, it should be noted that PDFCreator may not meet all your requirements and can potentially slow down your computer, installing additional programs you do not require or want. In such instances it might be wise to remove PDFCreator from your system – though any such decision must be done with due consideration to avoid risks or problems later.

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