PDFFactory Review


pdfFactory is a software tool designed to allow users to turn any printable Windows file into PDF documents. It works by creating a virtual printer which, when printed to, generates PDF documents instead of physical papers.

PDF creation can be accomplished quickly and with just a few clicks, offering features such as security, page insertion/deletion options, Live URL links and more. Furthermore, multiple documents can be combined into one PDF with rearrangeable pages as desired.

Easy to use

pdfFactory offers an intuitive solution for quickly creating PDF documents: its virtual printer makes the transformation possible within seconds and requires no special software – plus its options allow for image compression, font embedding and security settings!

PDFFactory also offers many other features to maximize the use of PDF documents, including reordering pages by simply dragging them around, deleting unwanted or blank ones and inserting new ones, merging multiple PDF documents together and supporting Live URL links.

pdfFactory stands out as an ideal option thanks to its ability to compress images and graphics, thereby significantly decreasing file sizes for large documents like multipage brochures or lengthy reports. Furthermore, its bookmark feature makes navigating documents easier while its search function allows you to find specific content quickly.

One of the great advantages of this software is that it works on any computer – regardless of whether or not Adobe Acrobat is installed – making it accessible even to those with limited computer knowledge and making it an invaluable asset in any office or home environment.

Additionally, using this software to create PDF documents yourself can save a considerable amount of money over costly commercial software such as Adobe Acrobat. Furthermore, this tool also allows you to generate PDFs from web pages, images, HTML and text files – providing significant cost-cutting potential!

pdfFactory can also be deployed on a server for convenient deployment in your workplace, eliminating the need to install software on every PC in the office. Setting it as the default printer makes printing directly from applications a simple matter.

Compatible with all popular Windows versions

pdfFactory is an intuitive application designed to convert any printable content into PDF. It works by installing a virtual printer driver into any program that supports printing; simply click Print and choose pdfFactory as your printer; it will load your file onto its database allowing you to quickly save or send via email as a PDF document.

pdfFactory stands out from similar programs by not requiring any special installation to function, making it compatible with virtually all Windows applications that can print to it, including web pages. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface features font embedding, page insertion/removal as well as font embedding/embedding; for added flexibility the Pro version offers letterheads/watermarks/bookmarks features for PDF documents.

pdfFactory can not only create PDFs but can also edit existing ones for editing purposes. This feature is especially handy if you need to make minor alterations on a previously-made document. pdfFactory also enables users to sign, initial, fill forms or encrypt content for extra protection – as well as automatically combine multiple documents into one PDF file.

Another advantage of this tool is that it’s easily integrated with any email client, featuring a built-in email feature to send PDF documents directly through your default e-mail program or copy and paste them directly onto the clipboard for pasting into existing messages.

The latest version of this program provides several new features designed to help users enhance the overall quality of their PDFs. These include eliminating artifacts caused by compression and image down sampling as well as increasing file sizes while keeping resolution consistent – an impressive change over its previous iterations which only allowed up to 200dpi output files. Another key addition is being able to include a table of contents for quick navigation within documents.

Converts any printable content to PDF

pdfFactory stands out from competing programs by being capable of printing both to paper and PDF within the same program, making PDF creation effortless from any application supporting printing. Furthermore, this unique program enables font embedding to ensure the resultant PDF looks identical to its source document.

pdfFactory offers another useful feature by merging multiple documents into a single PDF file before creating it – this feature saves both time and paper by streamlining lengthy reports or other documentation that’s difficult to manage. Furthermore, its built-in image compression and downsampling options help reduce page count for even longer reports or documents that take up too much space on paper.

Watermarks, bookmarks and tables of contents can help create easily navigable PDF documents that look professional. Furthermore, this software can also change default printer settings, encrypt PDFs securely, set security details for documents and set default printer options for PDF creation and printing.

PdfFactory stands out among similar products by offering incredible value for the price. With it you can convert nearly every document type imaginable into PDF, from word processor documents and web pages to photos. Plus it features an intuitive user interface, making it simple for anyone to use; not to mention how quickly documents are converted in mere seconds!

pdfFactory offers users another benefit by converting XPS files to PDF, making the task of working with complex documents with multiple layers and different colors easier. Furthermore, pdfFactory can convert PDFs into XPS in batch mode allowing for fast processing of large documents at the same time.

The most impressive aspect of this program is its accuracy. It can convert any document, no matter its layout or fonts, accurately into PDF form using its unique printing technology with its special driver for producing superior-quality PDFs that can be viewed across browsers with high security protections in place.


Are you searching for an inexpensive PDF program that allows you to create and reformat PDFs, look no further than PDFCreator. Designed as Windows compatible software, PDFCreator features many useful capabilities at an economical price point compared to more expensive programs like Adobe Acrobat; such as merging multiple documents into one PDF file, editing text and images before adding or removing pages as well as having an interface COM interface which enables integration with document management systems and file managers.

FinePrint can be installed on multiple computers and works on most popular Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista, 7/8/10. You can download the full version for free to test it out, though printing files with it will add a watermark to all files created. Available now at FinePrint Software’s website.

Businesses looking to reduce paper costs and improve efficiency will find this program an invaluable asset. It allows users to convert any type of document to PDF file conversion with minimal costs involved – providing high-quality PDF documents at the best value for your budget. You can purchase it as either a short term subscription or perpetual license and offers trial periods so users can test out its features before deciding. Many opt to buy multiple licenses over time due to its value proposition – installing and using the product are simple processes as it offers user-friendly functionality.

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