PDFFactory Review

pdfFactory is a program that enables you to instantly create PDF files. It can also act as a virtual printer so you can preview your work, save paper and ink costs and even encrypt documents before they’re printed out.

FinePrint Software’s software makes it simple and affordable to convert any printable document or digital content to PDF, and includes advanced features for adding letterheads, bookmarks, watermarks and page numbering to documents.

Creating PDFs

PDFs are increasingly prevalent files used by businesses today, providing an efficient and standardized way for documents to be stored that can easily be searched or edited. But creating one requires special software; Kofax Power PDF offers an effortless solution tailored to fit the needs of any organization.

This program makes creating PDFs from any Windows application that supports printing easy. Additionally, you can combine several PDFs into a single document and customize elements such as page numbering, headers/footers/watermarks/notes/bookmarks etc. Additionally, password protection of PDF documents offers added protection.

Though its user interface could be improved, this tool makes converting different files to PDF easy. Add letterheads, reorder, rotate, combine crop or even remove pages easily using this PDF editor – another major perk! Furthermore, the Pro version offers users additional security options such as encrypting documents and adding digital signatures for additional protection.

pdfFactory makes printing output even better by providing the ability to preview before actually printing to paper, which allows you to ensure documents look their best, save ink costs, and avoid unnecessary printing. Furthermore, its printer settings enable you to reduce printing costs as well as optimize documents for different kinds of paper or multiple locations.

pdfFactory boasts many useful features, but there are some shortcomings which should be addressed. If your internet connection is slow or you plan on printing documents via networked printer, pdfFactory could pose issues. Finding suitable printer drivers may also prove challenging; if this occurs to you and you cannot get documents printed correctly, try disabling image downsampling and JPEG compression within the graphics tab of pdfFactory Printing Preferences tool located within Windows printers folder.

Overall, pdfFactory is an adaptable and budget-conscious solution designed for both individual consumers and business customers. With most features expected from modern PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat included, pdfFactory makes for an affordable alternative that still meets user needs.

Printing PDFs

PdfFactory makes printing any file on your Windows computer into PDF documents easy by installing a virtual printer as an additional driver on your system. Simply choose pdfFactory driver when opening up any print dialog box in any application to convert output.

The program features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes navigating its various functions effortless. Novice users will find its built-in Help menu with search capability especially helpful, especially in explaining font embedding as well as detailing all its functions. A 30-day trial period gives all skill levels enough time to experience its ease-of-use and efficacy for themselves.

The Pro version of pdfFactory offers advanced features for creating and editing PDF documents, such as password protection and encryption tools, compressed PDF file compression for easier transmission and optimal storage efficiency, live URL links, watermarks and text or image annotations; bookmarking/toC creation to make document easier to find/use, bookmark/TOC creation to ensure easy navigation through documents etc.

pdfFactory Pro offers a free demo version, which you can download from its product website. However, please be aware that when downloaded the software will display a watermark bearing its product name. If you would like this watermark removed you will need to purchase full version of pdfFactory.

pdfFactory offers advanced features to easily convert any printable document to a PDF file, combine multiple PDFs into one document, automatically rotate and crop pages, add letterheads, watermarks and text or image annotations as well as headers and footers, fill forms with data automatically or add hyperlinks for web pages or email addresses – among many other capabilities.

With just one click, a PDF document can be sent via email or copied directly onto the clipboard for pasting into other applications. The thumbnail view makes navigating PDF documents simple while being able to reorder or delete pages is an added convenience. Furthermore, pdfFactory automatically creates tables of contents for large documents requiring such functionality.

Editing PDFs

PDFs are great for sharing documents electronically, but editing them can be challenging without the right tools. Luckily, there are a variety of online PDF editing tools that make editing documents simpler; such tools offer features such as annotation and commenting capabilities as well as tracking changes made by team members or clients.

pdfFactory stands out from most PDF programs by making conversion easier; unlike Adobe Acrobat or other paid services that only support editing PDFs, pdfFactory allows any document on Windows to be turned into PDFs using its virtual printer feature. Instead of printing paper pages directly to PDFs, pdfFactory generates PDF files directly instead. Furthermore, pdfFactory compresses file sizes for faster transmission speeds and storage efficiency if desired.

This free tool features a built-in PDF viewer and an intuitive interface designed for novice users, making it simple to access. With features such as merging documents and adding annotations, OCR conversion, drag-and-drop support and the option of saving an edited document as different formats – this PDF editor has everything a novice needs.

Along with converting files to PDFs, it also combines multiple documents into one single file, add watermarks and page numbers, insert headers and footers and encrypt documents with password protection to avoid unauthorised access; plus it offers features such as table of contents creation and bookmarks.

Pro Version: Available for more advanced users. This allows for password protection and encryption of PDF documents as well as the reordering, rotation, extraction of text/images/files from documents; adding or removing bookmarks in PDF documents – among many other useful features!

Another feature of this PDF program that makes it incredibly beneficial is its ability to print documents directly from the web, making this PDF solution particularly helpful for students and business professionals who need to share documents with co-workers or partners. Simply click “Print” button within any application, select pdfFactory driver in print dialog box, press “Print”, and your document will be printed directly onto a virtual printer that produces PDF file.

Converting PDFs

pdfFactory is a complete PDF solution, not only providing users with the capability of creating and printing PDFs but also editing existing ones. Ideal for individuals who need to convert images, Office documents, text and HTML into PDFs as well as merge multiple PDF files into one larger one for easier storage and management, plus add electronic signatures or password protection of sensitive documents encrypt them using this free program.

pdfFactory software boasts many other beneficial features that set it apart from other PDF programs. These include its ability to combine PDFs without needing Adobe Acrobat and support up to 400% zoom, creating bookmarks and tables of contents easily, adding live URL links that open websites or emails, creating live URL links within PDF documents with one click, as well as saving files automatically to PDFFactory sessions so previous outputs can easily be retrieved later.

Another feature of this tool is that it enables users to reduce the size of PDF files by optimizing images and decreasing document compression, leading to faster uploads/downloads/storage space savings. Furthermore, users are also able to export text from PDFs for saving in various formats including DOC/XLS/RTF/XML/CSV (unfortunately it doesn’t work with scanned documents).

This program can also be used to optimize PDF documents for e-readers, tablets and smartphones. Converting PDF files to more portable and user-friendly PDF/A format will make them accessible by more current document programs as well as ensure accurate rendering, better searchability and preservation of original document layouts.

Users can also utilize this software to add watermarks and digital signatures to documents in order to protect the integrity of their data, thus preventing unauthorized access and maintaining confidentiality. Furthermore, it can be used to set PDF security settings such as password protection, encryption and access controls so as to restrict unauthorized users.

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