PDFFactory Review


pdfFactory is a Windows utility that converts any printed file onto the computer into PDF documents, acting like a virtual printer by printing directly into PDF rather than paper.

Print jobs that combine pages are automatically collected. Pages may be rearranged using thumbnail view and PDFs can be sent out using standard email programs.

It creates PDF files

The pdfFactory program makes creating PDFs simple from virtually any printable document, providing additional features like adding text and graphics, rearrange pages, encrypting files, fast printing speed, compatibility with most popular Windows versions and very little memory or processing power consumption – plus no extra software is necessary!

The program allows you to select your printer and paper size preferences as well as display mode preferences of pdfFactory dialog boxes and paper orientation. In addition, fonts used in your current document can either be embedded into it or displayed separately – this feature helps ensure all characters appear correctly within PDF files.

One handy feature of PDF Fusion Pro is its ability to combine multiple documents into a single PDF document, saving both time and space. Plus, adding watermarks is just one click away! There’s even an email module included which makes sharing PDFs with anyone easier – not forgetting its seamless integration into web browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox!

pdfFactory Pro is an outstanding program for creating PDFs quickly. Convert any printable document instantly into a PDF by pressing the print button from any application, making this ideal for those who often need PDFs quickly. Furthermore, its light resource usage makes it suitable even on older machines.

Tools menu allows for changing pdfFactory virtual printer settings. There are three default options, Do Not Show Dialog, Emulate Printer and Automatically Dismiss Dialog; Do Not Show Dialog disables the pdfFactory dialog and uses current print settings with default file name as default; Emulate Printer emulates resolution and margin settings from selected printer while Automatically Dismiss Dialog automatically dismisses dialogue boxes; this setting requires document having identical line breaks and page breaks as those found in chosen printer.

It embeds fonts

Font embedding is an essential feature for PDF documents, as it ensures they will always display with correct font settings – even if the recipient doesn’t have them installed. This feature can be especially beneficial when disseminating sensitive documents like medical records. Embedding fonts is supported in popular digital font formats like Type 1, TrueType and OpenType formats which allows PDF users to reliably distribute documents containing sensitive information without unwelcome changes in margin sizes, font sizes or spacing issues.

Subsetting and full embedding are the two methods available for font embedding. Subsetting involves storing the entire character set of a font while full embedding only includes those characters used in layout. Font outline data and any necessary ligatures may still be present but other information, such as ligatures, is left out to prevent font extraction tools from creating files full of non-used glyphs that could create unintended font files with unknown layout context. FOP configuration files provide control over this setting which defaults to subset for TTF/OTF fonts/OTF or full for PostScript fonts respectively.

The PDF FOP configuration file can be used to specify which fonts will be embedded into a document, either as names or references to font files. When providing references, any font name must begin with “font_prefix:”, thus preventing unintended use that does not match existing fonts from occurring and potentially leading to display issues on various computers.

pdfFactory is an easy and powerful software program for embedding fonts in PDF documents. Offering a 30-day trial period gives you plenty of time to evaluate its use; plus it’s designed to meet the needs of all types of users from beginners to experts alike – meaning pdfFactory could well work for you too!

To download pdfFactory, head to its official website and enter your registration code. Afterward, click the Download button and save the program directly onto your computer. When your download has completed, install and use it like any other printer; once installed it should appear as part of your list when printing documents.

It encrypts PDF files

PDF documents can contain text, images, graphics, logical structuring elements and interactive elements such as form fields and annotations. They also support audio/video content as well as data formats like XML and PRC to enable complex workflows. PDF is cross-platform and platform independent allowing any program that supports its specification to open them.

pdfFactory offers many advanced PDF features beyond its core PDF functions, such as encryption and password protection for documents. This can help protect sensitive information from unintended access. Furthermore, users can combine multiple documents into one PDF without saving and opening in Acrobat – providing instant preview without saving and opening it first! Installing and using pdfFactory is straightforward with its 30-day free trial period available as a bonus feature.

To create a PDF, simply launch any program you want to print from, select PDFFactory virtual printer and click Print. This will produce a PDF that you can then save, email or view later. pdfFactory works with most print-enabled applications including Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as Windows Explorer and other graphical file managers.

pdfFactory’s user interface (UI) is designed to mimic that of Windows Explorer, making it accessible and user-friendly for novices. Furthermore, multiple languages are supported, as is an extensive help menu that covers its functions. Furthermore, pdfFactory runs extremely stablely even in the background or can even be run using command line access.

PDFfactory is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to produce professional-quality PDF documents quickly and effortlessly. Its intuitive design makes it simple for even novice users to produce professional-looking documents with PDF. Compatible with many versions of Windows, its small footprint makes it perfect for use on laptops or desktops alike – plus, server installations can make this tool ideal for corporate environments! Unlike Acrobat (which requires an annual subscription), pdffactory can be utilized by people of varying skill levels without incurring costly license fees.

It offers a 30-day trial

pdfFactory offers users a free trial version to explore its functionality. Users can quickly and easily create, edit and convert PDF documents as well as other file types (doc, xls and PPT). With its user-friendly interface and compatibility across most operating systems, pdfFactory makes for an ideal way to test its abilities.

PDFFactory Pro installs a virtual printer onto your PC that you can use from any printing-capable application in Windows to produce PDF documents. Once installed, simply click Print from any such app and choose pdfFactory as the printer to produce an instantaneous PDF ready for viewing, emailing or sharing with one click – including merging multiple documents together into one PDF, adding page numbers, headers and footers, plus much more!

Downloading the software from the company website provides users with a 30-day watermarked trial version. Upon completing their free period, users must purchase a license for continued usage; pricing varies based on number of users and features provided.

Apart from providing PDF editing and viewing capabilities, this software also features additional tools that make it a valuable asset to businesses. These features include embedding fonts so they remain visible even if viewers do not have them installed – useful when making presentations to a different group or providing business presentations. Likewise, security layers allow for protection against changes being made to documents like adding pages or altering content by others.

Additionally, this software features various customization tools to help you tailor your PDFs, such as image compression and password protection. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface doesn’t require much memory or processing power – ideal for PDF creation!

This software is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, and offers a host of features designed to quickly create professional-looking PDF documents quickly and efficiently. Easy to use with fast conversion times. Though lacking the advanced features found in Adobe Acrobat, this solution can still meet basic PDF creation needs effectively.

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