PDFsam Basic Review

PDFsam is an elegant yet simple software tool with numerous features, offering tools that enable you to split, merge and edit PDF documents easily.

PDF documents can also be compressed and converted to other formats with this tool, while rotating or reordering pages is possible as well as extracting unwanted content from PDFs.

Splitting PDF files

When it comes to splitting PDF files, there are a number of tools that can help make this task easy. One such program is PDFsam – a free and open-source software suitable for both home and professional use, offering split and merge features to quickly handle even complex documents. Plus it features an easy tutorial so users can get acquainted with its use quickly.

PDFsam Basic features allow for fast and effortless document manipulation such as merging/merging, splitting/extracting/rotating and encrypting documents quickly and efficiently. There are no file size/number limitations or requirements; making this an attractive alternative to Adobe Acrobat for those searching for more cost-effective options.

PDFsam provides the flexibility to divide large documents into multiple smaller ones in various ways, including page numbers and bookmarks, chunks of a specific size, extract pages from documents to rotate at any angle you desire, compress images into PDF files as well as compress and convert images to PDFsam is an indispensable software solution!

PDFsam’s task log and error reporting capabilities are an additional valuable asset, as this feature quickly highlights any necessary fixes or modifications – an especially handy feature if working with large volumes of data.

PDFsam may appear intimidating at first glance, but its polished experience with numerous options makes it a fantastic choice for saving both time and effort in their work. Furthermore, its simple installation process ensures it works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems.

Merging PDF files

If you need to combine multiple PDF files, PDFsam is an easy and free program that can do it for you. This versatile app combines PDFsam can join PDFsam documents together as well as text documents, pictures and other file types into one document with no problems at all. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface provides access to tools from a side panel as modules arranged alphabetically allowing easy search for specific functionality within modules.

PDFsam BASIC software can be especially beneficial to those needing to divide large PDFs into pieces that can be sent by email. Many email servers impose limits on file sizes that can be sent, making PDF splitting a necessity. Furthermore, PDFsam BASIC also lets you tailor viewing preferences of PDF files with watermarks so only your intended audience will see your files.

To merge multiple PDF files, open a Finder window and select all of your source PDFs. Clicking on the View icon (with up and down arrows) in the upper-left corner will switch you into Gallery view where you can combine PDF documents into one document. When ready, save them all; your new PDF document will contain all pages from each of its source documents allowing you to rearrange pages as necessary.

Editing PDF files

PDFsam Basic’s name denotes its primary function – splitting and merging PDF documents – making this free PDF software an invaluable resource. PDFsam Basic allows you to merge multiple PDFs into a single document, split PDF documents based on page numbers or bookmarks within them, or even split documents by size (MB or KB).

Extracting text from any PDF document and producing individual text files is also possible, making this functionality useful in situations when manually retyping or copying from it is required. Furthermore, individual pages of a PDF can also be turned into text files – something especially helpful when transcribing handwritten notes into written formats.

PDFsam BASIC offers users with several advanced features, such as a colour-coded task log that displays errors quickly. This enables users to identify problems quickly and recover quickly, making the software an indispensable asset when dealing with large amounts of information.

PDFsam is an exceptional desktop application with a robust set of tools for handling complex tasks. While not as flexible as a professional editing suite, PDFsam still provides all essential functionality for users. Furthermore, its premium versions are relatively cost-effective and offer access to an array of customization tools so users can tailor PDF documents exactly the way they desire. Furthermore, its high-quality support service makes this an excellent option for anyone who wishes to edit PDF documents at an economical price point.

Adding watermarks to PDF files

Watermarks are images added to documents as a deterrent against copying or editing the document by others. You can add text or images as watermarks, with different options for display as well as specifying size and opacity settings that can then be saved as profiles for later use; plus they can even be applied simultaneously across multiple PDF files.

This application is user-friendly, working seamlessly across all Windows platforms and offering 100% data safety assurance. Furthermore, its non-destructive process doesn’t alter the quality of PDF files during watermark addition and does not require external tools to complete. Plus, it supports latest versions of Windows OS.

An additional beneficial feature of this software is its ability to annotate PDF documents. Users can take notes with sticky notes, highlight or strikethrough text quickly, compare two PDF files quickly to identify differences quickly, create custom-made stamps for PDFs quickly, etc.

Software designed for PDF documents also makes it possible to rotate pages in order to keep documents neatly organized while decreasing file size. Furthermore, its highly precise selection capabilities enable you to be highly selective when choosing which pages should be rotated; while protecting copyright by hiding sensitive contents.

Power PDF Editor is an extremely capable tool, capable of performing various tasks all from one window. This includes merging, splitting, editing, extracting pages from PDFs and rotating them as well as converting to other formats including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files – perfect for users needing comprehensive PDF editors with more advanced features.

Customising PDF file metadata

PDF files have become incredibly popular, so it is vital that they can be managed effectively. PDFsam provides tools that make this possible: splitting and merging into new documents, rotating pages and adding watermarks are among many features offered to enable manipulation of PDFsam files. You can even set viewing preferences which can streamline workflows for documents viewed later. Easily accessible on Windows computers for free use while professional packages provide cost-effective options for larger organisations.

PDFsam Basic feels like a collection of small utilities tied together through a common interface, which could seem disorienting at first. But its flexibility actually keeps its areas well-focused so as not to waste your time with features you don’t require. Plus it works on PCs running Windows, MacOS and Linux!

PDFsam Basic’s most convenient feature is its ability to edit metadata. This feature is especially helpful if you plan on sharing or uploading documents to the internet; with it you can modify things such as author, title, subject matter keywords and creation date of PDF files.

PDFsam’s split/merge functionality can help to reduce storage requirements on your computer by creating smaller, more manageable PDFs with uniform page sizes, adding blank pages when the number of pages is odd, normalising page sizes to ensure all the pages have equal length and handling interactive forms, bookmarks and tables of contents – all at an economical price point! Give PDFsam a try now to see for yourself!

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