PDFZilla Review

PDFZilla is an easy and user-friendly converter, designed to convert PDF files to multiple formats quickly and efficiently. With its user-friendly graphical user interface, this PDF conversion program makes the task of conversion accessible for nearly everyone.

PDF documents to other formats in just three clicks with this software’s batch conversion mode and multiple page support. It even enables multiple document conversion at the same time!

Easy to Use

PDFZilla makes PDF conversion a simple process with its user-friendly interface and variety of features that take just minutes to learn. Stability and performance on older computers with limited processing power is assured while its multilingual support makes the software accessible from around the globe.

With the right setup, you can convert files to almost any format imaginable: PDFs, HTML documents, images and Shockwave Flash (SWF). Though OCR support may not be provided for scanning documents into PDF formats directly, text-based files should still be easily converted. Furthermore, pages can be converted in batches saving you both time and effort by simultaneously converting multiple files at the same time.

Keep in mind when using this tool that it doesn’t offer a complete document editor. While it can convert PDFs to other file types, two-way conversion is unavailable – although this may only be seen as minor inconvenience. Having more features available would only add value.

This program also allows for basic editing operations, including merging PDFs, extracting page ranges, rotating pages and choosing an individual DPI when converting images; which may prove particularly helpful when printing high-resolution photos.

PDFZilla is an ideal option for users who require quick conversion speeds and stable performance when it comes to converting multiple documents or books into a single format. Plus, its reasonable pricing makes this software the ideal option for busy users.

Though not the most powerful PDF converter available, this one does the trick for many users. With convenient conversion to Word documents or images and other formats supported. Some competitors may offer additional functionality and require payment to fulfill them fully.

Converts PDFs to a variety of formats

PDFZilla stands out by its ability to quickly convert files from various formats into an easily usable format, making them accessible and useful when working with multiple documents at once. Furthermore, PDFZilla gives users the power to edit existing PDFs by merging, cutting or rotating pages – something PDFZilla excels at doing!

This software is extremely user-friendly, enabling users to import PDF files by dragging and dropping or using one of the buttons on the top right side of the program. Furthermore, batch processing capabilities enable multiple files to be converted at once – the output directory can also be set upon import while selective page conversion can also be selected at import time.

PDFZilla allows users to quickly convert PDF documents to Word DOCs, Excel XLSs, TXT files, HTML web pages and Flash SWF movies. Furthermore, users have the flexibility and storage space-saving ability of turning PDF documents into image formats like JPEG, BMP GIF PNG or TIFF for maximum convenience and flexibility. Unfortunately however, PDFZilla cannot convert DOCX files.

Another feature that sets this software apart is its ability to enable users to select which page of a PDF file they would like converted, which can be especially helpful when dealing with multiple PDFs that need converting into Word documents or images. Furthermore, sound alerts can be added so as to notify the user once conversion has taken place.

My tests demonstrated that this software did a commendable job of converting PDFs to Word documents, with most conversions accurate; there were some instances in which some text got scrambled together due to complicated PDFs with multiple columns.

While the software excels in converting files, it may not be the most sophisticated tool available in its category. Other programs provide more features – for instance two-way conversion between PDF and other formats. However, I don’t expect this minor setback to deter professional users from purchasing this program.

Supports OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology enables computers to read text documents. This enables businesses to convert scanned files into searchable PDFs that can then be edited with word processors and other tools more quickly, as well as reduce document processing time by giving employees quicker access to information they require more quickly. Furthermore, OCR technology also ensures businesses maintain high levels of document security by guaranteeing its content is in a standard format.

The software offers several functions to assist users with managing and working with PDFs, such as converting to different formats, merging multiple PDF documents together, splitting one PDF into separate files, adding electronic signatures/stampers/stamped pages/documents as well as choosing which pages for OCR processing as well as whether or not to keep its original formatting.

Another unique capability of the software is its ability to extract text from images, which can be particularly helpful for people working with photos and non-text documents such as charts and graphs. Additionally, multiple languages can be supported which makes the software ideal for working with foreign-language documents.

PDFZilla offers many features that make it an excellent tool for businesses, yet there are certain drawbacks which should be taken into account when considering it as a solution. One such drawback is not supporting PDF -> DOCX conversions which could prove detrimental in certain instances; although this might not be a deal breaker for everyone it should still be taken into account when considering your options.

Also, some minor bugs must be resolved prior to using this program, such as it often placing paragraph returns at the end of text lines when converting PDFs to Microsoft Word, leading to errors and making the document less user-friendly.

FolderMill provides many solutions to these problems, such as automatically converting files into PDFs or other formats and automating this process, saving both time and resources for IT staff, while freeing employees up to focus on other tasks.


PDF documents are an increasingly popular format for storing and transmitting digital documents, providing secure yet reliable sharing. Unfortunately, PDF is non-editable – a problem which PDFZilla helps solve by letting you convert PDF documents to other formats – Word documents, text files, images, HTML pages and Shockwave Flash SWF files among them! Plus it offers many helpful features!

Contrary to some PDF conversion programs, this one also supports scanned images and documents, and its OCR technology can quickly extract text from these. This saves both time and effort by eliminating manual data entry requirements; additionally it supports multiple languages and recognizes multiple characters simultaneously.

This tool is one of the best in its category and should be considered when processing multiple PDFs quickly and accurately. Its primary advantage lies in quickly processing PDF documents with high-quality output; additionally, its user-friendly interface and high quality output make it simple to use. Plus, you can even tailor its settings according to your individual needs!

Downloading a trial version of software from its website is easy; run the setup file and follow on-screen instructions for installation. As soon as installation is complete, you can start using the program immediately; it will copy its files over and create desktop shortcuts before being ready to launch from either desktop icon or search menus.

At its relatively affordable price point, this program excels at processing large numbers of PDF documents. It does an exceptional job of maintaining their layout, fonts, images and tables from original documents – even those which span multiple pages! Furthermore, it supports scanning documents as well as non-PDF formats; although scripting/automation capabilities would make this tool even better; unfortunately there’s no API available so only users needing a few conversions per year should consider purchasing it.

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