PDFZilla Review

PDFZilla stands out in most modern workplaces with its retro aesthetic, recalling early Windows XP versions. After starting up it appears as a small window near the center of the screen and can take up less than 25% of available screen space on some monitors.

Convert PDFs into Word documents efficiently, but sometimes misjumbles text and doesn’t include graphics. Furthermore, two-way conversion between formats isn’t supported.

Easy to use

PDFZilla’s interface is intuitively simple to use; no unnecessary buttons or features clutter its layout. Simply browse for files or folders you’d like to add, drag and drop them onto PDFZilla or click its green “Add” button to upload them; alternatively you can click its small folder-shaped button with plus sign to upload multiple PDFs at once; when finished press its “Start Converting Now” button to begin the conversion process.

The program is extremely efficient at converting PDFs to Word documents, making it one of the fastest converters of its kind. Conversion will only take seconds instead of the usual minutes or more that most converters take to complete!

PDFZilla goes the extra mile by offering users the ability to edit text in Word files after converting PDFs, something not offered by many other conversion softwares. Most people convert PDFs to Word in order to edit them – so this software caters perfectly for this type of usage!

PDFZilla does have some drawbacks. For instance, users are forced to enter passwords for encrypted PDFs just prior to conversion; this can be very inconvenient when batch processing, since sitting at your computer until conversion has completed can take many hours. Likewise, its page selection feature is sometimes inconsistent and doesn’t always work as intended.

Overall, PDFZilla is an extremely fast and effective converter well worth your consideration. While not the cheapest solution available, PDFZilla stands out among competitors for being among the best available.

PDFZilla not only converts PDFs to Word documents, but it can also produce other formats including plain text documents, HTML files, images (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF), Flash SWF files and merge/split PDF files as well as extract specific pages from documents, rotate pages and set DPI for image outputs. It features an easy and intuitive user interface for batch PDF processing while offering configurable quality of converted outputs.

Converts to Word

PDFZilla is an indispensable tool if you need to convert PDF documents to Word files quickly and reliably, and with just a few clicks. Not only that but its multiple file format support makes this application ideal – creating DOC, RTFD, RTF, TXT files as well as BMP JPG GIF PNG TIFF HTML documents is possible as well as rotating or merging PDF files or cutting or deleting pages from documents! Compatible with Windows OS platforms it requires at least a Pentium processor minimum requirement.

PDFZilla is an effective tool for converting documents to Word, but it has some shortcomings. First off, PDFZilla does not support DOCX files so if you’re trying to convert to one you will require another converter. Second of all, PDFZilla doesn’t allow users to select specific page ranges which can become an inconvenience when working with large documents.

On the other hand, this program does an effective job converting text and images to Word documents. Additionally, it has several useful features that make it worthwhile, including its ability to select text and convert it to paragraph returns, saving time when prepping text for printing. Furthermore, page layouts and graphics were preserved; however complex multi-column PDF layouts caused text jumbling when using this software.

Save yourself both time and effort with this software by quickly and easily converting PDFs to images with an impressive output quality, supporting various image formats including JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF PCX TGA. Plus its drag-and-drop interface lets you easily move files between computer and program.

Another fantastic aspect of this software is its batch conversion feature, making it the ideal solution if you need to convert multiple files simultaneously. Plus, it lets you keep a copy of the original file for reference purposes – something very helpful indeed.

Converts to Image

The software boasts several powerful features that make it an effective PDF conversion program. It can easily convert PDF documents to image files in bulk, supporting popular image formats like JPG, PNG, BMP TIF GIF PCX as well as HTML TXT DOC SWF formats. Furthermore it is user friendly allowing anyone from novice users to seasoned professionals to use it effortlessly.

This program also makes it possible to convert Word documents to images quickly and efficiently, saving a great deal of time in the process. Furthermore, you can select your resolution of choice – ideal for web postings! You also have control over where and how the image will be saved; filename/folder selection as well as changing DPI (Dots Per Inch), an important setting when printing but less relevant when viewing on screen.

Though the program does a satisfactory job of converting PDFs into other formats, it isn’t perfect. When converting from PDF to HTML format, some text is displayed with question marks instead of punctuation marks; this issue affects most programs that perform this conversion service but shouldn’t be considered deal breakers by most users. On the plus side, TXT conversion does much better with only some elements failing to convert properly (but still does convert to some degree).

PDFZilla does have some other issues as well, however. One minor annoyance is its inability to add an entry to Windows Explorer right-click context menu for PDF conversion – something many would find handy. Furthermore, two-way conversion from other formats to PDF is an issue which many find frustrating; if these could be addressed then PDFZilla would make for a great PDF conversion program otherwise users should consider alternatives such as UniPDF which offers superior conversion and is free download option.

Converts to HTML

While not as comprehensive as other PDF management tools available, this program still provides essential functions and can save users the trouble of installing multiple applications. With its user-friendly interface and simple welcome screen, it makes this program simple to navigate; its batch conversion capability also supports a wide variety of formats; though as with most programs it should be noted that conversion from PDFs to other formats may result in formatting loss or difficulty editing documents.

PDFZilla allows users to convert PDF files into image formats such as TIFF for easy archiving and easy accessibility of important documents. Simply add the PDF you wish to convert and select “Convert to TIFF”. Finally, choose an output folder – although dragging-and-dropping directly onto PDFZilla only works if your PDF is located within its directory.

This tool can also convert PDF documents to text formats like DOC and RTF, making them easier for people who need to make edits to their files. Unfortunately, however, the quality of converted documents is often subpar – for instance text may be missing, with question marks used instead of actual letters appearing frequently and images possibly lost altogether making files extremely hard to read.

PDFZilla also allows users to convert PDFs to HTML files, making sharing documents with a wider audience much simpler by giving access to their documents using any browser – particularly beneficial when used with mobile devices as viewers can quickly and easily view documents while they’re on the move.

PDFZilla is an efficient solution for managing and converting PDF documents, offering many features essential for people managing large volumes of them on an ongoing basis at an attractive price point. Furthermore, PDFZilla works on any Windows-powered computer – an enormous plus if you use multiple PCs at once!

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