PeaZip Review


PeaZip is a freeware program that supports multiple archive formats, available for Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems.

This software features an easy-to-use graphical user interface and offers additional information about archives, such as their compression method and encryption status.

This program also offers options to split archives and test their integrity, as well as providing a basic online tutorial and FAQ section.


PeaZip is one of the most versatile and capable file compression and archiving utilities available, boasting simple usage with fast speed. Furthermore, this lightweight program comes complete with unique features not found elsewhere. It provides users with its own native archive format as well as many mainstream formats, and allows them to easily convert files between formats; this is particularly useful for images like changing JPEG to PNG. PeaZip comes equipped with several additional features, such as a password manager and system benchmarking function for system benchmarking purposes as well as the capability of creating self-extracting archives. Furthermore, PeaZip supports various encryption algorithms like AES256 for ZIP and 7-ZIP use and Blowfish Twofish Serpent256 bit ciphers used by FreeArc for its ARC format.

PeaZip boasts an attractive user interface that is fully integrated with Windows Explorer context menus, featuring an upper toolbar adorned with buttons enabling users to add, extract, test and perform other actions on files and folders. Furthermore, the main window looks similar to folder browsers found in both Windows Explorer and KDE/Gnome 4 file managers, providing easy browsing capabilities similar to both.

This software offers unparalleled customization, with options such as downloading pre-made GUI themes and changing its icon and color scheme. Furthermore, breadcrumb bars can be enabled/disabled as needed; font size/font style setup options; as well as configuring the opacity of interface elements can all be configured via user settings.

PeaZip can work both visually and from the command line, providing users with an extensive feature set such as advanced archive repair functionality, support for multiple compression/decompression modes, archive conversion, multi-volume splitting, verification of hash/checksum information on multiple files and performing byte-wise comparison. Furthermore, PeaZip can generate random passwords/keys, find duplicate files without saving to disk, generate random passwords/keys on-the-fly without saving images to disk and display image thumbnails without saving them to disk – when performing long operations it changes to notify users.

Compatibility with Windows

PeaZip is a full featured Windows software application and requires either a desktop PC, tablet home, or professional Microsoft Windows system with Win32/x86 API support (no Metro/RT/Modern/UWP/universal API support). Since its initial release, this program has been tested extensively across many versions of Windows; running well in all currently available editions of OS.

Peazip has been localized into over 30 languages and offers advanced archive management features like archive conversion, raw file split & join, extracting both old RAR and new RAR5 formats (*), multithreaded on the fly thumbnail generation without saving to disk, find duplicate files without saving disk space, compute hash & checksum values as part of file system benchmarking functions, powerful image viewer with zooming & cropping options as well as customization user interface theme support – it even integrates seamlessly into context menus and Windows Explorer for seamless use! Additionally, scripts can also be exported so as to automate compression /archiving/backup processes that automate compression/archiving/backup tasks with ease!

Archiving engine is optimized for speed and can utilize various custom data compression algorithms with either default settings or user specified parameters. Settings from previous archiving files are remembered, making creating similar archives faster. Furthermore, this tool can be configured to ignore temporary work files in order to avoid redundant recompressions/decompressions when working with large files.

Another feature is the option to switch from the graphical user interface (GUI) to command line implementation, particularly useful when working in environments that block GUIs such as antivirus programs or to allow use on portable devices.

Peazip includes an intuitive hex editor to view, edit and manipulate binary files. A portable package allows users to bring the complete free zip rar utility on a USB stick or network share; its straightforward user-interface enables quick archive/unarchive operations as it integrates well into Windows Explorer context menus and shell extensions.


PeaZip is a free archive management tool with extra functionality not found in basic compression programs, including keeping track of unique archive keys and automatically renaming extracted files to avoid overwriting existing ones with duplicates, providing more privacy to sensitive information stored therein. In addition, this program can calculate checksums and hashes of files; compare files one-by-one or by byte; split large archives into smaller parts; run image compression optimization optimization processes, among many other things.

Peazp is a free and open source file archiver designed for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and BSD systems that is capable of creating many different archive formats and is portable software or an MSI installer. Built on 7-Zip’s solid technology it handles mainstream archive formats while other Open Source tools (FreeARC PAQ UPX etc.) add additional file formats and features as needed.

This program’s interface resembles that of Explorer folder structure, making it simple and straightforward to navigate and locate files to compress. Furthermore, this software automatically renames extracted files so as to avoid overwriting existing ones, add a timestamp to archive names, and generate self-extracting archives. Users can bookmark archives and folders, use powerful search filters for quickly finding files quickly, apply strong encryption technology (which secures files more effectively than deletion), split archives into smaller parts for easier management, as well as safely delete data using zeros (an efficient alternative method than deletion).

PeaZip allows users to set passwords for archives, which is invaluable in protecting files against unintended access. Furthermore, the program generates a key file which makes it almost impossible for third-party recovery via dictionary attacks. Moreover, PeaZip scans your system for outdated and unused applications and can rename or move them accordingly, monitor CPU usage levels to avoid unnecessary paging, as well as manage CPU memory consumption in order to save computing resources. Lastly, users can customize its appearance by hiding menu, tool, address and navigation bars in order to create more minimalistic results.


PeaZip can compress and extract over 180 archive formats, offering full file management features for renaming files and folders as well as merging or splitting files to search for duplicates or secure your data with password protection. Available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms alike with an easy installation process that won’t change default settings; unlike other compression and extraction applications PeaZip stands out by being lightweight yet user-friendly.

PeaZip can be downloaded directly from its website in two forms – Debian.deb and gdebi binary package installer. Ubuntu-based Linux distributions may prefer the former option; once download is complete, double-clicking to launch application & confirm installation (instructions below).

PeaZip can be found in your Applications menu or launched directly by typing peazip directly from a terminal, while its icon on your desktop allows easy access. PeaZip is a free, open source program compatible with most operating systems and boasts drag-and-drop support to easily import files into its program, while detecting existing archives dragged directly onto it for extraction.

PeaZip allows users to securely archive files with password protection and use filters for organization. Furthermore, this program creates an activity log for each task to help automate them as well as identify errors and warnings quickly and accurately. Plus it comes in several languages and comes equipped with an extensive help manual!

The program is portable and cross-platform, running on Windows, BSD/Linux (x86 and x64 desktop neutral applications, Gnome/KDE support) as well as Mac OS X via Wine. It supports most popular archive formats including zlib/lzma/7z; is locally localized in over 30 languages, offering advanced file management features including strong passwords/two factor authentication/encrypted file managers/secure file deletion; executable files are compiled using pure Pascal compiler without ASM components present in some units for optimal performance reasons.

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