PhoneClean Review

Over time, smartphones accumulate files that occupy unnecessary storage space – this includes crash reports, operating data and any leftover apps from improper uninstallation attempts.

PhoneClean is an effective tool that will remove those unnecessary files and help reclaim storage space on your phone. Plus, there are also iOS tuning and maintenance tools to keep it running optimally.


PhoneClean is a smart tool designed to take control of all of the files that accumulate over time on an iPhone or iPad, including crash reports, unneeded apps, large junk files and personal data that hasn’t been used recently such as photos, videos, notes and contact details that you no longer require – helping ensure your information stays protected when passing your device onto its new owner.

The program includes an automatic backup feature which creates full backups of your data before every cleaning operation, enabling you to easily recover any deleted files that you might need again in the future. We suggest keeping these backups stored securely on your computer.

Not only will this software remove cache, residual and ad junk files that slow down your mobile device, it will also optimize RAM and storage usage by detecting duplicate files, reducing cache sizes and log file sizes and deleting duplicate copies – improving speed and performance significantly.

Another key feature of this cleaner is its ability to scan for and eliminate malware and viruses, which are easily downloaded through unprotected websites. Once found, malicious files will be eliminated automatically so as to not hinder normal device operation. Scannng takes place automatically without interfering with normal usage.

This program can even detect rooted phones and tablets and remove any root-kits installed on them, as they can be used to gain access to sensitive information like passwords and banking data. Furthermore, this tool offers memory boost, app manager features as well as battery optimization services.

PhoneClean provides a 30-day free trial version. At the conclusion of your free trial period, a subscription to use PhoneClean must be purchased to continue its use; its price per month of service is $2.89; other features worth exploring in PhoneClean include an eraser which allows users to delete messages, contacts, call history and browsing history securely using military-grade shredding algorithms to make recovery nearly impossible with file recovery programs.


PhoneClean provides a free trial version of their software that gives access to all its features for several days, as well as offering paid subscription services for those who want to continue using it after this initial period. In addition, their website contains extensive guides and community forums designed to assist users with any problems that they might be having; additionally it’s possible to reach their support team through email; they respond quickly with helpful answers to any of your inquiries!


Phone Cleaner is an extremely useful app designed to free up space on an iPhone or iPad. This handy cleaning tool scans for and deletes temporary files, junk files and remnants of uninstalled applications which eat up memory and reduce app performance – saving storage and freeing up room for music, pictures, videos or new apps downloads! Plus it protects privacy by clearing sensitive information such as passwords and account numbers!

Another amazing feature of this app is its ability to detect duplicate photos and similar-looking files, sort them by file size so the larger files appear first, and allow you to get rid of those large-sized photos that take up precious storage space. Furthermore, this tool can remove duplicate contacts, clean up notes that you haven’t used recently, clear out old calendar events, and even erase corrupt iTunes sync media files – but all this requires an ongoing subscription of $3.99 weekly or more.

PhoneClean can do much more than simply clean up unnecessary files on your iPhone or iPad; it can also keep it running smoothly by detecting and correcting issues causing slowness or overheating with battery monitoring capabilities that detect an overheating battery – potentially saving further damage to your device and battery. Plus, PhoneClean scans your device for malicious software which might compromise its security and provides solutions to fix it quickly.

As part of your efforts to maintain optimal health and safety on mobile devices, regular internal and external cleaning should be top priority. This is particularly vital with smartphones as the novel coronavirus may live for hours or even days on surfaces before becoming infectious.

One easy way of disinfecting is using disinfecting wipes, though be sure to read all instructions prior to use. Too much liquid could damage your screen or leave behind an adhesive residue which is difficult to get rid of; so, for optimal results use a damp cloth and gently wipe down your phone with it.


Mobile phones are one of the dirtiest items we come in contact with every day, according to research. They may contain up to 10x more bacteria than a toilet seat and, for people who are particularly antibacterial, it is wise to keep it as clean as possible. If this sounds familiar to you, take steps now to keep your mobile clean!

Studies have demonstrated that the CleanPhone (Glissner) device can significantly decrease microbial loads on public mobile phones in as little as 10 seconds, including highly pathogenic E. coli strains like ST131 and MRSA that often lead to nosocomial infections.

Additionally, this device was found to be effective at reducing microbial loads of the pathogenic fungus Candida albicans, an organism recently classified by WHO as a critical priority threat to public health. With widespread access by vulnerable and immunocompromised people such as healthcare facilities, use of CleanPhone (Glissner) could help minimize potential spread of C. albicans or related species on public mobile phones in such locations.

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