PhoneClean Review

Clean accumulated iOS junk files by erasing app caches, logs, download histories, and more. Furthermore, all associated data and files will be erased to prevent their unauthorized recovery by hackers or fraudsters.

Reduce storage usage by clearing away junk files and optimizing space utilization. Also organizes media libraries and helps remove duplicate photos. Plus an added mode for web cleaning and backups!

It is family-friendly

PhoneClean is a free, family-friendly application designed to sanitize iPhones and iPads. By clearing away temporary files and caches from devices so they can reclaim storage space, as well as speeding up performance when you use them, PhoneClean helps sanitize iPhones and iPads efficiently and makes use simpler – perfect for jailbroken iOS devices where data may have been deleted improperly from apps no longer installed or erased by mistake – plus its unique ‘iOS Tune-up’ feature helps speed reaction times while making more apps run more smoothly!

This program uses military-grade shredding algorithms to ensure deleted data cannot be recovered by recovery experts, giving you peace of mind that sensitive information will remain private from prying eyes. Furthermore, before selling or giving away your iPhone to someone else for sale or handover it wipes everything before doing so protecting family privacy and preventing access to personal data that should stay under lock and key – perfect for those not willing to risk giving away valuable devices!

It is easy to use

PhoneClean software scans your device for junk files and provides you with a list of items to delete, as well as applications consuming too much storage and slowing down performance. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities (cleaning junk files as well as uninstalling apps and recovering photos and videos), PhoneClean makes cleaning up simple!

This program makes it simple and straightforward to clean your iPhone and reclaim space, featuring features like scanning and cleaning junk files, compressing media, deleting duplicate images, merging contacts, backing up data, searching functions and an extra mode for web cleaning. Furthermore, Hidden File Detector and Erasure protect privacy with a feature to identify hidden data and protect privacy with an erase feature.

Lightweight programs don’t impede computer performance when running them; MultiDevice Manager allows multiple devices to use the program simultaneously – ideal for families! You can even monitor all family devices to ensure peak performance is being reached.

PhoneClean can help you reclaim storage space on your device by detecting large files and rarely used applications that take up space on it, then deletes them – freeing up more space and improving performance of both phone or tablet.

After downloading PhoneClean from the App Store, simply follow its on-screen instructions to begin cleaning your iPhone or iPad. Be patient while it does its work – when finished you’ll enjoy lots of extra storage space on your device!

Once you own a copy, install it onto as many devices as you’d like for improved speed and performance – as well as keeping children’s devices secure and protected.

It is free

PhoneClean is a program that removes junk files from iPhones, iPads and iPods to make more space available for music, photos and videos. Users can use PhoneClean to delete temporary files and clean up app remnants as well as erase sensitive information like passwords and account numbers from their devices – helping keep everything running smooth and fast!

This software uses an efficient algorithm to search and identify junk files on your iOS device and then list those you can delete to free up space. It’s simple and family-friendly; making your iOS device run faster while also supporting other mobile devices; it even has features for cleaning duplicate contacts, merging duplicate notes and making backups if required!

First and only of its kind, Space Reclaimer can reclaim gigabytes of space by eliminating temporary files, junk logs and obsolete logs that take up unnecessary storage space on devices. Furthermore, it deletes call and FaceTime histories, erase online traces like download history caches etc and provides an effective privacy mode which erases personal information securely so as to safeguard against identity theft.

Another feature is its ability to clear away iTunes sync media, uninstall large applications and repair corrupted files. Furthermore, the program can remove unused photos and videos from camera rolls as well as compress photos in lossless formats for greater storage space savings.

This software features an intuitive user experience and exceptional customer support system, including guides and forums as well as a FAQ page. Furthermore, its lightweight application doesn’t lag when cleaning an iPhone; moreover it supports multiple devices and comes with a family-friendly subscription model starting at USD 6.99 per month (including three day trial period) where cancellation can be done at any time as well as providing money-back guarantees should any issues arise with regards to product satisfaction; an extended subscription model of one year starts from just USD 12.99 is also available.

It is powerful

iPhone users understand the risks of cluttering up their device with junk files and operating system errors that eat up precious storage and hinder performance, so regularly using PhoneClean can be invaluable to keeping it clean. PhoneClean makes this task easy by clearing away junk files quickly while making backups to ensure all important information remains safe in case of emergencies.

Contrary to other iPhone cleaner programs, this one runs solely on your computer without requiring installation or setup on your device. Its straightforward user interface enables quick selection and deletion with just a few clicks; duplicate photos or music files that take up memory storage space can even be deleted as well as call histories, browsing histories and email caches that may expose sensitive information about yourself to unintended users.

Apple File Cleaner can scan and delete unnecessary files, including those hidden by Apple, to free up storage space. Using Quick Clean mode, gigabytes can be recovered by clearing out user logs, outdated temp files and other junk. In addition, this app offers Wipe All Content and Restore Factory Default Settings features which are especially handy when upgrading or resetting older devices.

Other features include an iCloud clean function that can remove backups to free up space, as well as a toolbox that detects duplicate contacts and merge them together into one contact. In addition, it can clear iMessage/SMS messages along with their attachments easily, clear away useless notes/reminders with ease, as well as completely remove voice mail services along with associated files to save storage.

iMobie PhoneClean is available as a free-to-try application for Windows. Requiring at least Windows 7, this application can be downloaded directly from its official website and offers impressive features that make it worth trying.

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