Photodex Proshow Producer Review

Proshow Producer

Photodex’s Proshow Producer is an impressive slideshow-making program with professional templates included, and allows users to add photos and music easily for creating slideshows.

It provides numerous features to improve both speed and quality of videos. For example, its import/output speeds can be up to three times faster.

Easy to use

Proshow Producer is one of the most powerful and comprehensive tools for creating slideshows available. It allows you to automatically generate video with pictures and music, edit existing videos and add special effects for personalized productions. Furthermore, Proshow supports various formats including HD and DVD quality quality versions.

This software features an easy and intuitive user interface with helpful tutorials and an easily searchable help system. Three preset workspaces provide users with options for selecting their ideal workflow: Build Workspace allows users to import all required resources; Design Workspace provides more space to preview final product; while Publish Workspace lets you set output options before producing video outputs.

Proshow Producer offers a robust library of transitions and effects, along with comprehensive file support, to enhance any project. Furthermore, Proshow Producer comes equipped with multiple soundtrack options allowing for customizing songs by cropping songs, crossfading tracks or adding custom comments – providing access from anywhere around the world! Both online and offline versions of Proshow Producer allow you to work from different locations simultaneously.

Key features of the software include its ability to import photos and videos from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other similar services; hundreds of pre-loaded themes and effects; as well as royalty-free music. Furthermore, it can be used to record voiceovers or captions with slides as well as sync audio to slides.

HTML5 video output format makes sharing slideshows across web browsers and mobile devices simple, eliminating the need for plug-ins. In addition, users have the ability to save their shows as digital videos or DVDs or burn them onto Blu-ray discs – with custom menu navigation features as well as subtitle and language options included as authoring features for both formats.

Proshow differs from other slide-show creators by being more sophisticated, with a more complex interface; yet it remains relatively user-friendly for both professional and casual users.


Proshow Producer is an amazing software that enables users to produce stunning video slideshows. The user-friendly interface lets you personalize it according to your preference; plus you can make music yourself or use one from their library of songs available within it – making Proshow Producer an indispensable tool for both professional and casual users alike!

Features more than 1000 effects, captions and motion effects. Its Follow Filter makes it simple to have multiple photos, videos and captions move together with just one click; Layer Filters provide instantaneous effects to photos and videos; Color Palettes provide curated colors you can use to colorize them further; plus its Color Tool offers endless customization opportunities!

Another feature is the ability to animate text and captions. You can add custom fonts and styles, background effects, opacity and rotation; font size, color and positioning changes as well as adding watermarks or logos; add Ken Burns effects such as zooming text into screen etc.

Photodex recently updated Proshow with several new features designed to increase both its quality and usability, such as advanced audio tools for greater control over how music and video clips blend with each other, color tools with palettes to save your favorite hues, open type font (OTF) support for text captions and OTF font support as well as caption motion effects, symbol browser support and specialty fonts.

Proshow offers many features to assist with creating stunning and stylish slideshows, from choosing from pre-designed templates or using its wizard to designing custom presentations. It even provides advanced editing features such as keyframe adjustments and masking!

Supports multiple media formats

The program allows you to quickly transform photos and videos into high-quality slideshows with music, captions, effects, transitions and unique animations – you can even export as a video file, burn it onto DVD or share it online through websites/social media platforms! Plus it features many built-in layout templates for customization as well as fun animations!

Proshow Producer makes creating high-quality slideshows easy. The program supports all major file formats and offers an intuitive user interface; plus you can adjust audio/video settings of your show as well as access various filters and effects.

Proshow offers another fantastic feature – editing multiple layers at the same time – making it easier to create complex photo and video overlays with multiple animation effects. A mask feature makes overlays even more visually appealing; additionally, there’s also a new vignette effect and Hollywood-style green screen effects available within this software package.

Apart from editing multiple layers, this software also enables you to easily create video titles and subtitles. Furthermore, it enables you to easily add captions, voiceovers and even create your own soundtrack from scratch – as well as adding 3D effects into slideshows.

Another advantage of this software is its capacity to support multiple output formats, including HD video for DVD burning and AVCHD for Blu-ray disc playback. Furthermore, AVCHD publishing option enables users to compile multiple shows into an AVCHD disk for playback as well as creating menus on both DVD and Blu-ray disc.

Even though Proshow Producer’s free version can be beneficial to beginners, it does have some restrictions and limitations that could hamper your workflow. At times it may freeze or stall which can delay work; to avoid these hassles you could upgrade to Proshow Producer Full.

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