Photomatix Pro Review

Photomatix Pro

Photomatix Pro is software that creates High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos by merging together images captured at different exposures, and provides presets to assist users in producing various styles.

Deghosting feature to remove ghosting of moving subjects in the merged image. Black and white mode and brush tool for creative editing.


Photomatix Pro is an exceptional software solution that performs tone mapping, image alignment, ghost removal and noise reduction for professional photographers, enthusiasts, architects, students and students. Available on both Windows and Mac computers – as well as compatible with Adobe Lightroom to fit easily into existing workflows – Photomatix Pro makes image processing simpler than ever!

Photomatix Pro allows users to easily create HDR images that show both highlight and shadow details. With six distinct tone-mapping and exposure fusion modes and several rendering algorithms, users can achieve everything from natural scenes to surreal or grunge styles with this program. Furthermore, Photomatix offers basic color correction tools and rendering algorithms; its user interface is straightforward, offering detailed help menu descriptions of every tool as well as an “undo brush error” feature to quickly undo any mistakes.

Photomatix Pro’s latest release includes several enhancements. Most notable among them is a revamped user interface with editing tools organized in a sidebar on the left and presets on the right; also featuring a lasso tool to target specific areas for adjustment; responsiveness enhancements on image adjustment sliders; as well as dark/light color themes to meet every photographer’s preferences.

If you’re curious to try out this software, the manufacturer offers a free trial from their website. The trial is fully functional and won’t expire, though it does add a watermark to processed images. Once you decide if it suits your needs, purchasing a single user license costs $99 USD; upgrade options from older versions are also available.

Luminar AI is another AI-powered editing product with simplified user-interface and more advanced AI-powered editing features, like image blending, tone mapping, noise reduction, and lag-free image transferring between devices. At $79., this affordable solution comes with both 30-day money back guarantees and round-the-clock customer support available on all major operating systems including Windows and macOS platforms – so no excuse for missed editing opportunities with Luminar AI!


Photomatix Pro is one of the oldest and most-utilized HDR programs. With features like RAW support, ghost removal, batch processing and presets it offers photographers of any skill level plenty of useful options for producing HDR photos with tone-mapped results.

Photomatix is available on both Mac and Windows computers and can be used both independently or as an Adobe Lightroom plugin. New users pay $99 while existing owners of earlier versions may upgrade at a discounted rate. A 30-day free trial version can also be found online through HDRSoft website.

Purchase programs directly from their official developer site or authorized distributor to avoid buying pirated software. That way, you’ll know your license key is genuine and valid – as well as future updates to it! Avoid purchasing software through dishonest intermediate sellers on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist as these may lead to serious problems and possibly lead to loss of access altogether!

Aurora HDR is an effective alternative to Photomatix that offers comparable functionality and performance, but with much faster processing speed. However, Aurora HDR may be slightly more costly.

Both programs provide photographers with high-quality HDR solutions. If you are a professional photographer, invest in premium software to produce top-quality images; for amateur photographers looking for free options like Adobe Photoshop Elements which offers useful organizational and creative digital photo processing features as well as effects and parameters for creative digital photo processing, which may also come in handy for producing amazing HDR photos.


Photomatix Pro requires your computer to meet certain minimum specifications in order to operate smoothly. The program requires 4 GB of RAM; multi-core processors can help expedite processing times; additionally, your graphics card must support OpenGL 3.2; you may download a free trial version that adds watermarks to images.

Your computer should also possess a fast hard disk drive; Photomatix uses up a lot of memory and could cause other programs running simultaneously to slow down significantly, therefore closing any apps which require large amounts of memory before starting Photomatix may help ensure an optimal experience.

Photomatix is an incredible tool for improving photographs and preserving high-dynamic range scenes, offering natural-looking results, surreal and dreamy imagery and realistic landscapes. Additionally, Photomatix contains tools to reduce noise and chromatic aberrations as well as adjust details, contrast and tone settings.

Software designed for productivity offers automatic blending, unlimited stacking and easy comparing results – saving time and money when shooting high contrast scenes. It also means less carrying equipment around.

Easy to use with an intuitive user interface and thorough documentation, the Luminar Camera also includes both automatic working modes for beginners as well as more manual ones that give more control of every detail for more experienced photographers. Furthermore, plugin functionality for Lightroom users makes Luminar an indispensable companion tool.

Photomatix can process RAW files from most cameras, though certain special file formats and shooting modes aren’t supported. JPEGs from many cameras are also supported; additionally, this program features an extensive batch processing option so multiple images can be processed simultaneously – an essential feature for photographers working in series or needing to prepare several before printing.

Software available in 32- and 64-bit versions for both Windows and macOS; supporting resolutions ranging from 16 to 2160 pixels. If your computer features a dedicated graphics card, enabling multithreaded processing for faster performance may help increase speed of workstation use; also supporting multiple monitors and its left-hand panel automatically updating with changes; plus the option of creating presets which help make frequent adjustments easier to apply again later.


Photomatix is an HDR photo editing software, offering photographers advanced tools to get the most out of their images. By combining multiple photos with differing exposures into one, Photomatix creates stunning photographs using its techniques. By merging multiple exposures of single photos together to get greater detail in highlights and shadows than could otherwise be achieved using single exposure images alone. Easy to use with numerous preset options available – Photomatix is ideal for anyone using HDR photography professionally and looking to bring out its potential in their images.

Photomatix begins by providing you with a short tutorial that details how to begin using it, after which you are free to select photos and start merging them together into an HDR image.

Process Your Images For Best Results By processing images, you can adjust different settings such as brightness, contrast and temperature to get optimal results. Special effects and ghost removal techniques can also be employed during processing; ultimately creating one composite image containing all the original information contained within its scene.

Photomatix makes the process even simpler by giving you the choice between an HDR image and tone-mapped images – one being less pixelated and more natural in appearance than its HDR counterpart. Photomatix Pro offers even more customization options to achieve exactly the look you desire for your photos.

Photomatix offers an intuitive user interface and offers an outstanding help system, featuring a help button in the bottom-left corner of the window and tips displayed when activating tools or sliding sliders. In addition, there is a comprehensive set of manuals and tutorials online to teach how to use Photomatix effectively.

Photomatix is an excellent HDR software solution, ideal for professional work as well as personal use. While more expensive than some programs, Photomatix boasts some unique features. In addition, its vendor provides an option that integrates seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom as part of their workflow – which may make this piece of software even more suitable.

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