PhotoScape Review


PhotoScape is an effective image editor with easy navigation that is designed for ease of use, including tools to edit photos and features that create GIFs, add text or frames to images and more.

Users can crop, resize and rotate images; adjust hue/saturation levels and white balance; apply various filters for special effects; remove blemishes and add brand watermarks – all within minutes!


PhotoScape is an extremely flexible program, featuring all the functions necessary for professional-looking photographs. In addition to traditional editing tools like cropping, leveling, increasing or decreasing detail and adjusting contrast and brightness settings, such as cropping, leveling, increasing or decreasing detail and adjusting contrast and brightness; Rotate/flip photos; add frames/filters (and apply these changes simultaneously across multiple images); you can even use this software to make collages from multiple options or merge two pictures together into one – even make animated GIFs!

Image Converter Pro offers an extremely comprehensive image conversion capability, supporting many file formats and handling multiple photos simultaneously, making it the ideal tool for anyone needing to convert multiple photos quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, this program comes equipped with an option that compares original and edited versions of a photo to show what has changed between versions.

Editor features also include an auto-resize feature for photos to specific sizes – great when printing passport photos or calendar photos! Plus you can even adjust quality so your images remain smaller while maintaining excellent quality.

Cutting out can help remove irrelevant lines or backgrounds that detract from a photo, creating more polished and professional looking shots. Plus, the program features many filters like blur, fake tilt, noise reduction, vignette crystallization and distortion filters to make editing photos even easier!

There is also a powerful text tool, with options such as size adjustment, italicization, embossing and transparency controls for adding text to photos. There is also an array of fonts available and even support for creating your own fonts.

PhotoScape also features a useful face finder tool, which automatically matches images with similar faces from its online database. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who frequently take group shots or are searching for the ideal photograph of themselves.


PhotoScape X is a comprehensive software program that offers users multiple functions to edit photographs. It includes various tools and effects – such as resizing and batch processing – as well as templates and themes from which users can choose. In addition, PhotoScape supports different image formats while users can add text and shapes directly onto images with text-to-image support, plus there is even an inbuilt screen capture function available both Windows and Mac systems.

This app offers a selection of templates to create photo collages, such as circles, hearts and rectangles. You can select size and background color options for individual frames as well as space between each frame for perfect spacing and padding between them. Unfortunately however, its only drawback is not saving work for later editing purposes.

There are also options to turn your collage into a video and add transition effects between frames, as well as use clipping masks to cover certain portions of a photo and add backgrounds – this way creating images with more artistic appeal and unity.

When creating a photo collage, it’s essential to think carefully about its overall theme. This will ensure the colors in each of your pictures remain uniform throughout. If your company utilizes a certain color palette, choose images which incorporate those hues for an easy recognition experience.

Online photo collage tools offer another convenient option for creating photo collages. There are numerous websites offering pre-loaded templates and layouts to make photo collages, along with user-friendly interfaces that allow you to drag-and-drop your photos seamlessly – many can even be used on mobile devices!

Manual and automatic photo collages exist as distinct options. Manual versions require you to manually select photos and place them within a frame, while their automatic counterpart, called Combine, allows much simpler use – just select which photos to display, adjust margins/spacing of images as needed, add stickers/text/doodles.

Animated GIF

GIFs are an engaging way to display photos and short video clips in an artistic manner. There are various free tools and websites that can create GIFs from video files; however, the ideal GIF maker would be a comprehensive video editor that has all of the tools you need for animating GIFs – Filmora being one such program with easy user navigation, compatibility across operating systems and handy utilities such as photo splitter/merger/color picker/image viewer functionality – Filmora makes this task possible!

To create an animated GIF, begin by uploading videos you would like to use in the program and opening the Animated GIF tab or option on the top left corner of the home menu. An Animated GIF window will open, where you can choose an opening frame and end frame as well as adjust duration between individual frames.

Once your animation is complete, save it by clicking ‘Save.’ Next select a location and name for the GIF you just created; additionally you can decide whether or not the loop should repeat once or continuously – when ready, click “OK”!

Photoscape, the free photo-editing software, provides another alternative for creating GIFs from photos: this program offers several features to make creating animated GIFs straightforward. From organizing images and adding text/stickers/effects quickly and efficiently; to being compatible with various file formats like JPG and PNG it has you covered!

An easy way to create an animated GIF is taking screenshots from a video. Simply play and pause at the point where you wish to make your GIF, then press E to view each frame frame by frame using Photoscape’s screenshot button; take one screenshot per frame using this method; name each screenshot individually before combining them all in the Animated GIF Window to form your animation GIF.


PhotoScape offers various printing options that enable you to take full control over how your images will appear on paper. You can set intervals (measured in millimeters) between pictures that should appear on a page, and how many rows and columns should appear per page; additionally, an outline (typically used with portrait photographs) can also be printed around each picture’s edges if desired.

The Image Tool lets you crop and resize photos as well as rotate or flip images horizontally or vertically, adding frames, borders, filters, effects or GIF maker to make an animated GIF file from a series of pictures.

PhotoScape offers more than just basic tools; its Print Module makes it possible to quickly and easily create and print contact sheets or thumbnails from your photos. Select from over 100 grid layout options when designing contact sheets; add text, frames or filter effects if you choose; plus choose among 100 options of grid layout for contact sheets!

Once your layout is perfect, use the Print module to print your photos either on regular printer paper or high-quality photo-paper. When printing photos onto photo-paper you have options such as glossy or matte photos as well as printing an outline around each photo with space between each print job.

Printing can be made even simpler when using this handy feature of splitting large photos into several smaller photos for printing on one sheet of paper. This feature can come in handy when creating contact sheets for marketing or professional work, however high resolution photos should be used for optimal results when using this option.

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