PhotoScape Review

PhotoScape is a free image editing program with various tools for image enhancement, from resizing photos and adjusting brightness/color settings, to adding text/filters/clipart.

Users can print edited photos from within this user friendly software application, making editing images even simpler for beginners.


PhotoScape is an image editing program with many features designed to unleash users’ creative expression. The intuitive user interface makes PhotoScape simple for all levels of users and provides access to many tools for enhancing photos – including cropping, resizing and converting tools; support for various file formats (RAW); animated GIF creation; adding brand watermarks or stickers or shapes – as well as capture screenshots and store frequently used filters in a “Favorites” section.

The program features an image editing batch feature that’s ideal for businesses that need images quickly. This tool saves both time and money as it eliminates the need to manually resize and apply filters across multiple files at the same time; additionally, users can select certain folders to automatically process images in batches.

PhotoScape stands out from competing programs by not requiring any prior knowledge of photography or graphic design to get started, making it ideal for people new to complex photo editing tools like Photoshop. PhotoScape boasts a powerful crop utility which can crop images to specific dimensions while simultaneously reframing them and includes presets with circular and perspectival crops for user convenience.

Other features include a basic retouching tool that enables users to edit photos by adjusting brightness and contrast, manipulating Luminance and Color curves and color temperature sliders as well as manipulating brightness/contrast/lumiance curves in order to customize colors of their photos – particularly helpful when indoors photography has yellowish or blue tints due to dimmed lighting conditions.

PhotoScape provides some wonderful black and white effects, such as Sepia, Bandicoot and Greyscale. In addition, other effects available to users are Crystallization, Stylize and Displacement effects as well as its well-developed text tool that allows users to change font size, color and thickness while picking up fonts installed on computers which makes branding simple and effective.


PhotoScape, developed by MOOII Tech and popular among digital editing enthusiasts due to its user-friendly interface and stunning results, has quickly gained widespread acclaim among digital editing enthusiasts due to its intuitive design. Offering various tools that quickly correct images and enhance their quality – including tools that remove blemishes, add stickers/text/GIF creation and capture screenshots – PhotoScape is one of the premier photo editing software packages on the market, garnering the loyalty of both novices and experts alike!

Additionally, this solution enables organizations to add brand watermarks and batch change image file names. Furthermore, they can manage white balance/gradient temperatures, edit RAW images and apply various effects such as bloom, sepia or black & white effects – plus create animated GIFs and remove visible blemishes from photos!


PhotoScape is a free-to-use program offering several tools to edit and enhance photographs. The interface of PhotoScape is user-friendly and has comprehensive functionality that allows for an array of editing tasks to be accomplished easily, including filters and effects to add a distinct touch to photographs. Furthermore, PhotoScape supports raw image files for greater control over their photographs.

Photoscape can help you quickly edit all of your photographs, with features including viewer, editor, batch editing and collage creation. Furthermore, this software boasts effects, frames and filters for customizing images to make them even more striking – you can even use this program to create animated GIFs and take screen shots!

The viewer feature allows you to view images at larger sizes and in different orientations, as well as rename files and view EXIF data. It can even organize and view photos as slideshows! With its Editor tool you can change their appearance by adjusting brightness, color or cropping while its Batch Editor can apply almost all functions available within it simultaneously on multiple images.

With the Batch Editor, you can add watermarks to your photos and change filenames of multiple files at once to protect your copyright. Furthermore, this tool also makes it possible to convert multiple images from one format into a single format folder.

PhotoScape features several other helpful tools, including Screen Capture which enables you to take snapshots from any part of your screen and edit it using its Editor, red-eye removal feature and collage creation, perfect for scrapbooking.

Software suitable for amateur photographers as well as professionals, the program is easy to set up and requires no advanced technical knowledge to use. Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, once installed it can be easily accessed either through its Start menu icon on desktop computer, or directly by simply accessing program icon from Start menu.


PhotoScape is an image and photo editor compatible with both PCs and mobile devices, providing users with tools to create slideshows, take screenshots and make GIF animations. In addition, PhotoScape converts RAW images for easy use by both professionals and hobbyists alike; its user-friendly user interface ensures ease-of-use for everyone.

One of the primary features is:

Objects and frames: They’re an excellent way to give your photos an extra special touch, with multiple styles available that you can mix-and-match to suit the image in which you’re placing it. Plus, text and filter capabilities let you add even more personalization as well as adjust brightness/contrast settings until your perfect look emerges!

Filters: PhotoScape offers an impressive variety of filter effects, such as fake tilt, noise, vignette, crystallization, jitter distortion cellophane reflection. Furthermore, its blur tool can create a smooth bokeh effect. Furthermore, multiple filters may be applied simultaneously on one image.

Tools: PhotoScape provides an array of powerful photo editing tools, such as auto level, crop, sharpen, film effect and much more. You can even rotate or flip an image and alter its resolution; making this program ideal for people seeking professional-looking photographs without incurring the expense of purchasing an expensive program.

This program can also help you create photo collages. Choose from different templates – frames, objects and text – to choose your perfect look. Furthermore, its batch editing features allow for simultaneous changes on multiple files at the same time; select and export one or more photos with your edits for quick processing and sharing!

Once PhotoScape is finished, duplicate images can be quickly and effectively eliminated using free duplicate removal software like PictureEcho. PictureEcho quickly identifies similar photographs and deletes them from your computer as well as empty folders that hold duplicate photos – simply launch PictureEcho and select the folder with duplicates from its left pane.

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