PhotoScape Review

PhotoScape is an image editing program with numerous features. Users can create animated GIFs, add text and shapes to images, and even make collages using this powerful program. In addition, there are various other useful tools such as screen capture and batch editor available as part of PhotoScape’s arsenal of tools.

Photoscape offers an advanced Bokeh effect, giving photographs an ethereal quality. Additionally, RAW files from any camera can also be edited using this program.


PhotoScape X provides a suite of tools for editing photos that will bring them to life, from cropping to brightness/contrast/color adjustments, as well as batch editor features to allow you to quickly make multiple changes at the same time.

PhotoScape X offers an assortment of filters and effects that can transform your photos into something truly remarkable. These can help create distinct moods or styles, or just give an image an extra dose of personality. Some popular filters include fake tilt, noise reduction and vignette; you can even change to black-and-white or sepia images as desired! In addition, PhotoScape also allows users to add borders or frames around images.

With the Watermark tool, you can add image watermarks to your pictures. Adjustment options allow for complete transparency or opaqueness based on how transparent or opaque you prefer your watermark to be. Furthermore, there’s even an opacity slider available so you can fine-tune its appearance. In addition, text watermarking capabilities are also provided within this program for text-based watermarks.

This program also boasts several useful features, such as a splitter that lets you divide an image into multiple parts, screen capture tool and paper print function. Furthermore, RAW files can be converted to print lined paper, graph paper music sheets calendars. Furthermore, stitch together multiple images into panorama or collage for animated GIF creation and remove blemishes while adding brand watermarks to photos – plus many other things!


PhotoScape’s page editing can help you craft unique images and collages quickly and efficiently, including adding text, shapes, or text effects. Once complete, save or export it for sharing purposes.

PhotoScape makes editing brightness and contrast easy, as well as offering various filters you can find in the ‘Editor’ window’s lower panel. Experiment until you find an effect you like best for your photo!

Adjusting brightness and contrast, cropping your image is easy. Add fun effects for extra fun effects before sharing with the world!


AniGif allows you to easily create animated GIF from any image. Its intuitive user interface enables you to select frame interval and transitions, but unfortunately lacks many of the advanced editing features found in other image editors.

Other features include a Splitter for dividing one photo into multiple parts, Paper Print for printing lined paper, graph paper, music sheets and calendars, Screen Capture to capture all or part of your computer screen and stitch images together into panoramas or collages, work with animated GIFs or convert RAW photos – and much more! All options are clearly labeled and self-explanatory allowing even beginners to get started quickly.

RAW converter

RAW converters are programs that take raw image files from your camera and convert them to standard image formats like JPEG while adding metadata to them. There are various RAW converters on the market and they may function both standalone or as plugins to photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop (PS).

Lightroom is an exceptionally popular RAW conversion program that supports many Nikon and Canon cameras as well as editing CR2 and NEF files. Users can utilize its variety of functions including restoration of highlights, minimization of noise reduction, altering perspective/color alteration and sharpening among many others.

RAW converters can help create high-quality images without losing any detail, while their use also requires extensive processing by the processor – potentially increasing overall file sizes considerably.

While some cameras offer built-in converters, these tend to be limited in scope and not suitable for serious photography. Furthermore, these may make judgements about contrast, saturation and sharpness based on what can be seen on their small canvas: camera monitor.

One free RAW converter program available is dcraw, which reads most raw image formats and runs on Linux/Unix, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. In addition, there is another program called libraw that provides an easier API for reading and writing metadata – compatible with dcraw as it is used by many programs such as HDR PhotoStudio – providing more convenient functionality when reading or writing metadata records. Libraw can be used in batch mode to convert entire directories of raw images.


Printing photos is an integral component of photo editing software, and PhotoScape offers plenty of printing features. From creating collages and cutting out unwanted backgrounds to applying multiple effects to photos and multiple types of paper for printing; to customizing dimensions for prints based on which paper type you select; PhotoScape makes printing photos effortless!

PhotoScape features several other useful functions, including the Splitter tool and Screen Capture function – which allow you to capture screenshots directly onto a file for later review and saving. Furthermore, PhotoScape offers various filters, such as noise reduction, blurring, vignetteing, crystallization distortion linear gradient effects.

Use the Text Tool to add text to your image. It supports hundreds of fonts and has all kinds of settings such as thickness adjustment, embossing, highlighting and shadows; plus you can change both its color and transparency!

Splitter allows you to divide photos into individual parts easily. Just select how many columns and rows should be divided and let the program do its magic; size will automatically adjust based on paper type and orientation selections – you can even set custom paper sizes, enabling you to print specific sizes without incurring additional expenses; plus it calculates how much ink will be necessary per print job to avoid waste! You can select glossy or matte (non-glossy) paper for optimal printing results!

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