PhotoScape Review


PhotoScape is an all-in-one image editor with tools that would normally require multiple separate programs to operate effectively. Furthermore, PhotoScape allows for panorama stitching and working with animated GIFs – perfect for photographers!

Resize images while managing white balance, color settings and red eye removal. Add text to images using any font available (including those already installed on your system) while simultaneously performing batch resizing/renaming operations. Support batch operations!


The Viewer feature provides you with a standard thumbnail view of all the images stored on your computer with folders list and preview window, along with basic functions like resizing, rotating and viewing EXIF data.

PhotoScape’s Editor feature is where its true power lies, offering an array of tools that can help level, increase, or decrease detail, add filters and frames, crop images, rename photos, etc. Additionally, more advanced features like retouching skin blemishes or cropping to specific sizes or orientations as well as adding backgrounds, creating animated GIFs, or printing multiple images organized in grids can all be found here.

The program can resize photos to any size you require and can even convert RAW files (.CR2,.CRW,.NEF or.NRW) to JPG for easier conversion, along with providing a built-in screen capture tool and masks and focus features to edit specific areas of a photo. Furthermore, its powerful yet user-friendly interface enables printing lined paper, graph paper music sheets calendars etc – truly an impressive power tool!


PhotoScape offers an expansive editing suite that can do almost everything imaginable for images. You can edit images in batches, rename files and adjust their sizes before cropping with straight or circular borders, remove blemishes from images, add text and shapes, brand watermarks or capture screenshots – even creating animated GIFs and creating slideshows!

The program includes several power tools that are neatly organized into home, object, crop and tools tabs at the bottom of the screen. These tabs offer basic photo-editing functions such as adjusting color and brightness levels, applying filters, turning images black-and-white or sepia and rotating them arbitrary ways; whilst object tab enables adding text, symbols or images onto photos while changing its frame.

The crop tab enables you to select a specific section of an image for editing, with options like sharpening and auto level. Meanwhile, the tools tab offers numerous useful effects like light leak and film effect as well as brushes, patterns, and frames for further enhancement of images.

Cut Out

PhotoScape’s Cut Out feature provides you with an efficient means of editing images by selectively cutting out portions. This powerful tool makes it possible to alter photos by changing or eliminating backgrounds altogether; additionally it offers various methods like cropping, painting or cloning and you’ll find tutorials that address each one.

Use the quick selection tool to quickly locate an object in your photo, while the lasso tool enables you to circle or mask around them as needed. In addition, use the retouching tool for image retouching purposes and clean up.

Are You Searching for a Free Alternative to Photoshop or Lightroom? PhotoScape could be just the ticket! With easy installation and all of the tools necessary for making adjustments to photos, PhotoScape makes editing photographs quick and simple – not to mention creating collages of images!

PhotoScape offers an easy and straightforward approach to photo editing. Although its home screen is slightly complex, tools can easily be located either by using its icons around its main icon or through tabs at the top of its interface. While its user-friendliness makes learning and using it quick and simple, more sophisticated photo editors may provide more functionality.


The Batch feature of this photo editing program makes it possible to quickly make uniform adjustments across a series of files at once, ideal for dealing with images with similar characteristics like noise reduction or clarity improvements.

This program offers a range of power tools to assist in optimizing images. These include tools for correcting red eye, eliminating dust or water spots, adding custom text watermarks or applying various filters such as sepia or black and white filters – plus it includes numerous resizing and rotating options for images.

Another interesting aspect of this tool is its ability to organize images by subject. You can easily create folders for landscapes, cityscapes or family photos – making editing much simpler! Plus, the software comes equipped with built-in macros that you can use to automate certain processes, while saving preset actions can allow complex edits with just a click or two!


Page is a photo collage feature that lets you use various templates to design an end image. There are options to round off corners, change background color and distance between photos as well as options to round them off or adjust them later on.

The program also provides a wide selection of clipart that you can incorporate into your images, such as speech bubbles and quotes, that you can browse from a menu on the left side of its interface.

PhotoScape offers an automated GIF maker tool to automatically generate animated GIFs using two or more photos, combining them in an up-and-down, side-to-side or checkerboard fashion before applying effects for a fun moving image meme-worthy moving picture.

PhotoScape offers more than the basic crop utilities; in addition to circular crop and perspective crop options that allow users to directly save or copy and paste a cropped area to the clipboard, as well as tools that enable specific areas of a photo such as brightening with an effect brush to be adjusted as necessary.

PhotoScape is an excellent alternative to other programs offering similar functions, such as Serif CraftArtist Compact or Adobe Photoshop CS2. Its main function is photo editing, which it excels at very effectively. In addition, PhotoScape boasts several unique features that set itself apart such as face search and color picker.


PhotoScape is a free program offering several unique features not found elsewhere such as Picasa, IrfanView or iPhoto (Mac). These features include full image viewing capability with filters and effects, collage creation tools as well as the capability of creating animated GIFs.

GIF file format is a bitmap image file type that supports up to 256 colors per frame. Color data is stored in a palette table of 256 entries; when an image is displayed, its software retrieves this palette data and draws pixels for that frame with their indices corresponding to those colors. Furthermore, this file also contains a frame header which includes information regarding length of frame, index of current frame and some additional attributes of its frame headers.

AniGif allows you to create GIF slideshows of images by selecting them and setting their duration, transition, and loop rate. This feature can help create memes or simple slideshows of images for display on websites and social media, and banners with constantly-updated content.


PhotoScape offers an extensive collection of tools for editing and enhancing photos. You can crop with straight or circular borders, apply multiple filters, or string them together into a slideshow for sharing with friends. Furthermore, PhotoScape includes face search features as well as batch editor and RAW converter functionality for additional capabilities.

The editor is easy to use and features many useful tools and features, enabling you to resize photos, rotate them and alter brightness/contrast levels as well as using one of many filters to apply masks over any part of an image. There are also tools specifically tailored for drawing pictures, adding text or creating mosaics.

Make animated GIFs using ImageMagick by choosing an animation sequence and customizing each transition between frames. Or you could divide up an image into multiple parts for display on a checkerboard pattern.

The program features a screen capture function, which enables you to take snapshots of either your entire computer screen or any window. It can help create slideshows with music or voiceover, rename images, extract RGB color codes and use its color picker feature.

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