Pichon pigeons are young domestic pigeons which usually take their first flight at the beginning of April. Kept in dovecotes (palomares) located throughout rural Spain for meat and egg production purposes.

Xavier le Pichon was a French geophysicist renowned for his model of plate movement which provided strong evidence to support continental drift theory and ocean floor spreading theory. Additionally, his concept of sea floor spreading became widely accepted during his life time.

About the Author

Pichon is an award-winning author and illustrator of the best-selling Tom Gates books, studied graphic design at London’s Camberwell School of Art, worked as an art director in the music industry before turning her focus exclusively to writing. She illustrated many books such as Twilight Rhymes Moonlight Verse and Spinderella before becoming an award-winning full-time author herself – winning both Blue Peter Book of the Year and Roald Dahl Funny Prize as recognition of her efforts; having published 19 Tom Gates series titles so far!

Pichon was born October 10th 1978 in England. She has become renowned as a children’s author with several book series to her credit, drawing many followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms. Pichon is married to Mark Flannery and they share two children.

Chateau Pichon Longueville Baron made its inaugural modern era wine release in 2000, showing its promise as one of Medoc’s premier estates. Since then, quality improvements at this estate have continued, producing rich full-bodied Bordeaux wines that blend power and elegance – reflecting both terroir and vintage with complex aromas of cassis, cedar wood tobacco spice aromas in top examples.

Pauillac vineyards produce their grapes on an alluvial gravelly alluvial soil rich in clay and limestone located on rolling hills near Medoc in southern France. As members of Union des Crus Bourgeois, this estate are considered amongst some of the top producers worldwide. Pichon Estate’s Cabernet Sauvignon wines are widely renowned for their elegance, finesse, and balance; particularly those produced from its “old vine” plots which produce wines with great complexity and depth. Wines aged in oak barrels for three years before final blend is carefully balanced to produce rich full-bodied wines with good acidity that age beautifully over decades. Furthermore, Pichon also produces sweet fruity dessert wines of equal distinction.

About the Book

Pichon has written the best-selling Tom Gates series of books for children, The Brilliant World of Tom Gates winning both the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize. Subsequent books in this series included Excellent Excuses, Everything’s Amazing (sort of), and Genius Ideas (Mostly).

This new recording from 2021 at Salle Pierre Boulez in Philharmonie de Paris features an expansive soundstage. Additionally, its more outgoing style sets it apart from previous efforts. Pichon’s reading echoes Herreweghe and Suzuki’s initial efforts on SDG: his reading tends toward contemplation rather than drama; nonetheless this approach can provide greater understanding of Bach’s musical motifs.

Pichon displays flawless idiomatic and expressive diction throughout this disc, moving effortlessly from lower register rasping to high, bright soprano in her final choruses. Her choir was equally well prepared while orchestra was in fine form with outstanding contributions by violins in particular.

Harmonia Mundi offers outstanding ancillary materials, and the liner notes include an informative discussion between Pichon and Pregardien. This recording represents an important addition to their Bach catalogue.

Pichon was born and raised in London, England. From an early age she was encouraged to draw. After attending Middlesex Polytechnic and Camberwell School of Art she went on to design at Jive Records before publishing her own picture books. Pichon currently lives in Brighton, England with her husband and three sons. She has received multiple awards for her work including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Waterstone’s Children’s Book Award and Blue Peter Book Award; her books have sold more than 14 million copies worldwide! Additionally she writes weekly newspaper columns, has appeared on television and radio programs and maintains an engaging website which contains lots of fun activities, news updates, information on forthcoming releases – making this must-see viewing for any interested in children’s literature!

About the Publisher

Pichon has worked as both a designer and illustrator, her art appearing on various products. Additionally, she is an author with several picture books under her belt; currently living in Brighton with her husband and three children.

Liz Pichon has written several award-winning series of satirical realist comedy fiction titled, “The Brilliant World of Tom Gates”. Publish in over 46 languages worldwide and now in its fourth book in this series, this fourth book continues the series’ journey.

This book presents the groundbreaking work of Argentinean psychoanalyst Pichon Riviere, who was years ahead of his time. Pichon-Riviere’s theories on link (el vinculo), spiral process and unifying illness has had an immense impact on Latin American analysts as well as opening doors into analytic family therapy and dynamic group psychotherapy as fields.

Thomas Pichon finds himself at an impasse in life, as he encounters highwaymen on a rural road, succumbs to temptation in Bath’s spa town and loses a new love back home in London. Yet his career takes an upswing with an offer for the best position ever available to him; an international trip will test all aboard as this voyage becomes one none will forget soon after it begins.

About the Series

Pichon is renowned as an award-winning children’s author, her books being read worldwide by young readers. She has won multiple accolades such as the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and Red House Children’s Book Award Best Books for Five to Twelve Year Olds.

Pichon was raised in London with an intense passion for art. She studied graphic design at Camberwell School of Art before transitioning into music industry design work as a designer – where she discovered an interest in illustrating her own concepts for cards, calendars and eventually children’s books.

Since 2011, Pichon’s first Tom Gates book was published and since then the series has become an immense reader favorite and won multiple awards. She also created special PS1 Tom Gates books for World Book Day 2013, an Annual and Music Book in addition to Activity Books with this popular character series. Shoe Wars was her latest middle grade title published this October 2020.

Tom Gates books offer an engaging blend of hilarious prose and gorgeous illustrations that bring middle school life vividly to life. Readers will quickly fall in love with Tom, who struggles to pay attention in class while dreaming big with his band DogZombies. Reluctant readers may especially find these stories particularly enjoyable due to their sense of humor.

Pichon was just 11 when she decided to seek some relief by knocking on the back door of rising star Elvis Presley in Memphis. Soon thereafter, she made friends with both him and his staffers – they nicknamed her and her friend “the girls from Mississippi.” Soon enough, Pichon became regulars at concerts and after-parties; even going on tour with Elvis himself! However, it took until 1972 before Pichon finally got around to telling Elvis who she was; their relationship remained close up until Elvis passed away in 1977.

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