Pixlr Review


Pixlr is an incredible online photo editing tool which offers many applications for educators and students in classroom settings.

Pixlr can help students create infographics, posters and other creative projects easily and efficiently – it serves as an excellent alternative to using tools like poster boards or PowerPoint slideshows for this task.

Intuitive user interface

Pixlr is a free photo editing tool with numerous features to help users create stunning and eye-catching images. The intuitive user interface makes Pixlr easy for even beginners to use and understand, while its tools are organized logically for quick finding of what they need quickly and without cluttering the screen.

Pixlr’s rotation tool makes it simple and fast to rotate or flip images with just a few clicks, saving both time and effort by eliminating manual adjustment in Photoshop or having to take new photographs that require recapturing or manually cropping. Plus, its image resize function gives you freedom in scaling any photo or design to meet any size requirement – perfect for anyone seeking high-quality images!

Pixlr offers another amazing feature with its Color Channel tool, which allows users to adjust specific colors within images. Perfect for photographers and graphic designers seeking to add splashes of color into their work, this real-time preview also makes it easier to see how modifications affect final outcomes.

Are You an Illustrator Looking to Expand Your Creativity? Pixlr offers advanced editing tools and templates to help designers take their creativity further. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and iOS systems alike – Pixlr provides editing on every device!

Pixlr offers both free and paid plans, such as a trial period and subscriptions for schools. With its user-friendly interface that’s simple to learn and use, making it an excellent choice for both teachers and students. Furthermore, this company provides various educational resources to assist educators integrate online tools into classrooms efficiently; its SAMR framework serves as an efficient framework to assess benefits associated with using online tools in schools.

Easy to learn

Pixlr is an online photo editing program offering a selection of tools to make photos more eye-catching. Its intuitive user interface makes it simple for beginners who wish to produce professional-looking images without spending much on software and hardware upgrades, and allows you to share them effortlessly on social media.

Pixlr offers both basic editing tools and preset effects in its free version, while its premium version provides access to more advanced editing features as well as additional extras such as 3,000 overlays, decorative texts, and 18,000 assets. Both programs can be accessed online via any device with internet connectivity – meaning no space or resources will be consumed by this browser-based program!

Pixlr offers several AI-enhanced tools, such as AI Photo Generator, AI Generative Fill, AI Blur and AI Up-Scale to help improve photos in simple steps – particularly helpful for removing objects from images and adding text/stickers/drawing on them.

Pixlr offers another advantage with its ability to combine multiple photos into a single frame, perfect for creating collages of multiple images or adding an overlay. Furthermore, this program’s intermix feature lets users express their creative side through intermixing colors – a great way of unleashing creative energy!

Pixlr stands out as an essential program thanks to its versatile file saving formats. This enables you to use it across different devices and save the files that best support them; while also customizing their name with information about yourself or the project.

Pixlr is an intuitive image manipulation application designed for use by students of all ages. Perfect for creating posters, movie covers, and marketing materials – Pixlr makes for a fantastic classroom project and can teach children how to manipulate images!


Pixlr offers many advantages over Photoshop in that it is both free to use and works across devices; plus its web-based nature means users can open images without installing software first.

Pixlr features an impressive collection of filters and overlays, enabling users to easily create breathtaking compositions with their photos, making them stand out. Users can download their masterpieces as high-resolution JPEGs. In addition, users can import any image from the internet by copying its URL and pasting it into Pixlr editor; and search its library based on various themes or genres.

Pixlr provides teachers with an effective tool for integrating digital art into the classroom, from teaching fundamental principles of digital-art through self-directed inquiry to helping their students learn basic vocabulary for art pieces. Teachers may even use Pixlr to foster communication by text and video messages.

Pixlr stands out due to its straightforward user experience. The program provides templates for numerous platforms – TikTok videos, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook stories or posts, Instagram stories or posts and Instagram posts or stories are just a few examples – and includes high-resolution stock images to make finding an image to suit a project easier for users.

Pixlr is an online photo-editing tool that rivals Photoshop in terms of functionality, making it an excellent option for photographers, bloggers and casual users who need to make small edits to their photos. There is even a tutorial available on YouTube which shows people how to use all the tools on the site – though please be aware that professional photographers require a more robust set of features than are provided through free tools like Pixlr.

Variety of tools

Pixlr offers a suite of tools that can help with both photo editing and graphic design, including cropping, resizing and rotating an image; adjusting its brightness, contrast and saturation settings; applying filters and effects; as well as removing red eye and adding text overlays to images. Plus you have access to layers if creating designs.

Pixlr offers several artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including its AI image generator, AI generative fill, and AI background remover. These AI tools help users achieve professional results quickly while saving both effort and time with no downloads or installations required.

Pixlr offers other tools, including a paint dump that lets you splatter all kinds of color into a layer or selection. A color picker lets you sample colors within an image to apply them as brushes or textures later, and its gradient tool blends two distinct hues according to your settings for gradient creation.

Pixlr goes beyond traditional photo editing tools to offer advanced users and beginners alike an exceptional photo-editing experience. The Heal feature, for instance, provides an effortless and quick solution for correcting errors in photos by simply selecting an area to correct and Pixlr will remove it automatically – this handy feature even works for smaller objects like paper pieces!

An additional handy feature of Pixlr is its ability to adjust an object’s opacity, making it useful when working with complex backgrounds. Furthermore, Pixlr offers an extensive library of shapes such as circles, lines, and rectangles which you can use in creating images containing shapes like these.

Pixlr offers an informative privacy policy which details what kinds of data they collect, how it is used and protected, as well as their policy against selling personal information to third parties. Their compliance with European Union General Data Protection Regulation and upholding the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Before using Pixlr in classroom settings it would be prudent to read through this document thoroughly.

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