Pixlr Review


Pixlr is an online suite of photo editing and design tools available on INMAGINE that is designed to make design faster, smarter and simpler for everyone.

Start off by duplicating your image layer using the Layers panel on the right of your screen, and apply ‘Auto B&W’ on top for that trendy black-and-white effect.

Photo editing

Pixlr is an easy and free photo editing program, enabling users to save their work online for sharing or saving. Additionally, there is a selection of image formats available and tools for creating various effects. Pixlr works across most browsers; its power may not compare with that of Photoshop but it still can perform basic edits such as adding text.

Start editing today with Pixlr by creating an account, clicking “Open Image,” selecting your file to be edited, uploading new photos or using ones already uploaded from Pixlr website, selecting preset sizes or entering custom pixel sizes – then click “Resize & Rotate Image” button! Pixlr will automatically resize it while maintaining proportions to match its original dimensions.

Based on the type of photo, you may need to adjust its brightness and contrast settings, sharpness adjustments, vignette effects or glamour glow added as necessary, blurring an object or face may also help remove distracting backgrounds while increasing focus on your subject matter.

Pixlr provides many tools for editing photos, such as an advanced cropping tool and auto-fix features, making it suitable for beginners as well as professionals looking for high-quality images. Plus there’s even an iOS mobile app – perfect for editing on-the-go!

If you have a large image, use Pixlr X version to reduce its file size without losing quality and to download a high-resolution version for print and web use.

Pixlr is a cloud-based image editing suite acquired by Autodesk in 2011 that is available on both desktop computers and mobile devices, and free to use. It boasts an easy user interface with tools for resizing, cropping, adding text and more – perfect for Mac or Windows computers as well as Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

Outlining photos

Pixlr is an online photo editing tool that makes editing photos on your computer a breeze, for free and easily learned. Plus, there’s an app available on phones and tablets! Plus you can even create an account through Gmail or Facebook that lets you access projects even when not at your computer!

Pixlr offers tools designed to accommodate users at all skill levels, making image editing accessible even to novice users. In addition, there are tutorials and step-by-step guides available so the tool is simple for anyone to use – making Pixlr an ideal way of improving low-quality images.

Pixlr’s selection tool makes it easy to select rectangular areas from layers or canvases. Choose either a fixed size or aspect ratio selection; feathering/anti-aliasing helps soften edges so the chosen area looks more natural.

Pixlr’s Color Replace tool makes it possible for you to easily alter an image’s colors for an entirely new aesthetic. Useful when altering objects such as clothing or cars; Fuzziness slider can also be adjusted accordingly for greater control.

Pixlr provides many useful tools, but one especially effective one is the crop tool, which enables users to reframe an image and remove unnecessary details. You can adjust and move the cropping box before making your decision on how you wish to crop. In addition, auto adjustment feature makes improving image quality easy as well.

Pixlr’s automatic adjustment tool will analyze and fix any image-related issues automatically, helping you correct color, contrast, brightness levels, making them look more professional and inspiring. Furthermore, there are more specific tools in its adjustment menu such as simulating HDR to accentuate details in shadows and highlights.

Adding text to images

Pixlr is a free photo editing program packed with features to help you craft beautiful images. With its user-friendly interface and numerous file formats available for editing simultaneously, anyone can learn how to use Pixlr quickly. Plus, its ability to add text, filters and effects makes Pixlr an indispensable asset!

Pixlr makes adding text to an image easy with their “Text Tool”, an icon representing a cross-arrow with text field on its right. Simply select an area you wish to add text in, type your desired words into the box provided and click to add them – your text appears live on canvas for easy modification! Plus, their toolbar offers several settings to customize font, size, style and color of your text!

Pixlr offers many useful features, and one of its standouts is its curved text feature. Perfect for adding some visual depth and saving space for more crucial elements, you can find this option by using the text tool and choosing styles – then choosing curve to turn text into an arc or circle. In addition, Pixlr also comes equipped with a Liquify tool which lets you shape text transforming its shape for a melted effect.

When it comes to text placement, this app has some restrictions: each text layer exists as its own separate layer and therefore you can only have one style at any given time; similarly for any arrows or shapes added onto text layers. These text layers can be moved around using toolbar controls or by selecting and dragging on them directly.

PhoXo is an accessible Windows-compatible software program with a user-friendly interface and various tutorials and learning tools for newcomers, while offering limited tools that do not get regularly updated. Unfortunately, this does not make PhoXo suitable for advanced users as its tools cannot keep pace with changes to software platforms.

Pixlr makes image editing quick and easy – from text addition to color enhancement, gradients and textures creation, or creating unique overlays for blogs or social media posts.

Creating graphics

As a photographer or digital artist, blending photos and creating composites may come naturally. While Photoshop may be your go-to software for photo manipulation needs, Pixlr E offers many of the same features and can help you quickly produce striking images in no time!

Make a pop art design by overlaying two separate images and adding text. This effect adds an eye-catching element to your designs while showing off your brand’s individuality and style. Pixlr offers plenty of creative fonts, overlays and shapes that you can use to take your designs one step further.

Pixlr is an easy and intuitive image editing program used for various projects, from editing photos and presentations to designing Instagram posts. Its popularity stems from its user-friendly interface and customizable templates which can meet almost every need. Plus, both desktop and mobile versions make using Pixlr easy from any device!

Pixlr allows users to edit and manipulate photos as well as draw pictures – an especially beneficial feature for students learning graphic design. While Pixlr is free for download, its advertising banners may interfere with user experience.

Pixlr offers one of the most innovative features around in its AI Image Generator, which uses artificial intelligence to produce custom graphics tailored specifically to you and your specifications. Simply input some keywords or prompts and the AI Image Generator will create custom artwork based on them for use across Pixlr.

Pixlr can help professional and amateur photographers alike create stunning product images that sell products. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you’ll have no trouble resizing and editing your images quickly and easily, while its built-in filters and effects will transform any ordinary snapshot into artistic works of art. Plus, its tutorials will guide you step-by-step.

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