Plants Vs Zombies App Review

Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies has proven one of the biggest surprises on the App Store, thanks to its adorable aesthetic, groundbreaking design, and addictive gameplay. Furthermore, its catchy organic soundtrack and light voice acting add even further entertainment value.

Players are challenged with protecting their house by strategically planting plants in their yard and placing them strategically against zombies who march along five or six lanes in front of it. There are 42 plants from which players may choose when placing plants to defend against zombies in front of the house.


PopCap Games first developed Plants Vs Zombies as a tower defense game for Windows and Mac OS in 1996, then later porting it to other platforms including consoles and mobile phones. Since then, its popularity has spread with fans enjoying its simple yet engaging gameplay and entertaining art style.

At any point in the game, the player controls an army of plants in an effort to defend against an unholy horde of zombies. Each plant type offers specific abilities which must be used effectively – from deadly legumes shooting out deadly legumes or dropping explosive cherries – in order to succeed. Furthermore, each level uses a system of progression which gradually introduces more zombies that become increasingly difficult as you progress; culminating with full zombie hordes becoming ever harder as more experience accumulates with each passing level.

As players become more acquainted with the game, new enemy variants will emerge that may counter certain plant types or be weak to others. They also gain access to unlock new plants with enhanced combat abilities – for instance, Hypno Shrooms are capable of hypnotizing zombies and thus reducing damage they take when attacking plants.

Each level begins with the player receiving an allotted seed pack slot to use during each level, which they can increase with in-game currency or refill at the end of each level. Furthermore, every level has a distinct theme such as nighttime mode which introduces plants that require less sunlight for growth.

The game allows the player to save their progress at any point during a level, which can be especially helpful if an accidental destruction of all plants happens or they run out of seeds. Furthermore, there are various challenges within each level which can help the player earn extra rewards as well as put your skills under scrutiny!


PopCap Games created Plants vs Zombies as a tower defense game for PC, consoles and mobile devices. The game centers on using different plants to protect your house against an invasion by zombies; depending on the platform used (ie: Xbox 360 version uses controller), different controls may apply; for instance on Xbox 360 it uses controller to play.

George Fan, the game’s director, wanted to strike a balance between gritty strategy and visual charm for family friendly titles such as Insaniquarium or tower defense mods for Warcraft III that appeal to more experienced gamers without lengthy tutorials or hours spent learning how the game worked. He found inspiration for this approach from previous works such as Insaniquarium or tower defense mods available for Warcraft III.

He wanted the game to include various gameplay mechanics, such as being able to buy and upgrade plants as you level up, unlock a secret garden, and add more difficulty and complexity by gradually altering the yard in which players would fight; at first there would only be one strip of nine squares; as Adventure mode progresses, this will increase to five lanes of nine squares! Furthermore, 49 species of plants and 26 different kinds of zombies would be introduced into his game world.

As soon as sunlight hits a player’s screen, they can purchase and upgrade various plants, like cacti or bamboo stalks. Additional seed slots enable more plants to grow simultaneously. In addition, special powerups such as the Sunflower powerup provide damage against zombies or can even help eliminate them altogether!

Reviving features are another integral component of this game, giving players access to powerups that restore plants back to full health, or revive fallen plants with powerups dropped by exploding gummy bears.

As players progress through the game, they can win trophies and cash rewards that can be used to purchase additional plants and upgrades at Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies store. Furthermore, the game offers an engaging multiplayer mode in which competitors or team-work can cooperate or compete against one another.


Plants vs Zombies’ graphics are vibrant and strikingly rendered. Characters are rendered using high-resolution pixel art while backgrounds feature stylized geometric shapes drawn on them. Three-dimensional environments include both a house and backyard garden for players to explore. Plants Vs Zombies was intended for casual audiences so its visuals should be simple yet engaging – perfect for playing for hours without losing interest!

This game’s graphical style was inspired by American artist Chuck Jones, and it has received positive reviews from critics. One of the best-selling PC titles ever, and has also been ported onto consoles, handhelds and mobile devices; its success has even inspired spinoffs, merchandise sales and references in other forms of media.

PopCap had several ideas for its game during development; some were scrapped while others made an impactful appearance in the end product. For example, an original plan included including a dog walking zombie; however, due to concerns that this concept may be too disturbing for casual gameplay they changed their minds and removed this feature later. Likewise, there was also originally going to be a shovel which degraded when used to collect sunlight but later on this was discontinued by developers.

Though the graphics were made to be simple, developers also sought to make gameplay challenging. Therefore, designers incorporated various techniques that taught players how to play. Designer George Fan shares some of these strategies during this GDC 2012 lecture which is available free of charge online; including tips for satisfying both casual and hardcore players alike.

Numerous unreleased graphics were discovered within the game files, including an unusable Gravebuster vine resembling its face, as well as a Spikeweed stage of degradation that was later erased. Furthermore, an interesting graphic found was a Gargantuar head not present in the final version of the game.

As well as unutilized sprites, the game files also include early main menu screens and minigames. The Ice Level in Adventure mode features early versions of Ice Plant and Shovel; in its final form this level would be unlocked by collecting snow peas and Wall-nuts and beating Adventure mode for the first time.


PopCap Games’ Plants Vs Zombies video game series involves an epic battle between an army of anthropomorphic plants and brain-hungry zombies. Since 2009’s release of its original game – named Plants vs Zombies – this franchise has expanded significantly, featuring multiple sequels and spin-offs available across desktop computers, handheld consoles and mobile devices.

Laura Shigihara composed the soundtrack for this series and features characters like Sunflower, Chomper and Digger Zombie. You can purchase her album through Bandcamp from US $1 to $3.99.

Plants Vs Zombies music generally follows minor keys, with two notable exceptions – “Rigor Mormist” and Graze the Roof.” These tracks represent various stages in death process when muscles stiffen before death occurs; “Graze the Roof” refers to Fog level of game; while “Rigor Mormist” serves as the initial signpost. Finally, there’s also “Main Menu Remix”, used at end of all winning levels and as background music in “There’s a Zombie on Your Lawn music video.”

Zombies in the game are depicted as slow, decaying creatures who lack all vital organs – with only their brains for functionality and their mouths for moaning remaining. There have also been instances where some zombies had lung tissue as well.

George Fan, the game director who developed Plants vs Zombies, sought to make it both gritty and adorable at once. Additionally, it contains strong strategic elements to draw experienced gamers while being designed without tutorials in order to appeal to a wider audience.

Over its lifespan, this game has earned numerous honors and awards, such as being named one of the ‘Best Downloadable Games of 2009’ by IGN and nominated for many interactive achievements and awards. Furthermore, over 30 million copies have already been sold globally!

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