PLAYit – A Powerful Multi-Purpose Media Player


PLAYit is an advanced media player capable of supporting an array of video formats. Furthermore, its built-in downloader allows you to save online videos directly.

This app also offers intelligent gesture control and a floating player to easily switch between apps, making it an excellent option for people who prioritize HD content.

All-in-one media player

PLAYit is an advanced multi-media player, packed with every feature you could ever need for media playback and downloading. It integrates a music player, video player, MP3 converter, video downloader and download manager all into one package that is user friendly with plenty of settings and features – except it may run slowly on certain devices or contain annoying advertisements! The only major downside may be some annoying advertisements popping up.

One of the standout features of this video and music player is its versatility in supporting various file formats, such as MP3, AAC, WAV and WMA files. Furthermore, it can even play high definition videos without any lag or glitches – an essential feature for those who enjoy watching high quality videos.

Another incredible feature is its MP3 converter, enabling you to easily transform any video file into audio format and free up space on your device. Furthermore, its video downloader works on most websites except YouTube due to legal restrictions.

PLAYit stands apart from other video players by being free and not requiring an account for use. Starting your journey with PLAYit is straightforward – simply install and grant all necessary permissions before checking its community forums if any problems arise.

This app’s smart gesture control makes it simple and fun to access and watch your videos, with an extensive library of music and video clips available for you to select. Plus, its ability to create private folders keeps files secure. Furthermore, all major video formats are supported and subtitles can even be downloaded for movies that feature them!

Download PLAYit from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store depending on your platform, and once installed it will scan for media files before automatically streaming them over Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. It also searches SD cards for media you have saved to them if applicable and offers support through its community. The best thing about PLAYit is its background-running capability that won’t interfere while browsing websites, talking with friends, or working on other apps.

Supports a wide range of video formats

PLAYit is an intuitive media player, capable of supporting an array of video formats and offering smooth playback even with high-resolution videos. Furthermore, its decoding technology ensures smooth video playback regardless of resolution settings like brightness and contrast adjustments; as well as providing you with control of brightness and contrast settings to give you the best viewing experience possible. PLAYit boasts an elegant interface which is user friendly; other video players may contain confusing UIs which may overwhelm some viewers.

This app supports all popular video formats, including MPEG-4, AVI, WMV and MKV files, as well as YouTube downloads. This feature makes keeping all your favorite videos organized and ready to watch anytime useful. Furthermore, WAV and MP3 audio files can also be played back through this program.

Another key benefit of this app is its ability to recognize and detect music files and video clips on your computer automatically, saving time searching for specific files and organizing your videos/music in an effective manner so they are easier to find later. This feature is especially helpful for those with large video libraries, who would otherwise waste precious moments searching for them again later on.

PLAYit also comes equipped with an MP3 converter, enabling you to make custom playlists and listen to your favorite tunes anywhere, including on the go. Plus, this app can download subtitles so you can watch videos without being concerned about sound quality issues! Plus it features high volume output for seamless video watching!

One feature that sets this app apart is its versatility – being capable of running on virtually every device from tablets and smartphones, to TVs and consoles, it supports all video/audio formats including 4K to M4V files with no file size restrictions, even on systems with limited memory or processing power.

Smart gesture control

Playit offers intuitive gesture controls to deliver an enjoyable media experience, seamlessly and enrichingly. This powerful app supports a range of file formats, allows multitasking with its background playback feature and versatile floating player function, provides customizable audio settings according to user preferences, features smart decoding mode capabilities for smoother, higher quality playback as well as HD video processing capabilities to facilitate multitasking, provides background playback features with background playback support as well as high resolution processing capability – making this an outstanding choice among multimedia apps for users looking for comprehensive and user-friendly multimedia apps!

This video player is free to download and use, offering advanced gesture control that allows for simple swipes or taps on the screen to adjust playback speed, volume and brightness. Multi-play functionality enables you to chat with others or work with other apps while watching or listening to videos or music – as well as downloading them for offline viewing – this app supports various video formats such as HD and 4K!

PLAYit’s advanced software kernel SW codec helps speed up processing speed of videos and music, producing superior quality. This feature is especially helpful when streaming movies or TV shows online. Furthermore, its sleek minimalist interface can be tailored to suit your tastes; additionally it can convert videos into different formats while working well across devices.

PLAYit’s multifunctional features aside, PLAYit has also been carefully developed to protect your privacy. The app does not access your contact list or other sensitive personal data and requires neither rooting nor jailbreaking in order to work effectively; additionally it uses minimal storage space while offering built-in battery saver features to limit mobile data usage.

PLAYit is an outstanding multimedia player for Android devices. With its quick search and play function, you’re sure to quickly locate any video or photo you desire; its download feature makes saving them for offline viewing simple; plus there are various formats supported plus auto-rotation/aspect ratio features for optimal playback! Plus you’ll have floating player support compatible with most major social networking sites!

Video downloader

Playit app is an all-in-one media player with video downloader and transfer capabilities, designed to make managing all of your local media files easy. Support for popular video formats means that you can enjoy watching all your favorite music videos in high definition quality, plus separate the audio track out into an MP3 file if needed. Creating playlists or sharing videos are other features available within Playit that may come in handy!

PLAYit supports all standard video formats and can also download videos from social media and other online sources, with its built-in video downloader making HD and 4K movie downloads simple and straightforward. Furthermore, its advanced features such as gesture control and support for subtitles make it stand out among similar apps – you can set playback speed and brightness settings for videos at once!

Playit stands out from its competition with its floating window feature, which allows users to chat with other apps while watching or listening to movies or music videos. It can be hidden or closed at any time for added privacy protection, plus there’s even an easy search function located right within its menu bar!

PLAYit is an all-in-one video player and downloader, popular among those seeking to elevate their digital entertainment experience. Its futuristic user interface makes it simple and offers many useful functions, including background playing, multitasking and downloading various forms of media. Available for both iOS and Android devices. PLAYit’s lightweight design and extensive feature set make it a must-have tool for anyone seeking to enhance their media experience. Available for free download through Google Play Store, once download complete a notification will appear detailing any permissions necessary. Click “Accept” to allow application installation.

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