PLAYit Review


PLAYit is an all-in-one app, serving as a video player, music player, downloader and converter – with an extra special feature allowing users to hide personal videos in an encrypted private folder.

The application offers multiple file formats and hardware acceleration features to maximize the user experience, including background or floating play window support with multiple playback options and simple gesture controls.

Video Player

PLAYit is a comprehensive audio and video player for Android phones that works flawlessly. The app supports various video file formats as well as audio file formats popular across mobile platforms – even MP3. Plus it allows for seamless conversion from video to MP3, saving space on your phone! Plus it can download videos directly from websites and social media services so that you can watch content when it suits you best!

Another impressive aspect of this video player is its capability of downloading HD videos, saving space on your device while improving viewing experiences. Plus, YouTube content such as movies, music videos and TV shows can all be easily downloaded using this player! Lastly, it comes with a privacy feature so you can watch content without being seen.

PLAYit makes downloading any video from the internet easier than ever with just one click of a download button. Simply search for your video of choice, click it, and it will be stored in your phone gallery once completed – supporting numerous file types such as TS, MKV, FLV and 3GP! Plus you can easily share downloaded videos with friends!

PLAYit makes it easy to download videos from social media websites like Instagram and Facebook; even your WhatsApp status videos! Furthermore, the app automatically recognizes local files on your SD card and organizes them by source so you don’t need to worry about losing track of them.

PLAYit offers numerous other features, including an equalizer and a powerful audio/video downloading tool. Furthermore, it is capable of playing various video formats, such as 4K and 1080p; additionally it can help find the ideal audio quality for each video file that it plays; plus you can use PLAYit to cast videos directly onto a TV screen!

Music Player

PLAYit is an Android mobile application developed specifically for use in managing music and video files stored on their devices. Packed with powerful features to enhance playback experiences, PLAYit eliminates the need to use separate applications just for that task.

This media player is an effective media player that supports all types of videos and audios – including 4K and 1080p formats – as well as all common audio file types, such as mp3, midi, wav, flac raw aac etc. Plus, it also plays all your favorite songs! You’re sure to find this powerful yet elegantly designed app very helpful in playing them all!

Media players such as VLC offer one key feature for streaming media files: video conversion into different audio formats. This can come in handy if you plan to watch films from foreign countries with subtitles in different languages; just translate these subtitles to English, Tamil or Hindi before downloading!

Other features you’ll find useful in this app include a sleep timer, night mode, notification control and search function to quickly locate files. Plus, set playlists or track lists to organize music according to your tastes!

PLAYit offers more than the typical features. In addition to video downloading capabilities, PLAYit features an incredible video downloading function which enables you to access any videos from social networking sites or restricted networks without worrying about censorship. Furthermore, this feature can be toggled on or off at any given moment as desired based on your preferences.

PLAYit provides an audio equalizer which will enable you to adjust both sound quality and volume of music and videos, so that you can enjoy them fully without distortions. Furthermore, this feature can optimize audio quality of any songs on your device.

Video Converter

PLAYit’s video converter feature is an efficient solution for quickly and efficiently converting all of your local videos to MP4, making them compatible with MX Player and VLC video players. Furthermore, this app supports numerous other file types including RMVB, WMV, AVI and 3GP as well as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos for conversion.

The PLAYit video converter supports all of the most popular audio and video file types, such as MP3, Wav, Ogg, AAC, MP4, M4v Mkv FLV Avi. Furthermore it can even play HD videos without compromising quality – making it the ideal solution for anyone wanting to enjoy high-quality media files.

PLAYit can not only play music and video files, but can also download any online media for offline access – from videos on websites like YouTube to photos posted to Facebook and Instagram accounts, users can also access videos downloaded via WhatsApp and Twitter accounts – as well as featuring features like floating and background playback modes and screen lock capabilities.

This app works on both internal memory and SD card to help you easily organize your media library. It automatically identifies videos on the device, and sorts them by type or location for easy navigation. Plus, there’s subtitle support and multilingual compatibility for greater convenience when watching.

With this video player and converter app installed on your smartphone, you can watch status videos, trailers, movies or any other videos stored within it. Plus you can use it to convert existing video files to MP3 format for listening any time! Plus the app is fully optimized consuming less CPU power and resources while boasting an advanced kernel SW decoder that provides fast performance!

Its accessibility across both Android devices and PCs make this application an excellent choice for anyone seeking a complete multimedia experience. Supported formats are wide ranging and its intuitive user interface makes it simple to use. Plus its impressive functionality has seen numerous updates designed to enhance its experience; such as reduced launch time and faster files loading speed with new support for pen drive videos and visualization updates!

Subtitles Downloader

PLAYit offers not only video players but also an effective subtitle downloader, which enables users to obtain subtitles for use with their videos. The web-based tool enables them to search for their video and select from available subtitles – over 170 languages are supported making it simple and ad-free – providing users with an effective solution for any of their subtitle needs.

Subtitleseeker offers another excellent way of downloading subtitles: its vast database of free SRT subtitles makes searching easy, while you can preview any new subtitling before committing them to download. Just be aware that their sync may differ by several seconds from that of your video’s playback – please be patient while waiting to download!

Alternatively, for more comprehensive solutions to your subtitle issues, specialized video editing software designed specifically for YouTube subtitles could provide an effective solution. Such programs often come equipped with advanced features to assist in creating the file that meets your specific requirements; however, learning them may prove to be difficult if you’re just beginning. An alternative option could be finding a website dedicated to YouTube subtitling with an established user base that caters specifically to YouTube subtitling needs.

Finally, opting for a video converter that features an inbuilt subtitle downloader will make the process easier and speed up work time. Be sure to ask about support services or consult an FAQ list when making this decision as it could make all the difference in results and satisfaction levels.

Wondershare, Easysubtitles and VLC are three popular choices for downloading videos with subtitles. Wondershare and Easysubtitles are both free applications with an extensive user community available on Google Play; both support subtitle support as well as playlist looping features. VLC on the other hand offers an extensive library of subtitles in multiple languages for purchase from its paid edition.

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