PlayOn Review – Digital Video Recorder For Streaming Services


PlayOn is a digital video recorder for streaming services, featuring server capabilities. Compatible with TVs, Roku devices, game consoles and Android/iOS gadgets – PlayOn makes your media available whenever and wherever it’s needed!

Read on for more details of this amazing HTPC software solution! It supports Hulu pay-to-watch subscriptions and can stream recordings ad-free onto any device – at home or away! Read further to gain further insights into it!


PlayOn is a software program that enables users to watch streaming videos on their computers without using up their mobile data plan, recording shows and movies from websites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. PlayOn works by converting videos into MP4 files which are then stored on a computer allowing viewers to watch them at any time even when offline – this feature makes the program available both for Windows and macOS computers and can be easily downloaded via their respective websites.

PlayOn provides streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Disney Plus Hulu NBC and YouTube, in addition to cable/satellite providers, broadcaster apps and free sources like YouTube. Roku Chromecast Smart TV and Blu-ray players are supported for optimal use while offering search and recommendation features for popular movies/TV shows.

MediaMall recently made headlines when they announced they were discontinuing the desktop software version of PlayOn in favor of subscription-based cloud service PlayOn Cloud. While this change may be necessary for their business needs, it will leave many of their lifetime license holders disappointed and searching for alternatives such as KeepStreams which offers similar functionality and features.

MediaMall’s PlayOn Cloud service enables users to record content from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video and HBO Now to watch later on their mobile devices – such as Roku, Apple TV or Chromecast. Users can stream ad-free recordings ad 30 days storage in the cloud – plus add functions such as commercial skipping which had only previously been available through TiVo.

PlayOn Cloud differs from other streaming services by not requiring its users to create separate logins, instead allowing them to use existing accounts from streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) services such as Netflix and Hulu to access content. This makes PlayOn Cloud an attractive solution for those with limited mobile data plans or who wish to avoid overages on their contract plan.


PlayOn is a cloud-based service that enables users to stream content from 100+ popular websites and record it for offline viewing, supporting many different devices including Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. Users can stream video directly to phones, tablets or PCs; Apple AirPlay support is even included! With its 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime subscription pricing option starting at $60 the software offers affordable entertainment solutions at your fingertips.

This service features an app for your computer or mobile device that serves both as a remote and streaming server, enabling you to record video from Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, stream live TV networks such as ESPN, CNN and Adult Swim as well as bypass ads on Hulu without paying additional subscription fees.

Easy and user-friendly, Vuze doesn’t require much configuration. Simply stream videos from your mobile device or browser directly onto your TV screen in just a few clicks, record programs from websites for later viewing or download them directly onto your computer for later watching – with no limits placed upon recordings you make! Unfortunately though, free versions do not support downloading from all websites.

PlayOn offers free streaming, but if you want more features such as automatic ad skipping and recording on multiple computers, as well as casting to Roku or other DLNA-compliant devices, upgrading to premium will allow for additional options such as out-of-home viewing or over-the-air recording.

Though not an official Mac application, PlayOn works well on MacBooks when used with Parallels Desktop and can also run on Linux systems with additional applications. Furthermore, virtualization technology makes installation possible – making PlayOn an excellent solution for those without enough storage space who wish to watch and record content from the Internet as well as those wanting to access USB drives with media files.


PlayOn offers recording services for streaming content providers, with its streaming video recorder (SVR) enabling users to download and watch offline versions of movies from Netflix, Hulu shows and Amazon TV shows even when these providers do not offer such an option themselves. It works on PCs, Mac computers and most major mobile devices alike – plus its ads-skipping functionality makes watching back recordings from ads-supported network TV shows much simpler!

PlayOn Desktop software works by loading videos into an obscure web browser and recording them directly onto a hard drive for storage purposes – with no subscription fees or restrictions whatsoever! For added flexibility, PlayOn also offers PlayOn Cloud which works with both PCs and Mac computers to store recordings remotely so they’re available whenever viewed – saving users from using up their storage space while also supporting Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV devices as well as Apple TV!

PlayOn Mobile app enables users to stream recordings from a PC directly onto mobile devices using Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connections for free, serving as a remote control for streaming media players like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Cord cutters may find this particularly helpful to record shows that might disappear or switch platforms in future subscriptions or as they migrate between services.

PlayOn provides another service with its ability to stream videos directly from a local computer to Roku or Fire TV devices, enabling viewers to watch their shows without having to rely on wireless internet connections. Unfortunately, however, sometimes problems arise with streaming or downloading videos; additionally some subscribers have reported their subscription is not functioning as intended.

PlayOn offers various plans, with its most expensive one costing $4.99 a month for 30 recordings. In addition, additional recording credits and cloud storage options can be purchased as needed.

Offline viewing

PlayOn offers an assortment of services to assist users in recording and watching content offline, both free and for a fee. With these features you can bypass data caps, network congestion and slow equipment issues which prevent watching live or on-demand content; plus save movies, TV shows or videos to watch on smartphones and tablets later!

PlayOn Cloud, PlayOn’s latest service, allows users to record and watch offline streaming video from Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, CW and HBO services without the need for DVR storage capacity or expensive storage plans. Recordings downloaded to mobile phones or Android TV devices never expire and feature ad-skipping technology similar to that found on TiVo DVRs.

PlayOn Cloud differs from similar cord-cutting apps by not requiring subscription or hardware payments for DVR capabilities. Instead, it works by real-time recording on a virtual PC in the cloud before saving as an MP4 file – unlike traditional DVRs which store video directly from its source source.

PlayOn Cloud was the first app to bring offline viewing for desktop devices a year after Netflix rolled it out for mobile. Not only can users record shows simultaneously across multiple devices but it supports various television models as well.

Create and share custom playlists easily to stay informed on the shows you love without missing episodes! Plus, this smart TV service works seamlessly with LG, Samsung and Sony smart TVs – giving you complete coverage.

PlayOn is an ideal solution for users who are fed up with switching between applications to view their favorite content, as the software setup process is straightforward and doesn’t require any special hardware for installation. Furthermore, it makes an ideal option for mobile device users with limited storage space who wish to watch a variety of media content without using multiple apps at the same time.

PlayOn offers many features worth taking into consideration, but ultimately the decision lies with each individual user. Available for Windows and Mac computers alike, its desktop version boasts a sleek user interface which makes navigation effortless; unfortunately there is no Linux equivalent currently.

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