Plotagon – A Digital Movie Studio in the Palm of Your Hand

Plotagon is an animation app that places a digital movie studio right at your fingertips, making animating easier than ever with pre-loaded characters, backgrounds, and actions ready to bring to life your unique narrative.

This one-of-a-kind software can be enjoyed by everyone on any device and is free for everyone, while additional scenes and characters may be purchased separately.

Storytelling tool

Plotagon is an animation tool that enables users to create cartoon-like video animations. With an easy user interface and many characters, scenes, and backgrounds to select from – available as free apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices – Plotagon makes for an excellent classroom tool, providing students a safe way to express themselves creatively while encouraging teamwork between classmates in an encouraging classroom setting. Plotagon may even be combined with other e-learning tools for enhanced learning experiences.

Plotagon makes creating animated videos easy with its user-friendly approach and intuitive drag-and-drop system for building movie scenes. Users can add preset character designs, backgrounds and props, plus text-to-speech functionality allowing them to type dialogue that automatically converts into spoken lines for their character.

Users of the Plotagon story app can also utilize it to easily create animated videos on-the-go. Essentially putting an animation studio at their fingertips, this free download provides students with stories for any device with internet connectivity. Plus it features pre-made scenes, characters and props which make getting started easy!

Plotagon Story features an array of themes for users to select, and allows them to add images or audio from their personal digital libraries into their creations. Plotagon Story can serve as an effective teaching tool on digital storytelling principles while familiarizing students with social media as a channel of communication.

Plotagon is an intuitive app designed to empower students in creating animated movies for friends to watch, with characters, scenes, and backgrounds selected from an extensive library. Teachers find this tool valuable in engaging their students while mobile app and desktop version provide an interactive learning experience.

Character creation

Plotagon is a free animation software program that enables users to make movies quickly and without complex technical requirements. With cartoon-style graphics and its ease of use, Plotagon appeals to a broad age range; teachers also find its simplicity suitable as an animation tool in the classroom. Alongside offering a seven day free trial period for educators, there is also an annual subscription option that grants access to all features including new scenes and characters.

To create animation, a user first selects their scene by clicking on the movie clapper icon, before choosing from an array of backgrounds and inserting personal images or characters from within the app’s preset database. Customizing each character includes selecting hair color and eye color options as well as outfits and accessories – and recording their own voice or one of our preloaded voices!

Once a user has chosen their background and added characters, they can then use the text field at the top of their screen to add dialog for them to speak in. Either typing them directly onto characters’ lines, or reordering dialogue cards will suffice – they will speak those lines either through recordings of recorded voices, preset voices or both depending on which option was selected by the user.

Plotagon offers an online library of videos that demonstrate how to use its app, helping beginners as well as providing new ideas. Furthermore, mobile versions are available, making Plotagon an efficient way of producing animated films anywhere at anytime.

Plotagon is an innovative way of telling a tale, and its creators have used it to craft an engaging YouTube channel that draws in audiences of all ages. Boasting creative storytelling and visually appealing animations, the channel has quickly garnered an avid following and even garnered media coverage, such as from BBC. As such, its popularity will only continue growing and expanding further in future.

Scenes and environments

Plotagon offers users access to over 200 environments and scenes to help create personalized videos, and the app also enables them to create character animations – with more than 200 backgrounds available that they can select and customize as per their liking. Furthermore, users can record voiceovers or add music directly into Plotagon videos!

Plotagon’s team of creative minds comprises experienced creators who collaborate to craft captivating animated stories. With unwavering dedication and commitment to innovation, their animated tales captivate audiences worldwide. Plotagon aims to add new dimensions to storytelling by making animation accessible for everyone.

Since 2011, this Swedish startup has strived to simplify 3D animation for non-animators. Their one-of-a-kind app makes creating movies without technical knowledge easy, boasting an experienced team of developers, designers and animators based out of Stockholm whose innovative approach to storytelling has won over numerous individuals and educators alike.

Plotagon offers teachers an educational account designed specifically for classroom use. Available at $99 annually, students gain full access to the software while teachers can manage accounts and set privacy controls – as well as record presentations or flip instruction lessons using Plotagon!

This software stands out from its competition with several key features that set it apart: users can edit characters, select backgrounds, insert dialogue into videos and add special effects/text/special fonts/special font sizes as needed, all automatically rendered out to be stored in viewers libraries for later.

Users can also download additional content, such as music, sounds and scenes to create videos offline. The app works across Mac OSX, PC Windows and iOS platforms – and students using Chromebooks can even make animations!

Plotagon makes creating videos easy and enjoyable. Students of any age can use this engaging software to improve writing skills, practice vocabulary and teach world languages. Plus, its lightweight design makes it suitable for mobile devices and features an in-built social network so users can share their creations.


Plotagon is a text-to-animation program designed to allow students to see their writing come alive through digital actors who emote with emotion and show inflection in their voices, providing an excellent way of bringing writing alive in the classroom.

This software can be utilized on both mobile devices and desktop computers, making animation creation effortless for users no matter their location. With its user-friendly design and templates customizable to any classroom environment or curriculum, the program makes an excellent way to incorporate new technology into teaching practices.

Students and teachers can add their own personalized touch to videos by recording their voice for characters in Plotagon videos, replacing computer generated voices with authentic human ones for added fun in each language. Plotagon offers a range of animations that can be added to video presentations including character movement, camera styles and sound effects – creating truly unforgettable videos!

Plotagon makes creating animation easy! Just choose a character or scene and enter words you would like the character to say into the text box provided. A script is then generated for the animation and your character will utter these lines aloud! Additionally, you can change up background images and camera angles before watching back your finished product as a video clip!

Plotagon boasts an incredibly warm and welcoming community for its users, with users creating videos welcoming newcomers and offering advice on how to maximize the app. Furthermore, users have shown immense support to one another when experiencing difficulty and have shown incredible kindness to those suffering in silence.

Plotagon offers both free and paid versions, the former with some restrictions while the latter allows users to add more scenes and characters. Classroom options costing $99 annually provide access for 30 students – teachers may choose whether their completed animations should be published online or kept private in their Plotagon account.

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