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Plotagon is an animation video-making tool designed to simplify the creation process for mobile, Android and Windows devices alike. Available as both an app for iOS, Android and Windows platforms as well as in desktop app form for educational institutions and students with academic email addresses.

Students participated in five interventions and created 38 digital stories using Plotagon during this time. Their findings revealed how this tool greatly assisted their written productions and increased confidence while writing.

Character creation

Plotagon is a free app that enables users to create animations in different styles. With an easy interface that facilitates character and scene creation, as well as support for multiple languages and an inbuilt text-to-speech feature, Plotagon has become popular among students and educators, leading them to develop numerous educational content for it.

Plotagon Education app provides children with an engaging way to express their creativity while simultaneously learning English. With fun animations that visualize written information and an easy recording narration feature for every character, this interactive platform helps kids express themselves while practicing writing and drawing skills – perfect for honing writing abilities and improving vocabulary usage! Furthermore, its use helps children develop writing and drawing abilities. Finally, Plotagon Education can also assist students with understanding complex texts, with animations helping students visualize descriptive written details while its recording narration feature reminding them about voice and perspective importance – perfect!

Plotagon offers a selection of plots suitable for animated videos, from comedy, drama and romance. Selecting your chosen plot is key as it serves as the framework of your video and helps define its theme and purpose. Once you have picked out a plot, characters and dialogue should follow shortly thereafter – adding character depth while giving life and personality to their lives through words alone is no small task! You could even add music tracks or soundtracks.

Once you’ve created your characters, you have access to an extensive wardrobe of clothing for them to wear that gives them their own individual style – everything from casual wear to formal wear can be found here! Costumes from various eras may even be dressed for. Plus, choose from among various emotions for them such as surprised, sulking or bored for extra customization!

Plotagon is an excellent tool for budding animators. With its user-friendly interface and multitude of features, Plotagon makes creating cartoons simple – you can even upload your own images for use! Available for both iOS and Android devices.


Plotagon is an innovative video-based storytelling tool that enables students to tell tales using animated characters and scenes. With an easy user experience that works across desktop and mobile devices, Plotagon makes an excellent addition to classroom learning environments and education courses alike. Furthermore, this company also provides professional services including consulting, product development, design, training services and professional services for educators.

Creators of the program claim it’s easy for anyone to make movies with no prior animation experience, using preset scenes and characters from a library as well as text and music added by themselves or via templates provided. Filmmakers can upload their creations directly to YouTube, social media platforms or personal blogs where friends or family can easily view them and comment.

Plotagon offers an array of backgrounds for scenes you create with it, such as historical environments, natural environments, hospital environments, space environments, school theaters, police stations and shopping stores – so that your story has the ideal setting! So let your creativity run wild when selecting your ideal setting!

Add voice clips to your scenes using synthetic text-to-speech voices or record your own. Edit character voices for emotions such as surprise, disdain or boredom by adding character emotion editing features like surprised, sulking and bored to represent different emotions within scenes as well as add effects such as music, lighting or camera angle effects to make for more realistic storytelling.

Plotagon is an outstanding program for animators. With its easy-to-use 3D graphics and intuitive interface, Plotagon makes video creation accessible and straightforward. Plotagon’s capabilities span commercials, education and marketing projects alike.

This research report describes an action research study which was designed to investigate how Plotagon could be utilized as an educational tool to foster writing abilities among elementary school students in Colombia. 18 students in 10th grade of a public secondary school participated in this research project; its results demonstrated how using Plotagon encouraged writing while also increasing vocabulary knowledge and facilitating expression through written forms.


Plotagon is an animated movie-creation software program with a user-friendly interface that allows people to quickly create animated movies with its use. Users can select characters and avatars, choose locations from an extensive library, record dialogue and/or write dialogue directly in, add music/sound effects as needed and view the results in 3D animation – perfect for sharing online via YouTube and sharing among friends! However, some have complained of low quality of videos produced using Plotagon such as robotic movements from some characters or voice pronunciation issues that cause their characters to move robotically while voice pronunciation issues arise while others experience “floating head glitch” where only their head remains in place!

Plotagon also helped students to enhance their written production in English, as evidenced by increased pre-test and post-test scores. Furthermore, this research suggests that using Plotagon indirectly helped students improve listening and reading skills by providing practice with watching video versions of dialogues they have written themselves.

Participants of this study included second graders at SMK Tamalatea Makassar. Students worked in pairs to write scripts which were later corrected before creating digital stories in Plotagon. Survey and observations demonstrated that students thoroughly enjoyed this experience, feeling more creative seeing their writing come to life in short films.

Plotagon is free, though users require internet access in order to use it – which could present issues for children under 13 or schools that limit online access. The app makes money through extra features like additional characters and scenes which aren’t strictly necessary; additionally, some glitches occur from time-to-time that annoy users, like characters’ heads popping out from their bodies unexpectedly, with others missing both eyes and teeth altogether.


Plotagon software makes it simple for students to tell stories with video, providing access to every student at school or at home via an app on devices. Students can draw sketches for stories they have written as well as record voiceovers for characters – in turn helping students visualize descriptive text and appreciate perspectives more deeply.

Plotagon makes using animated videos easy – simply create a profile and tap Discover to access user-created animated videos organized into categories such as Top Picks, Serious, Funny, “Plotcorn,” and Political. Once you find one you like you can tap it to watch, like, or comment. Alternatively use our search function to quickly locate specific ones!

Users can create animated videos by selecting a scene and character combinations, then adding animated effects like surprised or sad facial expressions for each. The software automatically creates dialog between characters as well as allows for customization of sound, music and sound effects of videos as well as adding text boxes with captions or hashtags for their video projects.

Plotagon is an innovative language learning app designed to make language acquisition enjoyable and engaging. This easy-to-use platform makes storytelling effortless by simply selecting a scene and creating their characters – no animator required! Plus, users can select sound effects and backgrounds for their videos, record their voices to add personalization – ideal for ESL learners unfamiliar with speaking in front of cameras!

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