Plotagon Review

Plotagon is an award-winning digital storytelling app which makes animated movie creation accessible for anyone, no matter their technical expertise or age. Similar to Xtranormal, Plotagon allows anyone with no prior animation experience to create animated movies with characters, settings, emotions and dialogue from its library as well as music and sound effects – perfect for children of any age!

Plotagon prohibits users from misusing its Services for any unlawful or immoral use. Users should not abuse or harass other users.


Plotagon’s character customization features enable users to bring their stories to life through characters who reflect their imagination. This tool provides users with numerous customization options ranging from gender and age to hairstyles and facial features – even clothing from various genres and eras!

Once characters and settings have been assembled, a story can be written using the text-to-speech feature. Furthermore, creators can select multiple emotions and gestures for each character for more expressive and captivating animations that engage audiences more deeply.

Plotagon provides a set of tools that enable those wanting to take their creations a step further by creating animated videos in high definition with subtitles and high frame rate capabilities. Once complete, these animated masterpieces can be shared across social media or video-sharing platforms for ultimate satisfaction!

Plotagon appeals to an expansive group, from individuals looking for fun ways to create animations to educators who are searching for effective methods of engaging their students. Available both in app and desktop form, users have access to this software anytime on any device – and your personal data is securely stored on servers located within the EU/EEA region for added protection when being transferred outside. Furthermore, standard contractual clauses ensure adequate protection when it’s being sent outside this region.


Plotagon takes the pain out of animation creation, making it simple for users to tell their own stories with animation. With access to characters, scenes, props and text-to-speech functionality allowing users to type out dialogue directly onto characters without worry for voice over or dialogue rewriting, creating Plotagon is an effortless tool that makes animation accessible for all.

Plotagon makes creating engaging dialogue easy. Users can record their own voices for their characters or use its built-in voice synthesizer, then simply add actions between characters that take place between scenes – for example if one character leaves a room you can add an establishing shot to show where he or she goes next.

Once complete, Plotagon makes it simple and enjoyable for users of all ages to save or publish their masterpiece. Perfect for young students and anyone seeking an easy way to create animated films without needing expensive software and extensive technical knowledge.


Plotagon provides an user-friendly interface to allow users to easily create videos with dialogue and a wide array of characters, locations and emotions for making a story more captivating and immersive. Music or sound effects may further add depth and impact to their story.

Once your plot has been selected, it’s time to add characters. From changing names and clothes, expressions and actions (such as hugging or pushing each other ) you can add voiceover audio for them that brings them alive on screen.

Viatonu and Kayode (2012) conducted research where students used Plotagon to write dialogs on topics of personal interest to them. Their results revealed how this tool encouraged motivation to write in English as well as foreign languages; additionally it allowed students to improve listening/reading abilities through hearing their creations being played back; it even helped develop social/collaborative skills when working together in pairs to write scripts together and implement them successfully.


Plotagon is an effortless video creation tool, making storytelling effortless for students. Students can use Plotagon on both school devices as well as personal smartphones and tablets, providing easy storytelling across many subject matter areas.

Users have the option of customizing their experience by uploading their own characters. This enables children to animate themselves or their favorite celebrity and offers a new way of telling stories on YouTube, garnering them a dedicated following.

Plotagon for mobile devices is free to download, although in-app purchases may be available. As an alternative to more popular Vyond animation maker, Plotagon provides more features – including 3D models and the ability to interact between characters – than its rival.

Plotagon lets you add music and emotions to your videos and then share your work on YouTube by uploading and sharing. Plus, Plotagon offers Acapela voices in American, British and Australian English as well as French and North American/Castilian Spanish to ensure a realistic animated movie experience!

Sound Effects

Plotagon offers various sound effects to add life and depth to scenes, such as footsteps or guitar strumming. Users can record these themselves and save them to their library for later projects. While the app’s built-in voice speaks dialogue in English, users may record their own voices so characters will sync up accordingly.

Plotagon uses animations to help students better comprehend descriptive written information, making the words and ideas easier for learners who struggle with spelling or grammar to digest. Plotagon encourages focus on content while visualizing words and concepts in an easier and more relatable manner for each learner.

Teachers can subscribe to a classroom version of the app for a subscription fee, enabling educators to manage student accounts more easily and upload and view student work while managing digital space and setting privacy settings for those aged 13 or above.

Students can create videos with multiple characters, scenes and lines of text and can edit them as many times as they like before saving to their desktops or camera rolls as MP4 files to share on YouTube or learning management systems. The software is fairly intuitive and resembles video game machinima editors so users will easily be able to familiarize themselves with its interface quickly – students will quickly build their first movies!


Plotagon is an easy and fast animation app suitable for all age groups. With no prior art knowledge required to use, users can create their own animated stories online for sharing or add personal music and scenes – providing a fun way to pass time or make videos for friends!

Use of this software is free; however, some features require payment. There are three subscription plans: premium, professional and educational. In premium version you have access to additional music scenes voice options as well as export videos in higher resolutions; while in professional there are additional editing tools such as timeline and layering feature available.

Notably, the software may contain content which may be considered offensive by some viewers; such as images depicting gratuitous violence and sexually explicit scenes as well as profane language. Furthermore, some material could potentially harm minors; this responsibility will be taken seriously and steps will be taken to safeguard minors against exposure to such material.

Plotagon’s versatility and accessibility have made it an ideal platform for educators and businesses alike, which is why the company created Plotagon Education as an educational version of their software. Plotagon Education can be used to produce engaging educational content which engages and entertains students, marketing campaigns, or engaging presentations – perfect for creating dynamic lessons!

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