Plotagon Review

Plotagon is an intuitive video-based storytelling app for students that makes creating easy. Compatible with desktops, tablets and smartphones alike, there is both a free consumer version as well as one with additional features designed to meet educational standards.

Students can use this technique to portray personal narratives or historical events with animation. Students can choose character voices, add emotion, and produce music accompaniment for their creations.

Character creation

Plotagon is an animation platform that makes creating characters, scenes, and dialogue easy and accessible for educators, students, and businesses. Users can enjoy free use while additional content can be purchased at a subscription cost.

Plotagon’s creators saw an opportunity for more accessible animation software without needing extensive technical knowledge. So they launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund their project, which quickly gained popularity among users and expanded with text-to-speech technology capabilities.

Plotagon allows users to bring their imaginations to life by creating animated videos that capture real-world situations. Users can select characters and settings, then the app will turn your script into a film. Furthermore, Plotagon offers users control of camera movements as well as adding soundtracks.

Users can select from a selection of voice options for their characters, and the program will automatically convert written dialogue into spoken words. This feature is particularly beneficial to students who struggle with spelling and grammar as it allows them to focus on telling the story they intend instead of worrying about how language mechanics operate.

This software may have its share of glitches and imperfections, but overall offers an enjoyable experience for children and teenagers alike. Its simplicity and cartoony graphics will likely appeal to children and teenagers. Furthermore, its educational purpose extends further as students can use this tool to visualize descriptions of characters or events more fully than simply text on a page.


Plotagon offers users a complete animation studio in their hands. Utilizing an innovative speech-synthesis feature, the app allows users to make their own actors and select from an assortment of scenes and animations. Furthermore, there are character traits, backgrounds, clothing customization features as well as upload music and sound effects directly into their videos for customizing videos further.

This software comes in different versions for consumers and educators. Both options offer simple use without requiring technical knowledge – perfect for young children. Furthermore, its user base keeps growing, as do its capabilities for uploading creations to YouTube and sharing them with others.

Plotagon makes selecting a setting easy with its range of scenes ranging from school life to crime dramas, so you can choose your ideal scene for your video. Choose between school life or gritty crime scenarios depending on what fits best with your story, add dialogue or action accordingly and more – but be aware there may be limitations such as moving characters freely across some scenes and others may restrict walking characters in some scenes.

Plotagon is an enjoyable and creative way to express yourself, with an easy interface that enables users to easily create animated movies that can be shared. Students interested in filmmaking will find Plotagon an invaluable tool. However, there are some improvements needed in order for it to truly support budding digital storytellers; voice overs often sound robotic while word pronunciation may not always be accurate and some animations appear unnatural (such as a man eating handfuls of air above his bowl of popcorn) Additionally there may be low quality videos which discourage people from engaging with Plotagon altogether.


Plotagon stands out from other animation tools by linking what happens in a movie with writing the script for that scene, which then prompts users to create dialogue for that specific moment in which digital actors can then perform it. It is quite an innovative idea! Once selected, users are then asked to compose this dialogue which can then be delivered digitally by digital actors.

Voice acting quality for text to speech programs is often very high. There is inflection and few mispronounced words; characters can express themselves using facial expressions to show how they’re feeling or act; users can add their own music and sound effects into their stories as well.

One recently-added feature allows users to swap out computer generated voices for recorded ones. To do this, once creating a screenplay you simply click on each line’s microphone icon – this allows you to record a voice that will replace text-to-speech audio!

Plotagon remains an interesting tool despite the poor video quality it produces, with users quickly creating animated stories in a straightforward and straightforward manner. Plotagon would make an excellent tool to increase student engagement in writing classes where students could create stories themselves before watching it come alive on Plotagon itself! For more information on using it in classroom settings or to experience it yourself visit Tech in the Classroom article about it or Plotagon website where fees and terms of usage can be seen online.


Plotagon is a free app designed to make creating animated videos easier. With an interface similar to word processing programs and available across tablets and computers, Plotagon features an extensive range of characters, scenes, props, text-to-speech feature which automatically converts written dialogue into spoken lines for their characters.

Plotagon was developed in Stockholm, Sweden by a software company dedicated to simplifying animation for non-animators. Plotagon’s founders recognize that traditional animation programs require technical expertise that may limit accessibility – Plotagon provides an accessible alternative that’s ideal for students, teachers and professionals who want to make animated videos without expensive software and technical skill constraints.

Text-to-speech functionality of Storycrafter is easy and customizable. Users can add or remove accents, pronunciations and character voices as desired; there are even sound effects and music to enhance scenes. Users may even record their own voices for use within scenes – and then share their final video via YouTube or other social media platforms.

The Plotagon app is an innovative creative tool designed to inspire student imaginations and unleash their creativity. It helps students better grasp difficult concepts by depicting them visually; furthermore it encourages students to write their own stories and scripts while developing scriptwriting skills. Furthermore, this tool is ideal for language learning as it gives students an opportunity to practice spelling and grammar rules.


Plotagon is an intuitive animation tool, making a professional animation studio accessible and convenient to all users. Compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones alike – Plotagon has received immense praise in the animation world and is seen as an industry game-changer.

This app makes creating 3D animations easier for non-animators by providing characters, scenes and music selection tools. Furthermore, they have provided a platform for sharing videos amongst a large community of users over two years of existence and have amassed over one million installs; making this an appealing option among those wanting to express themselves creatively via animated movies.

The Plotagon app can be downloaded free from the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users running iOS 8.0 or later. Chromebooks provide users with an affordable solution to run downloadable apps in classroom settings while desktop versions exist for both Mac OS X and Windows systems.

As this animation software allows you to add emotions and voices to characters, creating videos with unique emotions is made easy. However, its user experience remains somewhat cumbersome when compared with alternatives such as GoAnimate; character movement may not always feel natural and there are limitations such as odd laugh tracks and robotic-sounding voices that hinder its potential.

One drawback of the software is its inability to create non-human characters, making it less suitable for animations involving animals or inanimate objects. Furthermore, robotic voices and inconsistent intonation make films seem unnatural and fake.

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