Pokemon GO Mobile App Review

Pokemon GO brings Nintendo-owned franchise Pokemon into the real world through your phone’s GPS and augmented reality. As you move around in real life, Pokemon characters appear onscreen for capture with Poke Balls you throw at them.

Pokemon GO also hosts special in-game events that last several days and increase your odds of finding certain types of Pokemon and introduce new Field Research tasks to complete.

Location-based scavenger hunt

Pokemon GO has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved location-based games. Utilizing GPS technology to map out real life, the app uses animated Pokemon characters overlaid onto it – drawing people of all ages into its fold. Not only has Pokemon GO been used to promote local businesses and encourage people to exercise more regularly but its popularity has led to an explosion in digital treasure hunt games utilizing Locatify as their content management system.

Pokemon GO offers similar gameplay to other mobile games, but with an added layer of augmented reality (AR). Players use their smartphones to explore their environment while collecting and battling Pokemon. Players can visit Poke Stops — iconic locations in real life marked on the game’s map — in order to collect free items such as Poke Balls or eggs that hatch into full Pokemon creatures; additionally they may install special lures in order to draw even more Pokemon to an area.

Players not only collect Pokemon but can also battle other trainers at Gyms. When reaching certain levels, users can join one of three teams – Mystic, Valor or Instinct. Once in one of these groups they can assign any captured Pokemon they have captured to fight at gyms.

Each month, Pokemon GO hosts in-game events called Community Days that feature different Pokemon and an event-exclusive move, in an effort to encourage physical activity outside. Though not directly addressing COVID-19 pandemic directly, these events do have a powerful influence over player behavior – particularly among younger people who may be vulnerable to virtual rewards.


Gyms in Pokemon GO serve as battle arenas where players face off against rival teams’ defending Pokemon, earn badges for claiming and maintaining gyms, and meet other players nearby.

The latest update to Pokemon GO introduces some intriguing new gym mechanics, but doesn’t significantly alter its gameplay. The main change is that defender Pokemon now lose their motivation over time and become easier to defeat as the game goes on; players can keep them motivated by feeding them Berries; to maximize diversity among your team of defenders.

As well as the new tier list, this update brings with it several other enhancements that should make playing Pokemon GO even more enjoyable. These features include showing Pokemon that are battling at gyms on a map viewable to players as well as team information and gym defenders for easier visibility – hopefully encouraging players to visit more gyms and compete against more teams!

Players can now spin gym photo discs like Poke Stops to earn items and XP. In addition, gyms now regularly host raids involving powerful Pokemon that require players to work together against. Three-star raids feature evolved Pokemon while five-star raids require at least seven members in a team for victory.

Gym raids can be enjoyed either physically or remotely; the former option provides the best experience as it guarantees physical presence at the gym and deals more damage than joining remotely. The latter, however, will result in less physical contact between players who join raids from remote locations and those present.

Tier lists provide useful guidelines, but it can be hard to justify using Pokemon that are significantly underused in raids and have obvious flaws in the current meta. For instance, using Dragonite against Fighting-type pokemon like Exeggcuter seems unnecessary and unwise.

In-game events

Pokemon GO events are an essential component to keeping the game fresh and exciting for its users, with regular Pokemon spawns, Raid Hours, Spotlight Hours and other bonuses providing additional candy, XP or items. Furthermore, Niantic also hosts various other activities to add variety such as weekly community days or raid days that bring massive crowds of people together for gameplay; unfortunately these can also lead to network disruptions and other complications!

Event Pokemon are rare and special characters only available during specific events. Unable to be mass transferred, these event Pokemon feature accessories or clothing that set them apart from their normal population of Pokemon. Trainers may encounter event Pokemon while exploring real life or undertaking Timed Research tasks during these special occasions; in-game events may provide additional benefits like more Stardust or Candy when catching Pokemon; free Star Pieces and Lucky Eggs, reduced buddy distance and trading cost or even additional benefits like higher Stardust/Candy earnings when trading them!

Niantic’s next in-game event, Swinub Incense Day, runs from December 5-12 and gives players more chances of encountering Swinub. Furthermore, its Ground and Ice moves will become more effective against other Pokemon battles during battles, and players could potentially earn shiny versions by completing Field Research Breakthroughs during this period.

Pokemon GO fans can anticipate the return of a popular weekly event known as Pokemon Spotlight Hour that increases wild Pokemon spawns. Held every Tuesday for one hour, randomly-chosen Pokemon feature in this event; most recently Larvitar, Galarian Farfetch’d and Sableye could be captured during last Tuesday’s Spotlight Hour event! Additionally, this event offered bonuses like increased transfer and evolution XP along with earning an item known as an XP Blast item!

Catching Pokemon

Pokemon GO is a mobile game that encourages players to explore the real world while collecting exotic creatures. Using GPS technology on their device, this game uses maps to display Pokemon characters nearby and allows players to catch them by throwing Poke Balls at them – there are even special tricks and tips players can use such as using different-coloured Poke Balls or even berries as bait to increase chances of capturing a Pokemon!

The purpose of Pokemon GO is to catch Pokemon and add them to a Pokedex, which lists every creature from the franchise. While there are other activities available such as battling other trainers, most players simply play it for the joy of collecting and catching them all! Furthermore, this game encourages physical activity through walking around neighborhoods or public transportation and visiting Poke Stops/Gyms which provide items such as Poke Balls/potions/revives etc.

Players in the early stages of a game should expect to come across many weak, low-level Pokemon. Players should try capturing each Pokemon they find regardless of its level – doing so will grant experience and items necessary to evolve it into stronger versions, making capturing easier in later levels.

When encountering a Pokemon, the game will notify you with both sound and vibration alerts. Simply tap on it to begin an encounter before throwing Poke Balls at it to capture it if necessary – otherwise it will run away!

At every encounter with Pokemon, a colored circle will form around them, with each colour representing how hard or easy it will be for you to catch them; green being easiest while red becoming harder. If you want to increase your odds of capturing one quickly and successfully, aim your Poke Ball directly at the center of this circle with every throw.

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