PotPlayer Review


PotPlayer is a free media player offering advanced codecs and an intuitive user experience. It supports most formats as well as live streaming and DVDs and even comes equipped with its own video editor!

This program boasts a minimalist design, making its framework easily approachable for new users. Furthermore, advanced settings and features can be enabled, and users may export their preferences as a file.


PotPlayer is an outstanding free media player. Providing high quality playback with numerous features including support for most video formats and subtitle formats as well as 3D support, it also comes with customizable skins for users to select from.

This program is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems and easy to set up on all devices. The setup process provides options to customize installation directory settings as well as associate file extensions with media files automatically after installation. Once complete, media files automatically open once ready for use in the program.

PotPlayer’s screen capture feature enables you to take screenshots or record video of your computer screen for use in creating tutorials, playing gameplay recordings or documenting software bugs. Furthermore, this program also allows users to create and save playlists to organize their media library; additionally it is capable of playing HD and UltraHD videos and supports multiple monitors.

PotPlayer also offers many built-in codecs, avoiding the need to download additional programs and potentially exposing yourself to potentially dangerous adware that often comes bundled with free software downloads and can cause annoying popup ads and security vulnerabilities. As free programs may contain adware packages that infiltrate your system through downloads, be aware that installing free programs must always use either custom or advanced installation mode if downloading free programs to ensure best protection for yourself and others.

This free video player works seamlessly on all Windows devices – desktop computers, laptops and tablets alike. The user interface is straightforward and allows quick navigation of media library. Furthermore, its presets and other options enable enhanced audio output; multiple audio tracks and formats (FLAC support included) can also be played without sound cards allowing you to enjoy your tunes at all times!

Customizable interface

PotPlayer is an ideal media player if you want a customizable media experience. Featuring an intuitive and clean user interface, PotPlayer makes using video formats easy with its wide support for various video file types and keyboard shortcut controls. Plus it’s completely free – no additional codec packs or plugins necessary!

Built-in video editor which lets you blur or sharpen images, rotate them, add noise effects and more. Live streaming through webcam or tuner cards also supported; light and fast software which works great across operating systems with advanced video rendering technology to eliminate lag issues or any other concerns.

Another feature that sets this player apart from its competitors is its ability to download and display subtitles, providing essential assistance for viewers listening to foreign audio tracks, or not understanding the language spoken in videos they watch. You can enable this feature by right-clicking on the player window and choosing “Subtitles.”

PotPlayer goes beyond subtitles by also offering high-quality thumbnail previews of videos while they play, which is especially helpful if you’re watching multiple videos or movies back-to-back without wanting to keep switching windows. Furthermore, PotPlayer saves time by enabling users to skip scenes that they are not interested in watching.

PotPlayer’s autoplay function can also come in handy, making multimedia files play in sequence without having to start them individually. This can be especially beneficial if you don’t have much time but still want to watch an entire series of videos or movies at the same time.

PotPlayer is one of the premier Mac video and audio players available, thanks to its lightweight, fast interface that will feel familiar to VLC users. Support for all major codecs provides a fantastic experience for both casual and power users alike; additionally, PotPlayer works great as an in-the-background media player when working on other tasks.

Supports a wide range of formats

PotPlayer is a free multi-media player designed to accommodate various video codecs and formats, using advanced technologies to optimize performance while minimizing resource use – perfect for casual users as well as multimedia enthusiasts alike. Furthermore, users have full control of playback settings including playback speed and subtitle synchronization; multiple sound cards can also be supported simultaneously and 3D and 360 degree videos can also be displayed using PotPlayer.

Media Player Classic is one of the most well-known programs for playing audio and video on PCs, boasting its ability to handle a wide array of formats without additional software installation or codec requirements. Furthermore, its simple user interface makes it accessible even to beginners while its customization options provide maximum personalization possibilities with different skins available for customization.

This program supports many video and audio file formats, from popular ones like MP3, AVI and WMV to less common ones such as FLAC and MKV. Furthermore, you can stream online content and Blu-rays.

Furthermore, it delivers an enhanced audio experience thanks to its built-in codecs – making it an excellent alternative to media players such as VLC that require users to install separate codecs separately. Plus, its lightweight nature and support for subtitles makes it suitable for newer computers while supporting most major languages are other advantages of choosing this player over others like it.

Another great feature of this app is its capability of playing Ultra HD (4K) and HDR content, revolutionizing cinematic viewing experiences on cinema screens, television screens and monitors alike. For optimal results, we suggest using a high-end PC with dedicated graphics card for optimal results.

PotPlayer is a top choice among Windows users, offering a vast array of features in an intuitive user interface. The program can easily be downloaded onto both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems for easy use – it’s free, but be careful where you download from to avoid malware or viruses; additionally it is important that updates occur regularly to keep its performance at an optimum level.

Easy to install

Potplayer free download is an open-source media player compatible with various Windows platforms, providing support for most video formats and audio codecs including HEVC. In addition, Potplayer comes equipped with an intelligent system monitor and hardware decoder which allow users to observe exactly which memory, CPU and GPU resources are being consumed by Potplayer.

Simple interface that makes even novice users easily navigate and use this video player, with customizability of layout, skin and user-defined shortcuts making accessing key features simpler. Also lightweight on RAM and CPU so it won’t bog down your system as often seen with other video players.

PotPlayer stands out among other media players by including an integrated video equalizer and subtitle screen settings, along with the option to adjust font sizes and font sizes on-screen. Furthermore, it supports numerous file formats (with appropriate codecs installed) as well as digital TV devices to record live television broadcasts.

While PotPlayer may be ideal for some users, it may pose difficulties for others. The software may display ads during installation that can divert users to websites hosting potentially malicious content (e.g. gambling, pornography or adult dating services). These advertisements can often pop up unexpectedly, making removal more challenging than expected; therefore it is advisable that a reliable ad blocking application like Combo Cleaner Antivirus for Windows be installed instead.

PotPlayer is a free program with advanced settings features for its users. One such option is exporting custom settings as a.reg file – something which can come in handy if you switch computers frequently as this will make setting PotPlayer up more efficiently on each one. It is particularly helpful for keeping track of settings across each new device!

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