PowerDVD 7.0 Review

PowerDVD provides superior video playback, and supports an extensive list of media formats. In addition, its advanced features make it an attractive option for media enthusiasts.

PowerDVD can be resource intensive and reduce system performance; for this reason, it is advisable to investigate other media player software options as potential alternatives.


PowerDVD is an advanced media player that goes far beyond being just another DVD playback program. With an intuitive user interface that makes accessing video and photo features (and controls) simple without an overly complex menu system to navigate, as well as customizing presentation for different viewing conditions and displays, PowerDVD provides everything needed for smooth DVD playback experiences.

PowerDVD plays Blu-ray and DVD discs, HD video files and popular formats with ease. It also serves as a DLNA server to stream content to devices like televisions and phones, supporting various audio file formats including high resolution Dolby Digital Master Audio (DRDAM) as well as lossless 7.1 surround sound support.

Dolby Vision 3D Player is one of the few programs to support three dimensional playback, offering both side-by-side and anaglyph mode options. Furthermore, YouTube uploads can be streamed for playback either in 2D or 3D formats, including uploads uploaded using Dolby Virtual Speaker / Dolby Headphone enhancement; Dolby Pro Logic IIx expansion; Dolby Surround EX surround.

Other special functions include an “Info” button that displays movie details like release date, genre, brief tagline and list of creative contributors; as well as the Movie Collection button which generates a list of all movies currently in your library, complete with cover art and metadata.

Bookmarking movie scenes makes navigating movies much simpler, making it easy to jump directly to specific points or parts. In addition, this player features Repeat and A-B buttons for repeated playing, independent volume adjustment settings and the Play Speed Navigator panel enabling playback speeds from 0.1x up to 0.3x or any increment between.

All these new features require significant computer resources to run efficiently; I counted nine PowerDVD-related processes after installing, using close to 500MB of memory. Yet playback performance was top-notch – one area where Cyberlink PowerDVD stood out against rivals like Corel Player or Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, both of which require greater computing resources for operation.


PowerDVD is one of the premier programs available for playing both physical DVDs and Blu-ray media as well as various digital video files, with editing tools that make the most out of every video, plus organization features to help organize your library of videos. New features include 8K support as well as YouTube uploading capability built-in.

PowerDVD makes life simpler by eliminating the need for you to download extra software for specific tasks. Upload a video directly to YouTube from within PowerDVD and it will create an appropriate format and provide all relevant details automatically for playback on YouTube channel, as well as create playlists of all your favourite video clips – perfect for sharing with family and friends!

Since its last major release, the core of the program has largely remained the same, which is a good sign. This ensures it remains an excellent choice for DVD and Blu-ray playback, supporting more media formats than most hardware players while providing convenient features like TrueTheater enhancements to upgrade videos to HD quality – something not available with all software players.

Redesigned user interface features include a modernized look and easier navigation than before, making this program more attractive to Windows 10 users who have recently transitioned. In addition, cloud functionality enables remote users to run this program easily; you’ll even get 100GB of storage space to get started!

One drawback of the program is its resource-intensive nature on older systems and potential slow system performance caused by HD or 3D content playback. If you use HD content frequently, alternatives might be worth considering; otherwise, occasional users might find this upgrade worthwhile.


PowerDVD is an efficient multimedia software program designed to play DVD and Blu-ray movie discs, video files, music tracks and photos. The popularity of PowerDVD lies in its excellent handling of HD video and audio; additionally it boasts advanced technologies like TrueTheater and 3D playback for an exceptional experience.

PowerDVD is not only known for its impressive playback capabilities; it is also an innovative media management program with a user-friendly interface. Its media library enables easy organization of music, images and video files into categories for easy access and organization; furthermore, users can stream online videos from popular services like YouTube and Vimeo directly within PowerDVD.

The software also works to upscale low-resolution content to HD and 4K, while improving color and lighting, rendering 7.1 surround sound for an immersive audio experience, showing subtitles when playback resumes from where it left off, frame capture function and karaoke mode; all compatible with 2nd Gen Intel Core processors as well as Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

PowerDVD stands out from similar programs by enabling its users to download and install plugins to extend its capabilities. Furthermore, it can be used to control TVs and other devices; even acting as a remote for Cyberlink’s PowerDVD mobile app!

PowerDVD supports numerous image formats, such as JPEG and BMP. Additionally, it can playback AVI, MPEG-4, MP3, WAV and MIDI files; Dolby Digital/DTS audio support is also supported as is video upscale to 3D viewing with detailed information displayed about file formats, encoding methods, codecs and technical details.

Cyberlink’s PowerDVD software comes in various editions, from free versions all the way up to an deluxe one with 100GB of cloud storage. Based on your requirements and budget, choose which edition best meets your needs.

Final Words

PowerDVD 7.0’s CPU efficiency has seen significant improvements since our last review; previously it had been using an alarming 70%. Decoder performance remains excellent and its new skin looks attractive; smart de-interlacing may enhance picture quality depending on the content you view; also new audio features include noise reduction mode and ability to set CLEV values.

One downside was the search functionality on both YouTube and Vimeo, which only displays thumbnails without providing dates or view counts.

PowerDVD delivers exceptional DVD and Blu-Ray playback, with plenty of options for optimizing picture quality and customer support. If you want the premium experience with video viewing, this may be one of your best choices – certainly worth paying extra money for an advanced player such as this which delivers more features than cheaper competitors.

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