PrivadoVPN Review

PrivadoVPN apps are user-friendly and feature top security protocols (IKEv2, OpenVPN and WireGuard*), along with DNS leak protection to keep browsing anonymous.

iOS and Android apps both include an effective kill switch with SmartRoute functionality that enables you to select which applications use the VPN tunnel versus those which remain unprotected, plus unlimited active connections per account – an important feature to protect multiple devices on your network from malware.


As with most VPNs, PrivadoVPN uses 256-bit encryption to safeguard your data against prying eyes. Furthermore, its kill switch feature disconnects devices when they lose connectivity to one of its servers – an invaluable protection when dealing with public WiFi networks.

PrivadoVPN adheres to a zero-logs policy, meaning they do not keep records of your online activity. This makes tracking down people who violate laws more challenging. Furthermore, its operational jurisdiction – Switzerland – offers high standards for protecting privacy protection.

PrivadoVPN provides its users with numerous features, such as access to various server locations, multiple protocol support (including WireGuard), DNS leak protection and much more. You can even set it up on your router so all devices connected will be secure – an added feature worth considering!

PrivadoVPN stands out with its user-friendly desktop and mobile applications, designed with user experience in mind. The desktop app features an easy user experience with its clean design and prominent connect button; server selection options appear prominently; while its mobile apps look appealing but can sometimes feel too cramped in terms of their layout.

PrivadoVPN does a solid job explaining its services through its helpful FAQs, which should answer most questions you might have about its operation. Email support was also available but took an extremely long time to respond – I would have preferred seeing live chat and more comprehensive guide articles as part of its support hub.


Privado stands out in an industry where many VPN services charge upwards of $10 a month with its $8-per-month pricing plan, boasting generous free plans that provide 10 GB per month. Their mobile software features a clean design and user-friendly platform, making the experience pleasant even for newcomers and experienced pros alike; no additional fluff distracts from its core purpose of protecting data while maintaining anonymity online.

Physical servers that span 44 countries and multiple city levels. That is relatively few when compared to top-rated VPNs that may contain over 100 global servers; having smaller server networks allows providers to give each server greater attention and deliver consistent performance across the board.

PrivadoVPN boasts an impressively diverse server network for such a small provider, boasting many reliable protocols including OpenVPN (UDP), which offers strong speeds and security at once, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2/IPsec and SSTP protocols as well as torrenting. Furthermore, PrivadoVPN permits P2P downloads across its servers – something not all smaller providers allow.

An abundance of payment methods is also an advantage: most major credit cards, PayPal or semi-anonymously through various crypto currencies may all be accepted. IVPN and Mullvad VPN were chosen by editors as Editors’ Choice winners because of their extensive variety of payment options – from major credit cards, PayPal or semi-anonymously using cryptocurrency payments; along with accepting cash directly sent directly to their headquarters for maximum anonymity.

Though PrivadoVPN claims not to collect personally identifiable information (PII), sign up details and some information shared when contacting customer support remain. This practice is common within the VPN industry as it helps establish trust with their users; however, unlike top-rated services it has yet to demonstrate these claims with transparency reports or warrant canaries.

People looking to avoid intrusive advertising should be pleased to learn that Control Tower offers a powerful Ad Blocking functionality, preventing certain websites and apps from showing unwanted advertisements while keeping an eye on your browsing history to make sure no suspicious activity is taking place.


PrivadoVPN provides applications for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire TV as well as custom configuration support for routers and Linux. With their easy setup website and dedicated app stores for each platform, PrivadoVPN makes connecting quickly and securely within any home network simple.

Desktop applications all look the same, featuring a prominent connect button at the center of the screen, along with options to select server locations below it. There’s an impressive list of countries and cities you can connect to for free – though keep in mind that only nine servers will be accessible.

As with all good VPNs, a kill switch is included that will immediately disconnect your internet connection if the VPN tunnel does not establish successfully. While this feature is helpful, a more flexible approach could include something such as a soft kill switch that only shuts off applications or websites causing issues rather than all connections simultaneously.

PrivadoVPN’s mobile apps boast not only its kill switch, but also an array of security features not offered by other providers. iOS allows you to select either WireGuard or OpenVPN as the preferred protocol while Android builds include split tunneling and Always-on features that keep the VPN connected even when not actively using the app.

PrivadoVPN stands out with its 256-bit AES encryption – the same level used by the US government to safeguard classified files – making it an effective tool for keeping your data safe. Unfortunately, however, there is no Tor gateway or push button access to the Dark Web available from this provider – both are key features for bypassing content blockages.

Apps may be on the light side in terms of features, which is good news for new users who may otherwise feel overwhelmed by a sea of toggles and settings. Furthermore, their support hub seems limited compared to competitors.


PrivadoVPN boasts industry-standard VPN security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, kill switch protection, DNS leak prevention and IPv6 leak protection. The provider boasts 377 servers located primarily within the US and Europe and most are physical rather than virtual to provide additional layers of protection and reduce cyber attack risks and enhance performance. PrivadoVPN supports P2P downloads as well as SOCKS5 proxy servers to deliver faster streaming speeds while P2P downloads can also be made possible with faster streaming speeds through P2P downloads than virtual counterparts.

PrivadoVPN also impresses me by protecting devices with its threat-protection suite, blocking malware and other online threats from attacking them and stealing personal information. It can protect desktops, laptops, and mobile devices; its tracking cookies don’t store data onto them while its pop-up ads don’t distract. Plus it protects from viruses, worms, spywares and other online threats which could compromise device integrity.

SmartRoute is another outstanding feature, allowing you to select which programs use a VPN connection and which ones do not. This feature makes banking, weather, and other apps safer from prying eyes; additionally, their privacy policy is quite clear; no browsing history, traffic destinations, data contents or IP addresses are collected by them; nor do they sell user data to third parties.

The apps offered by this company are user-friendly and feature intuitive design, and offer reliable performance. Their desktop app comes equipped with a large connect button and several connection options while their mobile versions provide kill switches, additional configuration settings, as well as support for split tunneling.

PrivadoVPN stands out among competitors with an expansive FAQs section offering setup guides for each of its six device types and troubleshooting articles – though no live chat service.

PrivadoVPN provides an impressive variety of pricing plans. Their annual and two-year plans compare favorably with similar services, while their monthly plan may be slightly more costly than others in its category. PrivadoVPN does offer an outstanding money-back guarantee, but for maximum value for your dollar I suggest opting for either the annual or two-year plans to maximize savings.

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