PrivadoVPN Review

PrivadoVPN is a relatively new VPN that puts an emphasis on privacy. Based in Switzerland and subject to stringent privacy laws, its no-log policy offers various features.

Windows users will find their window cramped, leading to unnecessary scrolling. Furthermore, there are no Favorite lists and Recent lists to facilitate faster reconnections.

It offers a variety of features

PrivadoVPN offers an extensive suite of features designed to keep you safe online. Their free plan protects from tracking and ads intrusively popping up without your knowledge, while their premium plans offer even greater protection; featuring unlimited server switches and bandwidth that enables HD videos and online games streaming without data limits or slowdowns.

Privado offers an intuitive app design that makes using its platform-specific apps effortless, such as its Windows and iOS versions, featuring a home page displaying server locations near you and an easy connect button, along with an onscreen settings menu to let you personalize options and set preferences.

PrivadoVPN provides free accounts and offers three distinct subscription plans to choose from for paid subscriptions: monthly, yearly or every two years with 30-day money-back guarantees on each plan. Their pricing is extremely competitive compared to other VPN providers; payment can be made either in US dollars or Euros.

PrivadoVPN stands out with its no-logs policy, which allows you to browse anonymously and securely while protecting your private data from being compromised by third parties. Based in Geneva, Switzerland – known for strong consumer privacy regulations that aren’t part of either Five Eyes or Nine Eyes alliances – PrivadoVPN claims it doesn’t store any user information including browsing history, IP addresses or DNS requests in its logs.

Provider has an impressive network, including many European servers; however, speeds fall below average when compared with other providers and it doesn’t support advanced security features like perfect forward secrecy or split tunneling.

Their premium plans offer the Control Tower security suite, which protects against malware and cyberthreats. It’s an essential addition for those using their laptop or mobile device for work, school or any other activity requiring a high level of protection; its user-friendly setup doesn’t even need to take place for maximum convenience!

It is easy to use

PrivadoVPN is an intuitive VPN app for all major platforms, featuring an auto-connect button on the main screen for effortless set up and use. Furthermore, you can select which protocol and server location best suit your individual needs. In addition to free plans as well as two paid subscription options (monthly plan with 30-day money back guarantee and annual plan with 60-day money-back guarantee), PrivadoVPN also offers three paid subscription plans: monthly plan with limited functionality for browsing but unlimited storage and bandwidth; plus it comes equipped with features.

First step when setting up PrivadoVPN is creating an account with username and password, then downloading either desktop or mobile apps suitable for your device and installing them. After logging in using credentials, browsing anonymously becomes possible – VPN encryption will encrypt all your data before routing it through a secure tunnel to protect your personal information and remain hidden while browsing online.

PrivadoVPN also provides premium service with unlimited data and server access worldwide, plus various additional features like kill switch, split tunnelling and AES-256 encryption for extra peace of mind.

PrivadoVPN stands out with its zero-logs policy, meaning it does not record your online activity or access logs for you. This feature helps protect you against government agencies gaining access to your private information as it doesn’t participate in intelligence sharing agreements such as 5/9/14-Eyes alliance and is located in Switzerland providing legal protection from legal pressure to hand over user details.

PrivadoVPN stands out from the competition when it comes to streaming and gaming thanks to its features, servers that are located close to your geographical location, fast connection times with IKEv2, support for various devices like Android TV, routers and Linux as well as security suite protection from malware and phishing attacks and bandwidth throttling mitigation by hiding activity behind a layer of encryption and even mitigating bandwidth throttling by hiding activities behind another layer of protection – and you can even add parental controls and firewalls so you can limit children from accessing sites that could potentially lead them there – perfect!

It is compatible with routers

PrivadoVPN works seamlessly with many routers, including Asus and DD-WRT models. In addition, there’s also a mobile app compatible with most major devices that makes using it even simpler no matter where you are. And its security features help guard against malware attacks as well as mitigate bandwidth throttling by ISPs – so no matter where life takes you – PrivadoVPN keeps you safe online!

This app is easy to set up and has a sleek interface, offering users an efficient service experience. Once registered, they’ll be given a username and password to gain access to the service; once signed in, the app displays your nearest server location with an “Click to Connect” button – or view the full list and filter by latency for even more options! In addition, its dashboard also shows your network connection status and current speed.

PrivadoVPN may have some limitations, but overall it remains an excellent solution for anyone searching for a simple and user-friendly VPN service. Both desktop and mobile applications are free while its premium plan remains affordably priced.

PrivadoVPN boasts an array of security features, including IP/DNS leak protection and strong encryption. Furthermore, its physical servers create an additional barrier of defense by limiting potential exploits. Furthermore, its kill switch disengages all Internet traffic in case the VPN tunnel drops unexpectedly.

PrivadoVPN stands out from its competition by operating from an environment which prioritizes privacy. Furthermore, it adheres to an anti-logging policy, meaning it doesn’t collect your personal information or log traffic – including email addresses – unlike many competitors.

PrivadoVPN’s service is easy to setup and compatible with multiple devices, providing OpenVPN and IKEv2 encryption protocols as well as multiple simultaneous connections. Furthermore, its free version comes with many of the features found in its paid plans, except Auto-Connect or accessing untrusted networks. Furthermore, simultaneous connections may be restricted but comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is affordable

PrivadoVPN’s affordable monthly pricing makes it an excellent option for beginners looking to experiment with VPN. Furthermore, its no-log policy means it won’t record your IP address or sites visited; instead, bandwidth usage records will be recorded (to limit free users’ data use).

PrivadoVPN stands out from its competition by owning its servers in most locations rather than leasing them from third parties, which makes for greater security as there will be less potential vulnerabilities to worry about. Furthermore, their network is connected with major regional ISPs so there’s not just one connection back to one central server.

As such, PrivadoVPN provides fast speeds. In our tests we successfully connected to servers in London and Manchester as well as US and Australian locations without experiencing a noticeable decrease in speed; on a 70Mbps residential broadband connection PrivadoVPN delivered an impressive download rate of 60Mbps; an excellent result for performance!

Applications created by IPVanish work across devices including Windows, iOS and Android and support a range of protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP. While intuitive and easy-to-use, some advanced features like split tunnelling and kill switches may still be lacking; however, these will likely become available soon according to IPVanish’s commitments.

PrivadoVPN offers an attractive free plan with up to 10 GB of data each month and P2P traffic in eight countries, and also features SOCKS5 proxy access which allows your download client to route through an additional server location to further protect your privacy – ideal for streaming and P2P activity, yet doesn’t offer as comprehensive a level of protection as full VPN functionality.

PrivadoVPN may not provide dedicated IP addresses, but its no-log policy and kill switch are strong. While there’s no live chat support, their email support team are fast and friendly.

PrivadoVPN may be an attractive first choice for VPN novices, but it doesn’t rank among the best services. CyberGhost, NordVPN and Hotspot Shield all rank higher with regard to server count, location counts and speed; its attractive monthly pricing may tempt newcomers but more affordable deals offer faster, more secure VPN services.

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