PrivateVPN Review

PrivateVPN lives up to its name by adhering to an impeccable no-logs policy. Though an email address will be stored for account management purposes, you can choose an anonymous fake one in order to completely hide yourself behind PrivateVPN login information.

The Windows app is an outstanding example of form following function; however, some settings contain confusing names that require further explanation. Customer support representatives are knowledgeable while live chat can sometimes take longer to respond than desired.


PrivateVPN, based in Sweden and offering top security, does not host servers or sell user data, which removes any possibility of leakage. They utilize top 256-bit AES encryption which scrambles your data into unbreakable code to keep hackers and government surveillance at bay. They also encrypt DNS traffic, protecting both online identity and browsing history from prying eyes; their service uses its own DNS servers instead of Google’s to ensure no third parties (such as ISPs or even Google) monitor your activity while DNS traffic can also be encrypted – giving added peace of mind to both parties involved!

PrivateVPN provides a range of VPN protocols, such as OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and IKEv2/IPsec. Compatible devices for this service include routers from Asus and Linksys equipped with custom firmware such as DD-WRT, Tomato or pfSense running on them; Synology NAS systems from QNAP; Android and BlackBerry smartphones are also supported by this provider.

PrivateVPN app features an intuitive dashboard designed to simplify VPN settings management. A large Connect button stands out on its home page while an information window shows your current connection status and location. Furthermore, PrivateVPN lets you select servers by distance in order to improve download and upload speeds. Furthermore, PrivateVPN includes a kill switch which automatically disconnects you from the internet if VPN connectivity drops; this prevents cybercriminals from leeching off of your real IP address should you forget reconnect or the VPN becomes unstable for some reason.

PrivateVPN takes additional security steps by not keeping any logs of your data. This ensures they won’t have to provide it in case of a data breach; their privacy policy stipulates this should never happen! They don’t keep records such as browsing history, connection timestamps, IP addresses, DNS queries or bandwidth usage records either.

Service provider also features extensive support resources. Their website includes comprehensive web tutorials and a 24/7 live chat service; plus they also offer remote setup assistance if you’re having issues during installation or configuration processes.


PrivateVPN stands out as an economical VPN solution, offering a seven-day free trial with unlimited device connections and top-grade security features – in addition to unblocking popular streaming services with its 30-day money back guarantee.

PrivateVPN, based out of Sweden and designed specifically to help beginners, makes using VPN easy. Their tagline: “Unlock anything, protect everything” captures exactly what this service offers – great speeds and access to region-specific content, including Netflix! Additionally, its stealth VPN mode offers reliable protection from Great Firewall restrictions in China.

The company offers several pricing plans, with its two-year subscription providing the most value. This plan offers unlimited device connections, top-grade security features and access to servers across 63 countries – plus multiple payment methods like Bitcoin.

Security features offered by NordVPN include a kill switch to protect devices when the VPN connection drops out and Stealth VPN for spoofing IP addresses and bypassing ISP blocking of VPNs. In addition, it has no-logs policy as well as support for multiple devices – making this an attractive choice for privacy-minded users.

PrivateVPN stands out from the competition by not requiring credit cards for its registration process; payments can instead be made through Stripe or PayPal. Furthermore, this VPN claims not to collect or store user data so you can use it confidently – though please bear in mind that its location in Sweden could compromise your privacy in case the government requests them to.

PrivateVPN provides monthly plans at US$9 per month, but long-term subscribers may find more beneficial offers available to them. Longer-term plans offer significant discounts over regular monthly rates – up to $100 off annually in some cases! Furthermore, these longer-term plans come equipped with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case any aspect of service disappoints you.


PrivateVPN offers apps for Windows, Mac OSX and iOS devices as well as Android TV and Fire TV Sticks. Their Windows app boasts an easy, clean user interface with quick connect options that automatically find the best server available; in addition, PrivateVPN displays latency information so it is easier for you to choose the optimal server for you needs. PrivateVPN includes 10 simultaneous connections – perfect for families or work environments where multiple people require VPN services at the same time.

The Mac app resembles its Windows counterpart with a straightforward opening window that covers VPN basics, providing access to an impressive location list with Favorites and Advanced View for experienced users. Furthermore, you can choose UDP or TCP ports when streaming videos or playing games to increase speed; its security features include an automatic kill switch protection that protects real IP addresses from being exposed should VPN connection drop – something cybercriminals rely upon as an opportunity to steal user data.

PrivateVPN offers an impressive set of features at an excellent value, but lacks some key extras found with competing services. Obfuscation or an ad blocker aren’t available here, nor support for WireGuard protocol, although other security features such as internet kill switch and WAN port prevent DNS leaks from emerging.

PrivateVPN’s privacy policy is clear and straightforward, noting that they do not keep any logs of your online activities, nor allow advertisements on their website, nor sell any data to third parties. PrivateVPN does not use shared hosting environments and does not collect personal data without your consent – further supporting Tor while using an encryption system more resistant to DDoS attacks with global server locations available worldwide and an affordable subscription price and free trial offer.

Customer service

PrivateVPN boasts a good selection of servers located across 63 countries. While this may not match up to top-tier VPN providers with thousands of servers available to them, this selection allows users to bypass most geoblocks and gain access to many online content. PrivateVPN also provides two types of IP addresses – dedicated IPs for greater security as they cannot be shared among multiple accounts, and dynamic shared IPs which allow other users to share them.

Service also comes equipped with an automated kill switch that will disconnect you from the Internet in case of power outage or network malfunction. This feature is an invaluable protection against hacker intrusion if you often work from home or travel frequently; your data won’t ever become vulnerable!

PrivateVPN collects minimal information from its users. The only information kept are email and payment details that are encrypted on its servers; cookies track non-identifying visitor behavior so PrivateVPN can improve its services.

PrivateVPN offers a seven-day free trial. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal and offer an impressive 30-day money-back guarantee.

The company website features numerous helpful resources, including detailed guides for installing and using their service on various devices and operating systems, links to download the app from various sources like Apple Store or Google Play and simple instructions on how to use the app itself – after signing in you’ll see a list of servers with their current connection status; simply choose one and click connect!

PrivateVPN supports several popular protocols, including OpenVPN TCP and UDP. It includes an intuitive settings tab to allow for automatic startup on boot and reconnect at disconnect; notifications; language selection options (on Windows only); as well as install or repair your TAP adapter (if applicable).

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