PrivaZer Review


Privazer securely deletes past activity from computer and storage devices (USB keys and external drives), freeing up disk space and optimizing system performance. Furthermore, it offers secure deletion.

As well, it offers a password manager to assist users in managing their passwords and reduce risks of data breaches. The program is user-friendly with comprehensive technical support services provided for every aspect.

Free disk space

PrivaZer can boost PC performance and free up disk space by clearing away remnants of past activities, securely wiping sensitive data using multiple overwriting algorithms, providing flexible settings and customization options, being both an installer and portable version. Its user-friendly interface makes this program accessible for users at all technical levels.

Every time you use your computer at home or at work, whether browsing the Internet, watching videos, downloading files or installing or uninstalling software traces will remain on your hard drive that can expose personal information such as browsing habits or software usage; they may even slow down system performance. PrivaZer removes these traces by overwriting them using irreversible methods and wiping hard drive sectors permanently.

Once your scan is complete, you can review a comprehensive report of all detected traces. Select those you would like to delete using our program’s very thorough scan that includes registry, Internet history and cookies; as well as potentially risky free disk sector files that might need clearing. Once cleaning has taken place using secure deletion methods and reset to zero free disk sectors for maximum effectiveness against subsequent delete operations.

PrivaZer is designed to cover up traces of your activity and prevent third parties from recovering it. The app automatically detects storage type and adjusts its overwriting algorithm accordingly (magnetic disk, SSD etc). This makes it impossible for recovery programs or anyone else to retrieve deleted files from the disk.

PrivaZer is an effective and user-friendly PC cleanup utility, making it a fantastic alternative to both CCleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner. With advanced features like scheduling capabilities and the capability to analyze disk usage, its user-friendly interface and customizable settings make PrivaZer suitable for all users – although a Donors Version offers priority updates as well as extra features.

Remove traces of past activity

PrivaZer can erase traces of past activity that would otherwise remain on your PC, including cookies, downloads and temporary files that reveal information about your online browsing habits, software usage or even slow PC performance. By using such an utility it will protect your privacy from hackers or any other parties seeking to exploit or misuse it.

This program comes in both portable and desktop versions for your convenience, with portable being easier for any Windows system while the latter giving extra features and better results. Both can also run from USB drives for even greater ease. Additionally, a portable version can easily run off a USB drive. Additionally, an installed desktop version may offer better results over time.

As soon as the program runs, it performs an exhaustive scan across several locations – registry, external drives and memory. After it completes its analysis of these traces, a list can be displayed which can be cleaned; these traces can be sorted by date or location for ease of cleaning, with clicking any trace providing more information – for instance by selecting “Internet Traces” you can easily see which websites you visited recently.

PrivaZer is capable of cleaning Internet traces as well as clearing cached files, clearing thumbnail caches and video caches, clearing cookies from browser cache, wiping unused disk space cleanly, erasing Shell Bags to prevent recovery of files which have been deleted, clearing cookies from browsers caches and clearing cookies that have accumulated while browsing, clearing caching files for faster performance as well as wiping cookies that have collected on hard drives that no longer contain files that were once there – in short removing traces and keeping information private!

PrivaZer is designed with privacy in mind. With less tools than its competitor CCleaner and an emphasis on eliminating any trace of user activities from PC performance optimization. As a result, PrivaZer can protect both privacy and improve PC performance simultaneously.

Once the cleanup process is completed, PrivaZer will delete all traces of your activity and prevent them from being recovered, making your PC safer while freeing up space for use elsewhere. Furthermore, it can be used to clean traces from external drives like USB keys. Businesses looking to ensure employee privacy will find this program invaluable.

Secure deletion

Privazer can completely clear away traces from past activity on your computer, including those left by other software. It can wipe free disk sectors to make data recovery impossible, overwrite deleted files multiple times to protect against accidental recovery using common recovery tools, and clean directories containing sensitive information in order to protect your privacy.

Privazer can help protect your privacy and increase PC performance by scanning and clearing out junk files, unused applications, system logs, temporary folders, and any other clutter that accumulates over time – freeing up disk space while speeding up performance; it can also prevent unauthorised access to private documents and photos as well as delete file access logs or records that track online activities.

Clean your PC regularly to eliminate unnecessary traces and keep others from seeing what you have been up to on it, especially if you share it with others such as family or housemates. Privazer offers powerful solutions for maintaining privacy on home PCs including registry cleaning, Internet history cleaning and cookie deleting as well as jumplist removal, USB history deletion and file shredding features that protect user confidentiality.

The tool comes equipped with advanced settings that let you tailor its behavior and optimize performance, such as selecting a custom startup screen, configuring its interface, setting update frequency or creating desktop icons and launch shortcuts to easily launch programs.

Setting the deletion method can be an essential feature if you store sensitive data on your computer. There are four distinct deletion methods, from simple and insecure overwriting files with zeros (default setting) to more secure options that take more time, yet complete cleanup successfully.

Privazer opens with a window describing its file- and directory-delete process, including a list of directories to be deleted as well as their storage requirements. Here you can select those you’d like to delete, as well as click “See Advanced Options” to change their directory-cleaning methods.

Easy to use

PrivaZer provides a range of features designed to protect your privacy and maximize system performance, such as cleaning the fixed hard disk of a computer as well as various connected devices like secondary hard drives or external HDDs, MP3 players or USB flash drives – and can even analyze and remove private traces from network attached storage. In addition, PrivaZer provides advanced tools for deep cleaning that go beyond traditional cleanup utilities, including overwriting free space on drives, overwriting deleted files that were already deleted previously and uninstalled software installations remnants among many others features.

The program features an intuitive and straightforward user interface, making it user-friendly no matter their technical knowledge or ability. Its simple functionality enables them to tailor it according to their specific needs and preferences, making it an excellent option for optimizing computer performance. Plus, there’s even a portable version for convenient daily use!

With just one click, you can perform a comprehensive analysis and cleanup of your computer. As it scans, the program will provide a detailed visualization of its findings as well as exact numbers regarding errors detected across different sectors. Once finished, a list will be presented detailing key issues as well as proposed solutions for them.

PrivaZer is designed to quickly and efficiently clear away your browser cookies, unused application files and folders, autocomplete log entries in Internet browsers, downloaded application histories (via file download manager or otherwise), temporary files, memory dumps and prefetch locations; in addition it will overwrite free space on Jump lists or PrivaZer cache to free up more disk space.

PrivaZer stands out from other cleanup programs by not deleting system files; rather, only your activities’ traces will be erased to ensure maximum privacy and ensure your computer remains as safe as possible. This way, no hackers or spies can recover private information stored on it – thus guaranteeing its maximum protection and keeping hackers at bay!

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