Process Lasso Review

Process Lasso

Process Lasso provides users with a range of process priority optimization and system automation features, such as persistent priority classes, CPU affinity profiles and power plan change automation – among others.

Also included are CPU Sets, an effective way of instructing processes running on Intel 12th Gen CPUs or later to use performance (P) cores instead of efficient (E) cores for optimal performance. Furthermore, Hyper-Threading and SMT can be disabled per process using this feature.


Process Lasso is a program that offers its users with an array of unique and powerful functions, including persistent priority classes, CPU affinity profiles, power profile automation, per-process rules, advanced watchdog features and process instance count limits. Furthermore, Hyper-Threading/SMT can be disabled on an individual process basis as well as prevent your PC from entering sleep mode based on specific running processes or manual timer.

The main window of this program features an overall CPU utilization and system responsiveness graph, list of processes, and activity log that highlights when new programs are started or terminated. A menu system provides access to general configuration options; right-clicking on selected processes provides multiple operations including termination or restart.

Process Lasso offers many valuable features, including its ability to limit CPU usage, prioritize processes according to user-specified priorities, and provide foreground processes with full performance while background apps receive reduced priority. Other key functions include an IO priority setting feature and core parking (which disables unneeded CPU cores in order to decrease energy consumption) along with its ability to detect faulty drivers.

All these features are included in the full version of the software, available as either a subscription or one-time purchase option. A limited free version is also available, though it includes a nag screen on startup and only offers a short trial period.

Though this program is easy to use, casual or non-technical users may struggle with understanding all its settings and features due to non-intuitive settings or a management console with technical aspects. As a solution, some sort of “non-techie mode” could allow users to run the program and let it do its work without needing to tweak each setting individually; additionally, multiple rule configurations for use on various devices should be allowed through either a central interface or network policy server – something especially helpful for enterprise deployments.


Process Lasso is an exceptional memory optimizer software to boost PC performance. Its unique process optimization technology enhances PC responsiveness by intelligently adjusting priority classes of background processes. Windows programs tend to consume too many CPU resources without sufficient control, leading to hangs or micro-lags which affect keyboard and mouse response times; Process Lasso utilizes its proprietary algorithm to regulate how much CPU time each process consumes.

The software also helps prevent process crashes by enabling it to forcefully terminate programs if necessary, setting persistent CPU affinity settings for applications (to assign specific CPU cores for them to run on) which will enhance application performance while decreasing overall CPU utilization; as well as setting memory limits that limit how much RAM each application can use. It has an intuitive UI but its advanced features may require technical computing knowledge for full use.

There are also other settings within ProBalance that allow you to tailor the behavior of the application, enabling you to set custom behavior. For instance, you can opt to exclude a process from ProBalance restraint, foreground boost, or power saving mode; enable Smart Trim memory freeing per process and configure the system to log its activity; set maximum instances per process that are monitored along with frequency of monitoring and amount of time dedicated for analysis of data.

Developer offers a 30-day free trial version with some limited features after this timeframe has elapsed. A premium version can be purchased for subscription or one-time purchase; both options provide support and product updates, plus any required support services or updates; large deployments may qualify for further discounts by purchasing Multi-Packs.

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Process Lasso is an application designed to maximize system performance by controlling how much CPU power certain processes receive. It takes an innovative approach when it comes to application control tools by allowing users to set program priorities while automatically adjusting them as necessary, without using up too many system resources and decreasing overall computer responsiveness. Furthermore, its graph displays which programs use most resources and how well their systems are functioning overall.

This program is designed to be easy and powerful. It provides advanced options for monitoring what programs are using your processor and allows you to terminate or restart them, change their CPU affinity settings permanently or temporarily and modify I/O and memory priorities per running instance or restrict them temporarily based on running instances. Furthermore, there’s even an effective gaming mode which can make sure your system performs better during gaming sessions.

An exciting new feature is the ability to monitor and analyze application performance. The tool will generate a log of its own actions and selected process events such as process creations or terminations into a CSV file; its path can be adjusted via menu item ‘Options / General / Configure Startup’ while additional log related settings can be found under submenu ‘Options / Log’. Command line information, however, will not be logged by default due to potential user sensitive data concerns.

Additionally to these advanced features, this program also boasts many other useful capabilities. These include being able to view your CPU usage in a graph that can be sorted by process name and priority for easy analysis. Furthermore, the software automatically disables Windows services, making your computer cleaner than ever. Furthermore, its software can adjust CPU priority and memory priority based on system load for greater control.

Bitsum recently unveiled their latest program version with enhanced performance. Their installer is 20% smaller and resource usage has decreased by approximately 40% – both significant improvements that should benefit all users. Furthermore, Bitsum now integrates their CPUBalance algorithm designed to enhance processor responsiveness into their program.


Process Lasso is a Windows system utility designed to improve PC responsiveness and stability through priority optimization, CPU affinity optimization, core optimization, automated rules and more. One of its signature features, ProBalance, offers dynamic adjustments of priority class and CPU affinity of problematic background processes which significantly decrease CPU monopolization that causes slowdowns on your PC.

ProBalance can also lower the priority of programs that are using too much CPU energy, providing more effective results than simply raising their priority. Furthermore, ProBalance may even alter processes’ CPU affinity settings so they always run on certain processors – this feature can aid older computers as well as programs which do not function well with default affinity settings.

The software features an extensive set of tools, including a CPU usage graph and other detailed information on all processes running on your computer. You can sort by CPU use, memory usage, thread count and more to sort this graph effectively. Furthermore, you can view a list of top CPU users as well as identify processes which consume most system resources.

Controlling the maximum number of active threads per process can help save memory and processing power, as well as set an automatic minimum thread number that should always run in order to prevent processes from trying to start when there are not enough resources to support them.

Also, the software offers the capability of automatically reapplying rules when they have been modified – something which can come in handy should a process unintentionally change its own settings, such as CPU affinity or priority class settings. You can enable Forced Mode which causes all rules to be assessed every time a process launches and reapplied as necessary.

The program includes a process sampling capability that periodically records snapshots of selected processes’ performance to a CSV log file, separate from their primary process history log. Access this log via menu item ‘Options/Log’; its configuration options allow it to include or exclude certain command lines; additionally a dedicated viewer is included for your convenience.

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