ProgDVB is an all-purpose and highly capable program for viewing satellite television broadcasts and listening to radio channels on computer. Compatible with DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, ATSC and ISDB-T digital TV cards.

Hardware support for many DVB tuners such as AverMedia Twinhan Hauppauge Kworld Terratec Technotrend is extensive. Additionally, time shifting, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), subtitle and teletext modules are also provided for.


ProgDVB is an effective PC software that enables you to watch and record TV and radio broadcasts on your computer. With its comprehensive feature set and compatibility with different tuners and broadcast standards, ProgDVB makes watching and recording TV and radio broadcasts effortless. Furthermore, you can stream channels over the Internet for added convenience; HD TV support can even be added and multiple channels recorded simultaneously while scheduling recordings or timeshifting is also an added feature; additionally it displays its Electronic Program Guide (EPG) so program schedules can be easily seen when scheduling programs or watching programmes!

ProgDVB supports DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC and ISDB-T devices. It can record IPTV and radio broadcasts as well as convert them to various digital-media formats; display full-screen visualization, teletext import/export channels lists import/export channel lists import/export; manage CI scrambled channels. It comes in both free version as well as professional with additional features.

This program contains an expansive database of internet TV and radio channels, can record YouTube videos and has a simple user interface similar to other online TV apps. Furthermore, it features an automatic scheduler which can close, change channels or complete tasks automatically as well as monitor hardware status and detect signal interruptions.

This application runs on various hardware, such as Intel(r) x86 and AMD(r) x64 processors, as well as Windows operating systems and can even support multi-monitor setups. Furthermore, it can be controlled using Microsoft RC remote controls such as HID remotes or WinLIRC remote controls as well as other IR blasters.

The program supports various video formats, such as MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, with subtitle support. It can also record television shows and live events, play music/video clips, create/manage playlists and is optimized for MMX(r) extensions, SSE2(r) extensions and 3DNow(r) SIMD Extensions for enhanced performance on multicore systems as well as optimized hyperthreading technology to maximize its performance. It is fast and stable while taking full advantage of multithreading/hyperthreading technology to maximize its performance.

Hardware support

ProgDVB is an advanced software application for watching digital TV and radio on a computer, supporting DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2 DVB-C (cable), DVB-T DVB-C2, ATSC ISDB-T IPTV cards as well as ATSC ISDB-T cards and IPTV cards. Furthermore it features picture-in-picture mode, high definition recording/playback capability as well as subtitle support as well as remote recording for local network use with live TV broadcasting capability! It even lets users record TV broadcasts over local network links for streaming onto other computers over local networks!

ProgDVB features an MPEG-2 decoder built-in, which enables it to playback audio and video streams from various sources. You can import/export channel lists, use CI scrambled channels, record programs/broadcasts and utilize various visualization options – it even boasts popular channels such as Kartina TV, Rodina TV, OTT Club Shura TV Sovok TV.

This application connects to multiple internet-based media streaming services, such as p2p VPN connections or UPnP servers, and it can even receive IPTV broadcasts from home theater systems over an existing network. Furthermore, it supports input from various devices like Microsoft RC remote controls (RC), HID remote controls (HID), or WinLIRC remote controls (WINLIRC).

ProgDVB stands out as an invaluable multitasker, capable of performing a wide array of functions such as channel searching and scanning, EPG display with scheduling options for recordings and teletext and subtitle support – as well as supporting multiple audio and video formats such as MPEG-2, AC3, AAC etc.

Elecard AVC Plugin for ProgDVB is an add-on that extends ProgDVB with the capability of decoding and playing back AVC/H.264 videos in standard and high definition resolutions. Compatible with Windows XP and later, the Elecard Plugin leverages hardware acceleration through NVIDIA CUDA technology in order to offload video decoding tasks onto GPU acceleration for greater speed and efficiency.

The software can also detect and display a list of available TV channels, including HD versions of each station. It can search and find local as well as international and regional satellite and cable channels; it can record broadcasts and play them back with ease in multiple languages; finally it offers broadcast recording capability with playback features in multiple locales.

Subtitle support

ProgDVB is an open-source program for receiving and viewing analog and digital television and radio broadcastings (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC ISDB-T IPTV). This software includes options such as audio/video recording, EPG with scheduling features, picture-in-picture/timeshift functionality as well as subtitle support.

The program supports various hardware devices for receiving digital television and radio channels, such as DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, HDHomerun satellite receivers as well as TV tuners connected via LAN or the internet. Furthermore, this software comes with an integrated media player capable of working with various codecs while offering support for multiple languages.

ProgDVB stands out among similar programs by its unique capability of simultaneously recording multiple channels at once and playing them back at any time, in any order you desire. This feature can be particularly helpful for viewers who watch multiple TV shows simultaneously and want to avoid missing any episodes they love. Furthermore, ProgDVB comes equipped with additional helpful features, including an advanced channel search engine, 10 band equalizer and support for many popular video/audio formats.

ProgDVB makes it possible to set up a network of multiple TV sets and listen to your favorite radio stations – perfect for frequent travelers who need to stay current on their shows even when away. In addition, ProgDVB can be used to watch online TV and radio programming or record live programming onto a computer.

The software is highly adaptable, with an abundance of settings and options to make it user-friendly. For example, there is a selection of skins and buttons to further tailor its appearance; and you can alter its language settings and keyboard shortcuts as desired. Furthermore, this program supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.


ProgDVB is an advanced software solution for viewing and recording digital television broadcasts on your computer. It supports an extensive range of hardware devices and offers various features that improve viewing experience, with both free and paid versions for Windows operating systems available.

As well as providing access to a large database of Internet TV and radio channels, this program also allows users to record from DVB cards or files. Furthermore, the program features support for pay-TV channels using CAM interfaces, can playback video files from networks as well as plugins to extend functionality as well as options to customize its appearance by customizing skins.

Users can quickly find the optimal settings for their device by making adjustments in the program’s preferences menu and using its graphical map to navigate through their desired channels. It supports most popular DVB cards and tuner boxes as well as standard analog devices – it even works with DVB-S2 receivers and ATSC/ISDB-T digital television sets!

Though many programs provide similar features, ProgDVB stands out as being among the most comprehensive solutions available. With its large list of source options and recording capabilities as well as user-friendly interface, ProgDVB makes an ideal solution for watching or recording digital television broadcasts on computers.

ProgDVB is available as a free download with basic functionality and a comprehensive feature set. A Professional version is also available at an one-time fee that offers additional capabilities – HDTV support, picture-in-picture mode and other useful features are just some examples of these added capabilities.

ProgDVB can be downloaded directly from its official website and, upon completion, a window will open asking where and whether settings should be stored for single-user or multi-user mode operation. When running in single-user mode, only its settings will remain on that particular computer whereas when used multi-user mode will enable multiple users to share one set.

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