ProgDVB is an extremely powerful program designed for viewing both analog and digital television programming using various types of DVB devices (DVB-S satellite, DVB-C cable, DVB-T terrestrial and ISDB-T).

With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, its digital entertainment experience caters to both casual users and tech enthusiasts who wish to maximize the potential of their digital media! Experience digital entertainment today!


ProgDVB is a comprehensive digital TV and radio viewing and listening program for Windows computers that features an extensive channel selection, recording capabilities, user-friendly interface and comprehensive channel list for an enjoyable viewing experience. ProgDVB supports various DVB tuner devices as well as Windows operating systems; users will find its channel selection, recording options and user-friendly user experience engaging.

Record broadcasts as MPEG-2 videos using any one of a range of formats – such as TS. Additionally, timeshifting functionality lets you pause live TV and resume watching at another time later on. Furthermore, this application allows for broadcasting videos and audio from PC to Internet.

This program can easily identify DVB-S (satellite) and DVB-C (cable) TV devices as well as IPTV devices, and configure analog TV devices as well as various audio formats and multiple video resolutions. Furthermore, its support for remote control makes this an incredible feature; Microsoft RC, HID or WinLIRC support allows it to receive commands from standard TV remote controls.

This program offers basic functionality with its free version, but some features such as picture-in-picture, scheduling and program recording may be unavailable. Furthermore, plugins allow users to personalize their experience.

Supports DVB-S/S2

ProgDVB allows you to watch and record digital TV channels and radio programs, stream Internet TV streams and listen to online music – all from one program! Supporting about 8000 channels including DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2, DVB-C cable TV channels, ATSC ISDB-T IPTV plus more advanced features like picture-in-picture mode, subtitle support (Teletext image based and closed captions) 10 Band equalizer OSD independently based upon channel type or signal presence timeshifting capabilities plus more!

It supports various DVB-S, DVB-C and ATSC cards and tuners such as those made by AverMedia, Azurewave (TwinHan), Hauppauge, Kworld, Pinnacle Technotrend Tongsho as well as motorized dishes with support for CAM/DiSEqC/CI.

Standard (freeware), Network and Professional versions are all available of this software. While the freeware version contains all basic functions, additional advanced ones like CAM interface for pay channels are only available through paying versions. Developers provide frequent updates that add new features and optimize application performance; you need a computer running Windows to use this product, along with DVB-S/DVB-C/ATSC card(s), as well as optionally installing CAM device and motorized dish(es).

Supports DVB-C/T

No matter if you own a DVB-C tuner or satellite dish, the program’s full functionality can be enjoyed on your computer. With its straightforward user interface and built-in features that allow users to customize the experience – not to mention internet radio support!

Play audio and video files, record broadcasts, display images from analog TV cards or hard disk, play digital television standards such as DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2 (cable), ATSC, ISDB-T and IPTV and work with various devices including professional equipment like Azurewave (TwinHan), AverMedia Pinnacle Telemann etc. It features over 4000 channels. It can also support over 4000 digital television standards like DVB-C (cable), ISDB-T IPTV etc. It works with various digital television standards like DVB-C (cable), DVB-S2 (satellite), ATSC ISDB-T and IPTV etc. It works with various professional equipment like Azurewave (TwinHan), AverMedia Pinnacle Telemann etc.

ProgDVB can be downloaded directly from its developer’s website in three versions – Standard, Network Edition, and Professional. Each includes advanced features like PIP (Port Internet Protocol), scheduler support for DVB DiseqC, as well as PIP recording capability. However, the freeware version cannot record TV or radio broadcasts and therefore requires special codecs such as K-Lite Codec Pack or trial versions of Elecard to do this task effectively.

Supports IPTV

ProgDVB provides several options for personalizing the viewing experience, from choosing video and audio settings that best meet your preferences, recording shows or movies for later viewing and setting schedules so nothing disrupts your enjoyment of TV, to features designed to ensure convenience such as picture-in-picture mode, dual tuner support, Diseqc functionality and other helpful options.

This program is compatible with numerous devices, making it simple and effortless to access IPTV channels from any location. The user-friendly design makes for effortless IPTV channel viewing no matter your computer experience level. In addition, plugins are available to extend its capabilities even further and to customize its appearance to meet individual preferences.

Use of the ProgDVB IPTV app on a Firestick device is straightforward. Simply launch the App Store and search for ProgDVB IPTV (or click here directly) once found, select install, then open when downloading completes. A free version of ProgDVB IPTV for iOS users is also available, while its paid counterpart grants access to more channels from Rodina TV, OTT Club, and Shura TV OTT providers.

Supports MPEG-2 Decoder

ProgDVB works well with various MPEG-2 Decoders – some free, some commercial. You can download them from the developer’s website for use. Decoders may improve playback quality while decreasing CPU usage; additionally some support MPEG-2 Hardware Acceleration to speed up video playback.

ProgDVB not only supports playing online TV and radio channels, but can also record streams to various media formats. It supports numerous data sources like DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2, DVB-C cable (cable TV), DVB-T ATSC IPTV as well as image output from analog TV tuners as well as processing DVD Subpictures/Closed Captions.

ProgDVB Standard and Professional versions both include Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder Pack as a shareware codec that is capable of handling streaming media data, from RTP/UDP packets through filter graphs to decoding AVC/H.264 video as well as MPEG Layer I, II, III audio (AAC and HE-AAC audio).

ProgDVB Standard and Network Editions both support multithreaded decoding for more efficient processing, making them compatible with DirectShow and other Windows apps as well as providing video/audio decoding of various formats, plus multiple channel PSI tables display.

Supports MPEG-4 Decoder

ProgDVB is a Windows software media player designed for digital video broadcast feeds from DVB-S2/S2, DVB-C/C and ISDB-T channels, HDTV up to 1920×1152, MPEG-2 SD and HD streams, unencrypted DVDs containing MPEG-2 audio (AC-3 decoding is possible with third-party decoder), VCD, China Video Disc (CVD), as well as other formats supported by graphics cards and file formats. ProgDVB was optimized with MMX/SSE2/SSE2 optimizations while also featuring hardware acceleration when supported by graphics cards – creating an efficient multimedia playback solution!

ProgDVB Standard and Professional versions come equipped with a shareware codec from Elecard called MPEG-2 Decoder that requires activation every 21 days and must be registered via serial number; other codecs may also be utilized instead.

ProgDVB allows users to use numerous DShow filters for processing video data and improving playback quality or reducing CPU load. You can add demultiplexers for TS files which will decrypt DVB transmissions before reading as MPEG files; or decoders for HE-AAC and other audio codecs required for listening to YouTube videos or Internet radio channels such as Radiolab; while InstalledCodec displays all current installed codecs and filters.

Supports MPEG-2 Audio

ProgDVB supports MPEG-2 Audio Format for high-quality digital TV and radio channels, recording them onto hard drives or other media devices for later playback, as well as its TV Mosaic feature which enables simultaneous viewing of multiple channels at once.

ProgDVB Professional Edition features Elecard MPEG-2 decoding technology and allows you to decode and play video in AVC/H.264 format on computers with older GPUs, even on older GPUs themselves. Furthermore, ProgDVB also includes advanced recording capabilities as well as support for DLNA servers.

It features an inbuilt video processor which can be configured to use the most suitable renderer for various hardware configurations, multichannel sound output and SPDIF/HDMI passthrough, as well as an optional Mute On Minimize option that makes this adapter ideal for TV and radio channels with mono sound (1ch).

ProgDVB Professional includes an intelligent MPEG-2 demuxer (DVDSTrumento), designed to help separate audio and video streams of recordings for use separately in different applications or DVDs that keep both in sync. This feature is especially helpful in converting PAL recordings into NTSC format.

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