Pros and Cons of PDFCreator

PDFCreator by pdfforge is a popular software tool used for document conversion to PDF formats. This easy-to-use program works on most Windows operating systems and works perfectly in the conversion process.

As with other applications, PDFCreator consumes system resources and may cause system instability on some machines. If this is happening to you, uninstalling PDFCreator could free up resources and improve stability.

Easy to use

Pros: PDFCreator is an intuitive software tool designed to facilitate smooth workflow in both individuals and companies alike. With features like converting any printable document to PDF format, converting PDFs to image formats such as PNG or JPG images and merging multiple documents into one document file – not forgetting digital signature capabilities that reduce workflow time while speeding up time saving efforts – PDFCreator makes its mark as lightweight and require little space on hard drives.

Cons: PDFCreator’s functions may require it to temporarily change its default printer status in order to complete tasks successfully, while it can sometimes crash or cause errors; additionally, some older Windows OS don’t always recognize this software correctly and it is recommended that third-party uninstallers such as Revo Uninstaller Free be used to completely uninstall this application and any associated files or registry entries.

PDFCreator Server provides an efficient solution for large, distributed organizations. Running as a service, the software can be configured via an easy to use GUI application to manage settings and started and stopped via command line – however for optimal results it should be installed under its own user account and configured specifically. For best results it should also be run under its own separate user account to avoid permission issues.

This software can also be accessed via the context menu in Windows Explorer and can be integrated with existing print drivers for PostScript file conversion; however, its interface could be improved further.

Convert any printable document to PDF

If your file or document does not natively support PDF, utilizing a PDF conversion tool such as PDFCreator may be indispensable in professional settings where PDF is the preferred file format for sharing and printing documents. PDFCreator offers high-quality conversion of any printable document into high-quality PDF files that retain their formatting and content while keeping users happy!

PDFCreator makes PDF creation a simple process: simply open the file you wish to convert and choose “print to PDF” from its menu or application. When prompted for details regarding where and what name your PDF should have, enter both names before clicking Save; it will be stored into its final destination folder.

PDFCreator makes it simple and fast to turn any text file, photo, Microsoft Office document or XPS into high-quality PDFs that are universally compatible and accessible across devices and operating systems. Plus, its unique capability of merging pages from separate files into one document provides you with plenty of room for bookmarks, comments and textboxes!

This software features options to secure PDF documents against unauthorised access and modification, such as setting a password to open them, restrict printing/editing capabilities, add digital signatures and more. In addition, PDFCreator includes a COM interface so you can control it from other applications/scripts.

PDFCreator can be an indispensable tool, but it may not be essential for all users. If PDF conversion software or another tool are seldom utilized on your PC, uninstalling them could help improve system performance and free up resources; just be sure to use an automated uninstaller tool for maximum effectiveness during removal.

Convert PDF files to image formats

If you need an easy way to convert PDFs to image formats like JPGs or PNGs, this software could be just what you’re searching for. Supporting various file formats and the ability to merge multiple documents into one PDF document are just two more highlights of its versatility. Plus it comes equipped with features for rotating text on individual pages of documents – choose from single page view, floating page view or double page view with even or odd page ordering!

The program supports various image compression settings such as JPEG and ZIP, enabling it to compress embedded images within PDF documents without sacrificing quality, while offering various editing functions tailored for professional users in order to create optimized PDF documents.

PDFCreator allows users to encrypt PDF documents for maximum protection against unauthorized access and modification, setting passwords to restrict reading, printing and modification while protecting them with digital signatures. This feature is included with both Premium and Business editions of PDFCreator and can be added to any PDF document for enhanced protection.

Software like PDF Creator provides a useful platform for quickly transforming documents into PDFs and making other modifications such as adding bookmarks and comments, with its intuitive user interface making the program highly usable across Windows, Mac and Linux computers – in multiple languages! Support for the software can also be found through forums and email addresses.

Tungsten Power PDF is an ideal free solution to convert PDF files. It saves both time and effort by performing conversions offline – safer than uploading potentially sensitive documents to an online service – as well as offering other useful features, including merging and splitting documents, bookmarks creation/editing capabilities, PDF forms creation/printing capability and page number reordering features.

Create digital signatures

If you need to add secure and reliable digital signatures to PDF documents, there are multiple solutions available. From signing legal documents quickly and efficiently online or mobile apps can provide quick solutions, while there are even software solutions designed specifically to manage eSign processes on PCs or laptops.

Adobe Acrobat, DocuSign and Nitro Pro all provide digital signature solutions, offering user-friendly interfaces and advanced security settings to meet the unique needs of their users. Some even provide time stamping functionality which verifies the authenticity of a signature. Another alternative would be purchasing a digital signature hardware device which stores signatures along with an embedded encryption key.

To create a digital signature, start by selecting the PDF document you would like to sign. You may import an existing signature file as well as upload images of handwritten signatures. When finished selecting your file, click “Sign” to initiate the process and type/draw/upload your signature in text boxes or draw directly on touchpad/mouse pad – plus adjust its location/size in accordance with your preference.

Based on your preference, you can specify the name and contact information of a signer, select their reason for signing and set how it will appear, as well as select and specify certificates with revocation information (OCSP or CRL). Finally, time stamping the document enables you to ensure its authenticity without risk of alteration by anyone.

Secure PDF files

PDFCreator makes it possible to protect files shared online or stored in the cloud from unwarranted access, with password protection and restrictions on what can be done with them – from printing them out, copying text or images, and adding digital signatures that verify authorship without risking modification after signing them off.

Add password protection to your PDF files to prevent anyone without the password from opening and viewing them, while also encrypting their content so only those with access can decrypt back to readable form. Strong and unique passwords that are difficult to guess are recommended.

Add both a user and owner password to restrict certain actions on a PDF file, including printing, copying, commenting or filling out forms. Furthermore, using user password can prevent users from changing permissions or removing protection altogether; while owner password gives full control over everything someone can do with PDF file including altering its password or adding/removing pages.

As can be seen, novaPDF is an impressive program which allows you to generate PDF documents from virtually any printable file. It is user-friendly for beginners as well as featuring advanced features which make it useful for professionals. PDFCreator requires system resources and could potentially slow down your computer if used less often; so if it no longer serves your purposes or there is other preferred software for managing PDFs on your system, removing it might be worthwhile.

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